8 Hints for the Non-Photographer

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Avoid using your digital zoom if possible to preserve your images maximum quality. Author: Jill Ward. Have you ever found yourself at your organization’s where you 1) find yourself with a camera in hand and 2) hoping that you didn’t miss that perfect photo opp of your mission in action? For the large majority of non-photographers that work or volunteer for a nonprofit - me included - I'm guessing it happens quite often.

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How to Get 1300 Advocates to Capitol Hill [HINT: It’s more than just practice]

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So, with apologies to stock photo vendors and copywriters everywhere, the use of actual advocate words or images in publications generates excitement. “ Use your voice.” To practitioners in the citizen engagement realm, the phrase is as well-worn and tired as, well, [insert your own well-worn and tired simile here]. The phrase oft appears in emails, social media posts and is ever-present in web copy.

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Five Pinterest Best Practices for Nonprofits

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If your nonprofit has yet to start using Pinterest , then hopefully new data released for January 2012 illuminating that Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined will motivate you to start pinning – or at the very least to sign up and reserve your first choice of usernames (hint, hint!). Add your logo or avatar to your images. Embed inspirational quotes onto your images.



Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Hints to Winter ’07 release features in Dreamforce posting Hints to Winter ’07 release features in Dreamforce posting Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 August 2006 09:42 Written by Steve Tuesday, 15 August 2006 09:42 I was looking at the write up describing the developer gathering that will be going on at Dreamforce in October and saw some interesting hints at what’s coming in the next Salesforce release–dubbed Winter ’07.


How to Maximize Success Stories Across Your Nonprofit’s Digital Channels

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For the feature image, they used a photo of Rani looking directly at the camera. Included is an image of Dustin on tour in Iraq, wearing an ambiguous expression and surrounded by a dusty landscape. This hazy image draws attention to the complexity of his experience in the Marine Corps during wartime. Both posts also use a photo of Dustin volunteering as the featured image. Instead, the social posts feature an image of him alongside another volunteer.

The Science of Nonprofit Video Engagement: How To Use Emotion to Increase Social Sharing

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Building off the concepts of arousing and dominant emotions, the digital marketing publication Marketing Land studied reactions to viral images online to determine if viewers experienced positive, negative or neutral emotions.

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Nine Pinterest Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

UPDATED 4/3/12: If your nonprofit has yet to start using Pinterest , then hopefully new data released for March 2012 revealing that Pinterest now generates more referral traffic than Twitter will motivate you to start pinning – or at the very least to sign up and reserve your first choice of usernames (hint, hint!). Add your logo or avatar to your images. Embed inspirational quotes onto your images.

11 Creative Charity Fundraising Event Ideas


If you think your supporters will be interested in this type of event, work with a local golf course on pricing and dates (hint: most are very comfortable working with charities to run tournaments). Louis (hint: this is a great place to use CauseVox’s peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities).

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Exploring the YouTube marketing promotional tips for virtual business

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

A trailer of the video can be provided to deliver a hint regarding the content. The building of the brand image should be kind and increase the outcome of the product and service. YouTube is not just a video creation platform; it is also a social networking site for the business person.

How to Navigate the Post-COVID Novel Nonprofit Economy


This will give you hints as to what your supporters value that may overlap with the values you enact. Image from Brian Solis. We are witnessing the rise of a new generation of donors and nonprofit employees.

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Nine Pinterest Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

UPDATED 4/3/12: If your nonprofit has yet to start using Pinterest , then hopefully new data released for March 2012 revealing that Pinterest now generates more referral traffic than Twitter will motivate you to start pinning – or at the very least to sign up and reserve your first choice of usernames (hint, hint!). Add your logo or avatar to your images. Embed inspirational quotes onto your images.

What came first, the email template or the email content?

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While this can be useful in cases where images are blocked or the email doesn’t render properly, it doesn’t do much to further encourage the subscriber to open the email which is the whole point of the email preview pane. Templates and image heavy messages can make all your emails look exactly alike (especially if users aren’t enabling images), so that people skip/delete because they think there is nothing new to see. Image heavy email without images enabled. .

