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I promise not to say anything about a picture being worth a thousand words, but in today’s ‘attention economy’ using images in our communications online or off is more important than ever in attracting attention. Image Editing. Free Images. Image three: Scribus.

12 of Your Email Deliverability Questions Answered


Unfortunately, there were so many questions from the audience that we weren't able answer them all during the alotted time. Here are some great, thoughtful questions that we received and Brett's email wisdom. " My bigger question is: why continue to keep sending?

To CAPTCHA or Not to CAPTCHA, That is The Question?


The use of CAPTCHA requires the user to type letters or numbers or combination of the two from a distorted image that appears on the web page. automated questions the user may not know the answer to. To CAPTCHA or not to CAPTCHA, that is the question.

The 3 Questions To Ask When Selecting A Cloud


Image courtesy of SMB Tech Guide. They are unsure of how to differentiate between providers, which will offers more value over another, and simply do not know what questions to ask. Here are a few great questions to ask while you’re out shopping for your nonprofit’s cloud.

4 ways to supercharge your nonprofit images to connect with your supporters


With so many things competing for people''s attention today, images and photos are a more important aspect of your communications toolbox than ever before. Audiences are so accustomed to viewing images networks like Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and Pinterest that it can be difficult to get people to pay attention without visuals. Here are some tips to help you improve your image content. Be strategic about your subject matter: Share images that tell a story.

Church and Religious Organization Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are four frequently asked questions and answers to speed up your TechSoup registration, so you can get charitable product donations more quickly. Image 1 : geralt / CC0 Public Domain. Image 2 : falco / CC0 Public Domain.

On the Future of Braille: Thoughts by Radical Braille Advocates

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Images are currently omitted altogether in electronic braille formats and require extensive human intervention to produce in an accessible, tactile form. Image by the National Braille Press, a DIAGRAM subcontract. We are addressing key questions such as: When is a tactile required?

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5 Ways To Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Feature a Clear Headline The first two questions of any visitor to a web page are: Where am I? If the donation page in question is reachable by clicking on an email appeal, make sure the message and ask is consistent.

4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for End-of-Year Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Make sure that the content on display is up-to-date, and accurately reflects the image and message that you want to communicate about your organization during your year-end campaign. For our full guide to year-end fundraising success, click on the image below!

Have you asked yourself these questions, re: social media?


Can you guess what demographic most heavily shares social media? Nope, not the Justin Bieber lovin' teens, but women between the ages of 35 - 54. So if your nonprofit is trying to reach this group of people, social media is the way to do it.

8 Secrets To Writing a Great Nonprofit RPF With Ease [Free Template]

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

An RFP is a structured, formal method of obtaining specific information from vendors, including: answers to your questions, personalized solutions to specific problems, and pricing information. These questions should include: What expertise do we already have on our staff to handle this work?

What image opened your eyes to human rights?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Warning: This video creates some graphic and powerful images that may not be suitable for younger children. on December 10th, they created this short video with different WITNESS staff talking about images that opened their eyes to human rights abuses around the world. (To To learn more about the images mentioned in this video, click here. They're asking folks to create a video answering the above question and uploading it to the Witness Hub or YouTube.

Bring a Question: Creative Commons Hosts TechSoup Social Channels on September 17, 2014

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Your Questions. Elliot Harmon will be hosting TechSoup's social media channels, answering any Creative Commons questions you have on Twitter and Facebook. All you need to do is go to our Facebook page and post a question, or Tweet your question with the hashtag #Storymakers2014. For example, is it OK to resize or crop the image or to overlay it with text? For example, can a nonprofit use a noncommercial-licensed image in a fundraising email?

Windows MultiPoint Server Frequently Asked Questions

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Sometimes I find that it helps to have some plain language questions and answers on a technology that is new to me, so here are some basics on what Microsoft's Windows MultiPoint Server is and how it works. Image: Microsoft.

Your Donor Management System Questions Answered (Part 3 with Karen Graham)


She used one question as a jumping off point to talk about examples of how processes can affect your software purchase decisions. I’m going to approach this question at a tangent because it brings to mind an important point about selecting technology. They asked questions such as: What if an online donation comes from an individual but we want to acknowledge the household for the gift? images/uploads/The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Nonprofit-Donor-Data-Management.pdf.

