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Happy New Year! Two Free Books! And Watermelon!

Museum 2.0

Dear Museum 2.0 I published The Participatory Museum in March (with help from many of you!) While I did learn a ton from my experiences, especially in far-flung places and small museums, it was also exhausting. Thank you so much for hosting me, picking me up at airports, taking me to karaoke bars, showing me secret parts of your museums, helping me find vegetarian food, and sharing your ideas, dreams, and schemes for the future. Milwaukee!)

Wandering Down the "Don't Touch" Line

Museum 2.0

How do you help visitors know what they can and cannot do in your museum? Most museums have this figured out: they have signs, they have guards, they have cases over the objects. I grew up professionally in the science and children's museum field, where touching is guaranteed and floor staff spend more time helping visitors learn and ensuring their personal safety than they do protecting the objects. Art, however, does not come to museums pre-hardened.