Video Tutorial: How do I Twitter my Flickr photos?

John Haydon

CharityHowTo now has a video course called “ An Introduction to Online Photos and How to Get Started for Your Nonprofit &# - for only $4.99. Tags: Flickr Tips Power Your Fans Twitter Tips Flickr howto Twitter I caught a post on Twitter from Ian Wilker about feeding your Twitter stream with your Flickr activity. This is a great approach for businesses or non-profits who communicate their impact with images, but have limited time for social media marketing.

How to Make Your Facebook Page Timeline Easier to Scan (Video Tutorial)

John Haydon

Repositioning photos. Facebook content strategy facebook page howto timelineThis video shows you how to clean up your Facebook Page Timeline by: Hiding posts. Changing dates. Creating full-width posts. I have a few more videos coming out about using Facebook so subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks!

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16 New Rules for Facebook Marketing Success

John Haydon

You can reward fans and visitors for: Posting on your Page (including photos). Commenting on a page post (including comments with photos). Accumulating likes on their posts or comments (including comments with photos). How-tos and tutorials. Are they mostly photos?

Jerry Coltin on Arts Organizations and Podcasting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My Flickr photos here ) (He mentioned that he picked up the microphones in the CMU trash - boy I wish I could lurk in those trash cans!). Some additional resources: My various notes and resources : Steve Berlind from ZDnet at PodCamp talking about gear and uses my flickr photo in his column!