7 Questions to Ask Before Making a Software Decision for Your Nonprofit Organization

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The best thing you can do is ask the right questions of the right people. Here are the questions you need to ask to avoid buyer's remorse. But you still need to ask questions to make sure you have a clear understanding of things like pricing, features, and implementation.

New Release: FluidSurveys 5.0 at TechSoup! Improving How Questions Get Answered

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If you've used the FluidSurveys templates , you may have noticed that the questions and surveys are created by experts, designed to elicit a response. New Picture Questions and Templates. One of the most innovative is picture questions. Images and video: FluidSurveys. ?.

Questions from The Advanced Social Media Decision Maker's Toolkit: Branding Through Social Media


An unfortunate part of having a big class is the fact that lots of good questions don’t get answered. To show our appreciation for those taking the class, we took some time to answer a few remaining questions from our very first session, Branding Through Social Media. If you work for a very small organization, want to have a personal feel, and connect largely within your local community, posting as an individual might be beneficial for your overall image.

ASTC Recap: Questions, Colors, and Reflective Research

Museum 2.0

Designing Questions Kathy Gustafon-Hilton coordinated a massive Pecha Kucha session, featuring 19 design professionals sharing 20 slides, 20 seconds apiece. I spoke about the importance of designing intentional frameworks for asking visitors questions, based on this blog post. Exhibit labels in science centers ask more questions than any other kinds of museums, and yet the questions are often awful--teacherly, overly rhetorical, and totally meaningless.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Harness Mobile Technology In 2018


Speed is everything for mobile users, and large images will load more slowly on phone screens than they do on desktops, so reduce your image file sizes where possible to minimize loading time and keep your members’ eyes on your content. According to the recently released.

The Philanthropic Web, Questions and Answers

Social Actions

Below is the video and transcription of the question and answer session that followed Peter Deitz's presentation. Video, Question and Answer session: Transcription, Question and Answer session: Peter Deitz, Social Actions: Why does this matter for social action platforms? I’ll take one more question on Social Actions and then I really do want to hear from you guys and have a conversation about this open philanthropic web and what it might mean for your sites.

Reflections and Follow Up Questions from Techsoup/NTEN Share Your Story: Social Media ROI Webinar

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Click to See Larger Image I have been noodling around with this chart to show that insight comes before dollars, but if you measure and improve your initial pilot efforts over time, eventually the dollars do come. question. This is such a good question.

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nfp 2.0 » Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack November 1st, 2006 Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr Kresta King Cutcher has been posting images to the Flickr photo-sharing community since September 2005. To date, her images have been viewed over 136,000 times. What a great question.

Introducing Basic Pages on EveryAction


These pages can be used to supplement EveryAction Online Action forms, such as to provide additional information about an event, links to multiple forms, images, or other basic HTML content: Creating a basic page is simple, and follows the same process as setting up any other form within Online Actions. Have questions about basic pages or other new EveryAction features?

The PREP Method of Design: Start with the Right Questions to Appeal to the Right Audience


is commonly the first question people encounter when they start a redesign, but I beg to differ. So, my recommendation for the first questions to ask in your planning process are: “What is our 30-second pitch?” As you make your plans, choosing between fancy Flash, images, and simple buttons, keep asking yourself if your choices make things better for your user and/or strengthen your organization’s message. . Christy Van Hegten, Event360, Inc. Two houses stand side-by-side.

Planned Giving 101: What Nonprofits Need to Know


The type of relationship and information management required of Planned Giving Officers varies depending on the type of planned gift in question. To learn more about how EveryAction's tools can power your Planned Giving program, click on the image below!

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DAM Pictures « Digital Diner

Gavin's Digital Diner

We are looking for something that makes cataloguing, indexing, storage and retrieval of images relatively easy and efficient.&# It’s especially not a tool for finding, selecting, editing, manipulating, and generally mucking about with the images.

