I'm Taking the Pledge Against Hunger, Won't You?

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Foodbanks, soup kitchens, and many other nonprofits that address the hunger issue are being hit by a triple whammy. That's why I'm taking the pledge to end hunger because if we all do a little bit - it can go a long way. PledgeToEndHunger.com , a website designed to shine a bright light on the very real problem of childhood hunger in America. To become a Champion, all you need to do is: Sign the Hunger Pledge. Tags: hunger It's hard times.

Hunger Is A Global and Local Issue: Some Ways To Take Action

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

" Hunger is not only local issue, but also a global one. So, while we were in the grocery store picking up some extra canned goods, I was thinking about the different hunger awareness campaigns that have come across my email this past week or two - and wondering how I might creatively take some personal action myself (beyond buying a few extra canned goods during our weekly grocery trip). obesity and chronic hunger and malnutrition. Photo by Danamdefebbo.

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I'll Text for Food

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Hunger is a serious issue in America, especially in these hard times. Amy Sherman, who does the Cooking With Amy blog, participated in the Hunger Challenge along with several Bay Area food bloggers, including The Kitchn , Tablehopper , Alanna Kellogg , Blog Appetit and The Inadvertent Gardener who documented their experiences of living on $21 a week (a typical Food Stamp allotment). President-elect Obama pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015 during his presidential campaign.

Spotlight on We Can End This with Scott Henderson


We Can End This is a yearlong initiative focused on sparking innovation and broader engagement in the movement to end hunger in America. It's official kickoff went down at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive 2010 much like the Pledge to End Hunger did in 2009. On top of unvailing the new movement at SXSW a new website was launched and a frontpage promotion was put on Mashable.com.

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How Nonprofits Can Use Behavioral Science to Engage Supporters on Social Media

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Another strategy is to have supporters publicly pledge their contributions for the year such as donating, attending an online conference, signing an online petition, or volunteering, with other supporters on social media. Also an example is Feeding America and its campaign during Hunger Action Month where supporters are asked to share their intentions to help end hunger with others in the group.

Chris Brogan shares his thoughts on using social media for social good at SXSW

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Chris Brogan , social media rock star and community-building expert, is doing something incredible at SXSW this year: he's teaming up with do-gooders like Beth Kanter to spread awareness of the The Pledge to End Hunger by Share Our Strength and Tyson Foods. And speaking of social media for social good, @kanter gave me the scoop that at tonight's SXSW Mashable party there will be a throw down in ode of the Pledge to End Hunger campaign

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82 Fundraising and Social Media Stats for Nonprofits

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84% text-to-pledge gifts are fulfilled ( MobileCause ). The top five causes for women are children and youth (15%), animals and wildlife (13%), health and wellness (10%), human and social services (8%), and hunger and homelessness (8%) ( Global Trends in Giving Report ). The top five causes for men are children and youth (15%), health and wellness (11%), human and social services (9%), faith and spirituality (8%), and hunger and homelessness (8%) ( Global Trends in Giving Report ).

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Three Ways to Increase Donations with Text Messaging

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Ask for a donation pledge over text message. However, you can make it easier by asking them to respond with a pledge to donate a specific amount that they can finalize later. You can then remind them of their pledge when they decide to make the donation online, over the phone, or in person. To make it as easy as possible for people to give without setting arbitrary limits on the size of their donations, JFNA decided to set up a text to pledge campaign.

Cause Marketing or Cause Me To Puke Marketing? Interview with Scott Henderson

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

2) Can you tell me about the "Pledge to End Hunger" that you recently launched to benefit Share Our Strength? Goals The main goals were to raise awareness of childhood hunger in America, give people the tools to take meaningful action to help end this solvable problem, and create a case study from which non-profits and corporations could learn how to better use social media in their cause marketing. Metrics for Success - Primary: # of people signing the pledge.

Member Round Up: We're Up To All Good!


NTEN members are even using The Hunger Games buzz to educate about real world food and water issues. Think you can tell the difference between real life and the scary scenarios presented in The Hunger Games? 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference exhibitor Click & Pledge introduced the first “ QR PayCard ”, which integrates the conveniences of QR code donations with pre-approved credit card payments.

Friday Deliciousness (or, I’m too busy this week so here’s a bunch of links)

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12for12k Teams Up With Pledge to End Hunger. Noble action: Make the pledge and then retweet the hell out of this post. E ver since I got my first job perfecting the twist at Carvel, my basic philosophy about getting stuff done has had three basic tenets: Easy = lazy. Simple = stupid. Nothing gets done without a third tenet.

Social Media and Cute Dogs Go Mobile And Other Cute Animal and Nonprofit Tales

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The App also provides: adoptable dog search by zip code, simple giving to help homeless pets, and their grassroots pledge to start seeing invisible dogs. Oracle made donations for all online actions (likes, comments, RTs, photos, etc) during Hunger Action Month , reaching a maximum donation of $25,000. One of the campaigns for the Oracle effort during Hunger Awareness Month was “Hunger: Put a Fork in It.”

