Tips for Sharing Mind-Blowing Blog Posts


She’s told a powerful story, connected it to your mission, tied it in to current campaign priorities, used compelling images, offered a relevant call to action, asked a great question for people to answer in the comments, and more. You hop on your organization’s Flickr account, upload the images to your photosteam, and include a link to your blog post in the image descriptions.

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Moving to the Cloud? Keep These 8 Security Tips in Mind

Tech Soup Blog

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you weigh your options. These are just a few of the questions you should keep in mind when searching for a cloud service provider. Keep Regulatory Requirements in Mind. Image : NicoElNino / Shutterstock.

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Content Strategy: What Are Your Images Saying To Your Visitors?

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Some organizations are fortunate to have stunning images at their disposal that perfectly convey their brand. Our clients, AFL-CIO and Wildlife Conservation Society come to mind as excellent examples. The No Image, Image Choice. The Image That Says It All.

On the Future of Braille: Thoughts by Radical Braille Advocates

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Images are currently omitted altogether in electronic braille formats and require extensive human intervention to produce in an accessible, tactile form. Image by the National Braille Press, a DIAGRAM subcontract.

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GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

For example, if you notice he’s an enthusiastic door-knocker on canvassing days but doesn’t even open your phone banking sign up emails, keep those habits in mind for future volunteer asks.

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Writing (and Testing) Great Nonprofit Emails

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Keep in mind that the solution should be realistic and match the scale of the problem. The trick with graphic emails is breaking up the images into sections. Smaller images files will load more quickly than one large image. Crafting smart and effective emails can be challenging. Every list is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing effective emails. Luckily, there are a few tried-and-true principles to guide your writing.

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8 Secrets To Writing a Great Nonprofit RPF With Ease [Free Template]

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Keeping these eight basic do's and don'ts in mind as you write your RFP will simplify your workload and yield great results! Click on the image below to download it and easily fill-in your own information.

How To Train Your Attention and Be Effective When Working Online

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How long can you pay attention when working online before your mind wanders? According to the Statistic Brain site list of attention span stats , in 2000 we had a 12 second attention span compared with an 8 second attention in 2013. Image Source: PR Daily. Mindfulness

An Ingenious Texting Bot from @SFMOMA

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

According to the SFMOMA website , all you have to do is text 572-51 with the words “send me” followed by a keyword, a color, or even an emoji and you’ll receive a related artwork image and caption via text message. Now it is your turn. Bots Happy Healthy Nonprofit Mindfulness

Wisdom 2.0: Balance in A Hyper Connected World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

” I don’t have an answer, but I think it has to do with modeling conscious information and consumption and being mindful about how you connect with people, cultivate relationships, and share information. Healthy Mind Platter. Mindfulness

Time-Saving Hacks to Write More Blog Posts – A Video Demonstration

John Haydon

Add ImagesImages are honey, your readers are bees. Your Website blog writing content marketing copywriting inbound marketing mind-mapping Search Engine Optimization tags and categories

6 Effective Ways to Thank Donors for a Lasting Relationship


A compelling image that draws them in and stands out. It contains a beautiful image and a brief amount of text demonstrating impact! Go beyond just a standard thank you image! Year-end giving is about more than just soliciting donations.

nfp 2.0 » Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack November 1st, 2006 Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr Kresta King Cutcher has been posting images to the Flickr photo-sharing community since September 2005. To date, her images have been viewed over 136,000 times.

Jump Start Nonprofit Email Marketing With 5 Quick Tips


Image courtesy of Begin each mass email you start crafting with a mission in mind. Link to images. Instead of adding in an image that loads upon opening, add a link to the image instead. Use alt text with images.

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5 Features Environmental Organizations Need From Their CRM


Often, they are activists as well, who are tuned in to the political sphere and want to be acknowledged and addressed with this in mind.

Infographic: Why Video Is The Best Form Of Engagement


So with their noble goals in mind, what is the best way to engage users online? If your nonprofit is not already generating some form of video content, consider this infographic and maybe you’ll change your mind. Image courtesy of SocialFish.

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This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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Our ideas float freely in our minds and the challenge comes when we have to organize those thoughts into ideas that others can comprehend. When there are no rules, our minds are free to wander to thoughts of the future, or perhaps dwell on a particular issue of the past.

WordPress 4.8: What’s New and Notable in the Latest Release

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And keep in mind that, unless you enjoy the ease and peace of mind of being on a managed hosting service, you’ll have to manually initiate the update (after creating a complete backup of your site first).

Support for Future Bloggers | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

So when blogs, images and streaming video capturing the recent protest in Myanmar began making their way around the world, authorities moved quickly to pull the plug on Internet access. Volume and access are two things that come to mind.

Infographic: Tech And The Future Workplace


When you think of the future workplace, what images come to mind? Flying cars on the commute to work? Holograms of people working from home that day? Maybe you see whole cities looking different. While some of these things are far off (or farfetched) the work place is a maturing, changing environment. And it’s technology […]. The post Infographic: Tech And The Future Workplace appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. General

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A Non-Techie Looks at Mechanical Turk | Beaconfire Wire

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With that in mind, let me tell you what I know about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. With this in mind, Amazon has created it??s s a pizza parlor in the image.

Staying in Check: Keeping Up With Important Regular Maintenance Tasks (Part 2)

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And at the risk of being redundant, keep in mind that staying on top of these regular maintenance tasks is the best way to avoid a crash of your site and, if catastrophe does strike, the easiest and most efficient way to get back up and running quickly.

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Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Create Your Own Buttons Create Your Own Buttons Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 May 2006 03:26 Written by Steve Tuesday, 23 May 2006 03:26 Easily create your own button-like images for with my new Button Creator ! Put any text you want into an image that looks just like a button ( examples ). IMAGE(�/servlet/servlet.ImageServer?oid=[put

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Are You Ready for the Future of Fundraising?