7 Year-End Campaigns to Study for a Stellar Fundraising Season


Why not put together some key features, images, and stories into a specific year end page? This stunning image (that’s animated on their site) gives you the option to enter your email address and start giving! If you have any questions or want to learn more about how EveryAction can help you achieve your fundraising goals you can email us here or request a demo of our best-in-class nonprofit tools.

The Q&A: Great FAQ Plugins for WordPress Sites

Byte Technology

For anyone who runs an establishing or burgeoning e-commerce website, questions from clients and customers are a simple fact of doing business in the virtual world. With it you can customize how the questions are ordered on the page and add images if you wish.

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This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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Create Your Own Images. Writing content is time-consuming enough without adding image creation into the mix. I know the whole purpose of this marketing process is to save time, but trust me when I say creating your own images is worth it. The Value Of Image Search.

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Lying frogs aside, I can finally answer the pesky perennial question, that question that’s troubled techie types for the last decade or two. That question: Should you turn your PC off at night or over the weekend? The question was: “Are splash pages effective.”

Digital Diner

Gavin's Digital Diner

Lying frogs aside, I can finally answer the pesky perennial question, that question that’s troubled techie types for the last decade or two. That question: Should you turn your PC off at night or over the weekend? The question was: “Are splash pages effective.”

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » How many site visitors do you have? Or is that the wrong question?

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Or is that the wrong question? Those logs only show a kind of raw data about page loads, image loads and the like. Recent Posts 5 Questions to Evaluate Your Nonprofit Video ROI Enter the 2010 Tagline Awards Today!

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Is Your Nonprofit Website Ready for 2017?

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Ask yourself these questions to see if a website redesign should be a part of your plans for 2017: 1. Are your images large enough? Click around on your site and evaluate the sizes of your images. If you want to get down to the pixels, your images should be at least 400 x 250px.

Infographic: 5 Things To Check Before Posting To Your Blog


” This is a question that’s been asked since the dawn of the internet. Image courtesy of Sushi Digital. “Does your nonprofit have a blog?” The blog is no longer a sign of prosperity, but a necessary addition to every nonprofit’s arsenal of online weapons.

SEO For Nonprofits: A Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing Success

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Image Alt Tag. As it turns out, relevant images get 94% more views than content without images. This is because people process images 60,000 faster than they do words, making it easier to understand and retain information. Add your keyword to an image alt tag.

5 New And Quirky Nonprofit Social Media Tactics


Image courtesy of athgo. Creating images, infographics, or any other visual will translate your message in a new way. Use bright colors, a unique layout, or make a splash on new image focused social media feeds.

Your Nonprofit’s Complete Guide To The Cloud


Image courtesy of IT Business Edge. Despite the cloud’s ubiquity, questions remain about how it works, how it directly benefits nonprofits, and how to properly implement the technology. All of these questions and more have been asked, and we’ve answered. What questions to ask.

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NetCentric Advocacy: fastr - a flickr game: Guessing Folk

Network-Centric Advocacy

how would the flickr community tag the images. Fastr is a game that uses flickr images. It loads ten images that all share a common tag, one by one, and you guess what the tag is. Please email questions and comments.The correct answer doubles as a link to the flickr page with all the photos. how would the flickr community tag the images. Fastr is a game that uses flickr images. NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

Physics Central Redesign Launched | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Find experiments to try at home, view photo galleries of physics images, and read the “buzz blog&#.

Blogging a crisis: reflecting on some lessons learned

Steve Bridger

I scanned every pixel of photos uploaded to Flickr and invited people to add images to a Flickr group. Questions need answering quickly and accurately (truthfully) to slow speculation and knock down rumours convincingly. This is a story of a blog.

5 Nonprofit Website Myths Debunked


Image courtesy of Web Presence. Your website MUST have an image rotator. million website visists were analyzed, only 1% of website visitors clicked on images in an image rotator. of those clicks were on the very first image.

Social Media with M+R: How to Measure the Metrics that Matter


To help boost engagement rates, Amy suggests using rich media like graphics and video, asking questions, and creating content that's just begging to be shared. Amy recommends testing different types of posts (a bold graphical image with copy vs a link with preview image + short description, for example) to determine which ones resonate most with your audience and produce the results you're hoping for.