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There are plenty of reasons to recognize the practical aspect of the online gambling industry in the world. Everyone knows the fact that this particular industry is the market leader in today’s time, and almost everyone in this world is trying their hand to earn money from online gambling.

Technology for Whom? Owning Our Platforms

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Airbnb and Uber emerged as platform companies providing services without actually owning hotels (in the case of Airbnb) and vehicles (in the case of Uber—soon to be joined by Lyft), and quickly came to disrupt and dominate their respective industries. billion in South Korean won (KRW) ($108.5


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Earth Day 2010: Recycle

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As a result, it is only done on an industrial level in a few dozen countries. The only countries that have laws that set up electronic recycling collection and processing systems are South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the 27 countries of the European Union, five provinces in Canada, and 20 states in the United States. There are just a few industrial electronics recycling companies in all of South America, Africa, and most of Asia.

Guam and the Consortium

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The military and tourism are Guam's two big industry. Japan is the biggest source of tourists for Guam, with growing numbers from other Asian nations like South Korea. The final stop for my Micronesia trip was Guam, a U.S. territory. Arriving on Guam felt like coming back to the United States, although it's more like Hawaii than the mainland! Guam has a huge American military presence: the armed forces control about a third of the island. The presence is growing: the U.S.

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You probably work in the tech industry, or understand the value of technology infrastructure in the life of our country. I want us to have the technology adoption of Japan, or South Korea.

Snapshot of Worldwide Electronics Recycling 2013

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South Korea also has a developed electronics recycling system that now recovers and properly processes over 75 percent of discarded electronics. They are developing an industrial capacity, for instance, with companies like Trishyiraya Recycling in Southern India. It does have an industry standard for proper electronics recycling and processing, and a developed industry.