5 Steps to Setting Up a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

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Personal Challenges — Personal challenges allow a donor's friends and family to rally around their cause by supporting a challenge that the donor has pledged to complete. The Boston Marathon — Supporters of an organization can pledge to raise a certain amount of money, in order to run the race in the name of a charity. Walk for Hunger. Are you running the Boston Marathon, and pledging to raise money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the process?

Things We Like (October 2008)


Pledge money to purchase online game tokens, which you can send to anybody. Mercy Corps' Action Center to End World Hunger. A monthly roundup of our favorite (zombie-related) nonprofit tech resources. Read more posts on our blog. Zombie Harmony : For all your zombie dating needs. Wait, there's an election going on? Don't know how we missed that. Good thing the Twitter Vote Report didn't: tweet your voting experience to help others avoid problems.

Scott Henderson, Guest Post -- Rethinking Your Database: From Sacred Collection to Engaged Community

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A Sneak Peak of the Pledge to End Hunger Campaign Case Study. This spring when we launched the Pledge to End Hunger campaign ( www.pledgetoendhunger.com ) to coincide with the South By Southwest Interactive Festival, one of our main goals was to better understand how social media can be used to help non-profit organizations and cause marketing campaigns.

I'll Comment for Food Donations, Ten Cents for Woman's Shelter, and Other Interesting Social Media Charity Trends

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

But hunger is a serious issue in America, especially in these difficult times. Several of her regular readers including Deb Roby have pledged to match her donations to The Bay Area food bank. Innovative Giving: Tyson Foods For Hunger Relief. From a blog post in my archives, June, 2005 I took that photo of myself with a sign to illustrate a post that talked about the professionalization of blogging.

Give A Better Present This Year With Beaconfire Clients | Beaconfire Wire

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Conservation International , Heifer International and Share our Strength are asking people to take the Better Present Pledge to make at least one alternative gift this year instead of a material present. A gift to end hunger, save the environment, and lift a community out of poverty will make you feel great and look great at the same time. We’re also working with exciting media partners, like MSN Shopping , to promote the Pledge to entirely new donors.

Outstanding Offers and New Products of 2014 (Bonus: Crossword Puzzle!)

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” ( mobile app for hunger from TechSoup’s Caravan Studios ) Answer. From donors’ pledges and gifts to volunteers' hours, training, and skills, plus marketing outreach and event ticketing, all your key tasks and information come in one cloud-based, easy-access system with NonProfitEasy. Tech Donations: How Much Do You Know? To those of you who found this crossword puzzle in your New Product Alert , thanks for subscribing! This is our idea of a fun gift to you.

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6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever

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Fundraising with social media (particularly Facebook) means under- standing that donors don’t separate liking, sharing, or pledging, from donating,” explained John. The Reboot the Suit campaign lets you donate as little as a dollar, and the biggest group of donors have pledged less than $25. Companies like Panera Bread have made a major investment with Panera Care Cafes , restaurants designed to fight hunger in the communities they serve.

How To Use Information You Already Have To Personalize Constituent Experiences Online


We recently sent out a thank-you email to thank our community for successes during Hunger Action Month in September. We used a "pledge to donate garden produce" to invite those folks interested in our Teaching Garden to a special open house event at the Food Bank. Capital Area Food Bank of Texas : The mission of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas is to nourish hungry people and lead the community in ending hunger. Aimy Wiley, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. [Ed.

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Convio 2008 Innovator Awards


Honorable Mention: CauseForce and Project Bread - The Walk for Hunger. They created a creative online check-in process that allowed people to check in for the event online and pledge to complet fundraising post-event. Each year, at the annual Convio Summit, Convio honors a few of their clients who have pushed the envelope with their online campaigns. Here are the results for the 2008 Innovator Awards: Advocacy campaign or program.

How Can We Make Charitable Giving A Year-Round Habit?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Several of her regular readers including Deb Roby have pledged to match her donations to their favorite charity. September is Hunger Awareness Month so why not give a donation of canned goods and cash to your local food bank? Or, consider making a contribution to an organization like Share Our Strength that is working to end childhood hunger.

Target Facebook Challenge: Ten Large Charities Compete for Votes To Divide the $3 Million Pot

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Scott will be leading a workshop at the Cause Marketing Forum later this month and I will be sharing a fabulous interview with him about his learnings from this event and the Pledge to End Hunger. While I was offline today enjoying Mother's Day and the beautiful weather (as much as I could with seasonal allergies), Target launched its version of an online contest.

How do we do make change if we keep doing things the same way?

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Maybe the answer is some kind of quarterly bounty which, as soon as financial pledges reach a certain amount, the publication goes to open license (or maybe that’s when the next issue is commenced). Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology How do we do make change if we keep doing things the same way?

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Convio 2008 Innovator Awards - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Special Events Fundraising Honorable Mention: CauseForce and Project Bread - The Walk for Hunger Winner: National Philanthropic Trust for the Susan B. They created a creative online check-in process that allowed people to check in for the event online and pledge to complet fundraising post-event.