Connection Cafe

These words call to mind images of sleek inventions and hip start-ups. Entrenched in this important work, it is easy to lose sight of the shiny image of the future that feels so far away. Innovation. Technology. The future.

How To Create Explainer Videos That Donors Will Love

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Images have to relate to your mission and message, as well as fit your nonprofit’s overall voice and your audience’s preferences. Things like: Use your nonprofit’s colors : This might seem like an afterthought, but it really helps in solidifying your organization in your audience’s minds.

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Working Together: Great Social Media Plugins for Your WordPress Site

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Each offers different features and levels of performance, and it’s very important to keep in mind that these plugins have to load tools onto your site in order to do their job properly.

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The Q&A: Great FAQ Plugins for WordPress Sites

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And while you’re doing your research, keep in mind that most of them allow you to build a custom design that include adding a search bar and letting your customers add their own questions, both important elements to be considered in making a choice of which program is right for your site.

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Infographic: The Anatomy Of Content Marketing


Show them this infographic and they might just change their mind. Image courtesy of Content+. Content Marketing is one of the most talked about phenomenons in the nonprofit sector today.

Design a Fundraising Appeal that Raises More this December

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A second right column can be added for an image and call-to-action. Keep the height of your header image under 100 pixels. Compelling, Mobile-Friendly Images. Images can be an important piece of your email. Keep in mind that images won’t appear initially in many emails.

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Story-Led Change: A Photojournalist’s Thoughts on the Power of Storytelling

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I was lucky enough to sit down with Sean Sheridan , photojournalist, author and speaker who has spent nearly two decades elevating people and brands through storytelling, to learn more about his focus on storytelling through imagery and how his work amplifies the cause-minded organizations he partners with. Incorporating Images for Impactful Storytelling. How do you use your images to share stories? That’s an example of how an image can be a catalyst for tremendous change.

3 Steps To Capture Your Website Visitors In Less Than One Second

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Keep in mind that not all of your visitors come to your website with a specific need. Design and Messaging: Images and Content Need to Align. There are a few simple ways to use that area effectively: Choose high quality images. Make sure your images align with your messaging.

The Best Social Media Marketing Resources For Nonprofits

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Leadership has one idea in mind when they invest in marketing: make money. Downloading transparent images. Once installed, hover over an image on any website, click the Hootlet icon, and a content box will appear to share to your social networks.

Leveraging the Latest Trends in Non-Profit Website Design

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Here are some tips to keep in mind and implement whenever possible. • One tried-and-true design element that has stood the test of time on the Internet is pairing a striking_or even shocking, depending on your organization’s mission—visual image with a direct call to action.

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Pinterest or Delicious: Social Bookmarking Coming back as Digital Curation

Amy Sample Ward

Lately, we’ve watched as images – from photos to infographics – have taken over the web. As photos take over Facebook newsfeeds and Pinterest explodes, I see so many people trying to accomodate an image-centric process into their digital curation.

On the Move: Great Drag-and-Drop Plugins for Easy Site Customization

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Fortunately, there’s also some tried-and-true technology that greatly aids in customizing your site: it’s the drag-and-drop process, and anyone who has even touched a computer in their life is probably aware of how it works: click on an icon or image, hold down the button and move it to wherever one wishes. The Elementor plugin is first and foremost built for speed, a nice feature for those who want to edit as quickly as their minds work and creative ideas take hold.

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How to get the best design for your website?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Developers merely transform that image into codes which is then viewed in the form of a website. It is impossible for the designer to read your mind, you will have to discuss in detail about your requirements unless you are okay with the general themed websites.

Fact versus Fiction: A Q & A on WordPress Plugins

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Also, because most plugins make a request to HTTP to load assets such as images, scripts etc., And keep in mind that, even if a plugin is deactivated, WordPress will continue to show updates for that plugin, which can be annoying.

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Save the Day: Knowing Which WordPress Files to Always Back Up

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Think of the nightmare of losing years of blog posts, original images and all the custom tweaks and add-ons you’ve slaved over to build your dream page? Here are some rules to mind regarding what you absolutely should be backing up and what you needn’t worry about too much. This is where WordPress stores some pretty important stuff: images, themes, plugins and everything else that is wholly unique to a site.

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Please Stand By: Ideas for Making a More Creative Maintenance Page

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Keep in mind that, although maintenance pages aren’t a reality to your visitors for long periods of time, they can have an affect on how people perceive your page. Now you can choose a specific design option, add a cool custom message and throw in a background image.

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Your 10 Point Checklist For Nonprofit Newsletter Writing


Image courtesy of James Madison University. Without an end goal in mind, nothing can be accomplished. By having the goal of your newsletter in mind, and all of your content in hand, you are ready to start designing your newsletter’s template.

Eleven Ways Facebook Page Timelines Change Your Content Strategy


Previously, a Facebook Page content strategy was primarily focused on two things: Custom Tabs – The the content strategy for custom tabs (landing tabs) focused on engaging visitors with a clear call to action in mind. Keep in mind, they are messaging you – not the other way around.

8 #GivingTuesday Storytelling Tips for Nonprofits 

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Images and videos make it easier to grab someone’s attention on social media. From image quotes to video stories and GIFs, you can amplify your message with the use of different content types.

Bad Ideas: The Most Common Mistakes for Rookie WordPress Users

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At the very least they’ll provide more piece of mind, an important consideration for those website owners who have better things to do that constantly worry whether or not their site is at risk. * On the design side of things, too many users overload a site with huge images that cripple your hosting account by simply taking up too much space.