Adobe Absolute Beginners Courses: Go from Design Doldrums to Design Delights!

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Do you wake up in a cold tech sweat when you know you'll have to adjust an image of your executive director for an annual report, post photos on your website from an event, or create an invitation to your organization's gala affair? Maybe you don't know a canvas from an image or what RGB is. Hint: it does not mean really great breadsticks.) adjusting an image. best practices for saving images for print or the web.

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6 Hashtag Mistakes Your Nonprofit Is Probably Making


Image courtesy of Technorati. What drew huge engagement one week, could fail to even spark a hint of interest the next. Social Media can be a fickle beast. So what gives? It’s not your content. That’s been refined, edited twice, and is discussing a timely subject. It’s not the time when you submitted the tweet, blog post, or Facebook share. You’re posting based on a calculated system , when the social media network in question is most active.

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How to Recognize a Suspicious Email

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Somewhat like a poker tell, suspicious emails contain hints that the sender isn't who they claim to be. Image: National Cyber Security Alliance. As champions of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), we're kicking off our first week with a focus on email. Read on for facts and tips on email security from the National Cyber Security Alliance. Across the world, 269 billion emails are sent every day.

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10 Mistakes Your Nonprofit Is Making On Social Media


Hint: A great time to do this is when you are creating your annual budget and marketing plan. Hint: I typically recommend posting 3-4x per week per channel as a starting point. Hint: Often times only 1-3% of your Facebook fans will organically see your content. .

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Church Auction Fundraisers: The Ultimate Guide


Instagram is an image-based platform. For in-person auction events Qgiv’s auction planner covers everything you need to consider to be successful, including helpful hints about managing your venue. Planning a church auction to raise funds for your important work?

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Nonprofit Transparency Best Practices: Building Donor & Public Trust

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The above image comes from Guidestar by Candid. Hint: they’re not all downloadable PDFs! The above image is used with permission from Donate Life America. The above image is used with permission from World Animal Protection. Researched by Nicholas Azulay + Isabelle Brauer.

The most effective method to Determine Who to Hire To Be Your Next Ideal Web Developer

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

On the off chance that you are troubled with your present web engineer or are discovering somebody that you can trust and rely upon to satisfy your web improvement needs, this article will give some significant hints that will enable you to locate the ideal supplement to your group. They know how to introduce a WordPress topic (either free or acquired) and can make a few changes to that topic to help coordinate your image hues.

The 10 Elements of an Effective Fundraising Email Appeal

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Preview text gives the recipient a hint as to what your email is going to be about. Element 9 – Images. Are images helpful or hindering in emails ? Should your entire email be an image? A lot of emails we receive in our aggregate donor inbox, and a lot of the examples you’ll see in other blog posts about email appeals, use images. But just because a lot of people use images in their emails, doesn’t mean that you should too.

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Mobile Fundraisers: Explore Best Practices & Campaign Ideas


On your own social media accounts, send out a call-to-action inviting followers to create their own images, graphics, or videos to promote your campaign and spread awareness for your mission. Mobile fundraising empowers people to give on the go!

3 Ways To Make Science Less Sciency


Hint: it’s impossible) Science is integral to every aspect of our lives. This can include simple feedback about your website, observations of certain phenomena, or user-generated videos and images. John Ohab is a neuroscientist and web strategist at ITT Exelis, currently supporting the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. John also moonlights as the Director of Community Engagement at SciStarter.com. The views expressed in this article are those of the author.

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What You Can Learn About Cultivating Community from The Lord of the Rings

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So with that in mind, let's explore how you can build this kind of meaningful relationship with your supporters by taking a few hints from the best friends ever, Sam and Frodo in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. " Image 1 : Michael Quinn / CC0. Image 2: CauseVox.

