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How Mentorship Can Break Down Racial Divides

Saleforce Nonprofit

It was updated for National Mentoring Month in January 2023. A Life-Changing Relationship I made a point to find mentors — other Black reporters and anchors I still call on for advice today. I had always been an informal mentor, but when I moved to Florida, I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters as a volunteer, a ‘Big Sister’.

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For Positive Outcomes, Hold a Mirror Up to Board Performance


You’ll want to enlist directors with influence to champion the idea. Assign senior directors to mentor junior members to help them to become better contributors. Discussions about best practices, strategic planning sessions, or board development exercises can launch conversations about how and when to evaluate the board’s performance.


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Elevating Latino Voices: How Nonprofits Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

The Modern Nonprofit

Power in Partnerships: Collaborate with Hispanic businesses or influencers for events or initiatives. This could range from financial literacy workshops to mentoring programs. It streamlines operational tasks, from setting up fundraising campaigns for financial literacy workshops to handling registrations for mentoring programs.

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Use Engagement Scores to Point Your Members in the Right Direction

Association Analytics

Loyalty – as they become more engaged and committed, they are now taking steps like volunteering, donating, mentoring and posting in the community chats. Influencers. For example, earning credits or making purchases surpasses their website visits or membership activities. Other roles this can help you pinpoint include: Buyers.

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Why Empathy is the Key to Outstanding Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Empathy is contagious and influences and shapes a work culture of caring. You need to provide opportunities for their continuous learning on the job and mentoring. And if you show that you really care, it helps with their motivation.The intertwining of work and personal lives has become increasingly evident, especially post-pandemic.

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How to Start Your Data Analytics Journey

Association Analytics

Analytics are typically more concerned with why your business has performed this way, what will happen in the future, and what actions you can take to influence the results. Most Engaged Members : Share the benefits of volunteering, mentoring or donating. Consider separate marketing by region where your members live.

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The Critical First Years Of Your Professional Life

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Lessons in the book include : You and Your Bosses Working the Grapevine Networking Making Allies of Your Elders Image Having Influence at Any Level Your Work and Your Personal Life After a Setback Mentors Former Chariman and CEO of Lockhead Martin Corporation, Norman R.