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Nonprofit Websites: 5 Ways to Keep Them Fresh

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Three or four paragraphs that tell the story succinctly and that include at least one image (preferably more) is great content that helps keep your website alive. Collect and Create Images. The Internet is a visual medium, and people process an image that tells a story faster than reading the proverbial 1,000 words. Collect images everywhere you can — in the field; at gatherings; at special events; with donors, clients, volunteers, or friends of the organization.

6 Tips to Make Your Digital Story Stand Out

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Rosser offered a number of practical hints for helping viewers discover your videos on YouTube. These stories were shared in the form of videos, images, and blog posts. Images: courtesy of the presenters The time has come to make your digital story stand out. YouTube has over 1 billion unique viewers each month, 6 billion hours of content viewed each month, and 100 new hours of video uploaded each minute.

What Nonprofits Can Learn From Political Campaigns About Harnessing Smart Data

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Image courtesy of Washington Post. Lesson #4: Hints at 2016. In my last post, we talked about the campaign fundraising innovations that are repurposed by nonprofit organizations. Now, let’s take it a step further and see how these intense, short-lived campaigns harness the power of the data they collect with these three examples and the lessons learned. Lesson #1: You Have to Start Somewhere.

Donor Acquisition: 3 Donation Form Tweaks that will Quickly Improve Online Fundraising

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There’s no magic answer to the ideal calibration of layout, copy, images, fields, offer and headline that drive the highest possible levels of donor acquisition. Some hints from Mark Montenero, Lead Client Success Manager at Blackbaud. . Guest post by Amy Bills , Blackbaud’s director of customer marketing. Get ready to hear some great insights from an experienced marketing pro that has a passion for serving the nonprofit community and Blackbaud customers.

GA, Tell Us What #BirdsTellUs! A Dashboard for Engagement Analytics

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Once a user shared that bird and it’s climate change fact, the full bird image appeared like magic – your reward for “bringing back” that species. The left column focuses on overall and high level visit information, showing how long do visitors stay and how many (and percentage) browse more than 5 pages during their visit (hint, GA goal), and traffic sources.

Tips and Tools to Strengthen Your Fundraising and Accounting

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QuickBooks (Desktop) for New Nonprofit Users offers hints on where to start if you're a new QuickBooks user. Image : Mongkol Foto / Shutterstock. While focusing on your organization's fiscal year-end planning, it might be a good time to revisit your fundraising strategy. We've put together a list of fundraising and also financial accounting resources and product donations.

Top 10 Fundraising Trends and Predictions for 2016


All of these are transforming the way we do fundraising today: new (and fun) social media tools, innovations in email marketing, the use of poignant images and video – I’m even seeing video embedded inside paper capital campaign case statements. Hint, don’t include a monthly request as part of a regular appeal. What are the trends that are going to impact your nonprofit in 2016?

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What TechSoupers Are Doing to Ensure Their Online Security: Part 1

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Hint: it's all about managing password managers and two-factor authentication. Images: TechSoup Global. In the spirit of the Do One Thing campaign, TechSoup staffers reveal what they're doing to ensure their online security. Part 1 of this series will explore how TechSoup staff are dealing with password overload. Online security and privacy is a theme for TechSoup this month. With data breaches recently at iCloud, Home Depot, J.P.

Crafting Sticky, Emotional Stories That Reach Your Audience (Part 2)

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Endings can offer a hint of the future. Image : Bruce Guenter / CC BY. The Beginning: How Do You Draw Your Reader In? "Rahul Udebham's wife tells me about the morning before it all happened, when the loan shark came to claim payment of all the debts, how he paced like mad among the cotton plants screaming: 'If you don't pay, this land will be mine!'"

Spamming for Good is the Wrong Description of What Dr. Mani, Roger Carr, Jen Lemens, and Other Good Personal Fundraisers Really Do!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The image is from Roger Carr who is raising money to support the Arthritis Foundation???s Hint - the three R words. Photo from Roger Carr's Juvenile Arthritis Weekend Set You can donate here. s annual nationwide event, Arthritis Walk, that raises awareness and funds to fight arthritis. I've just donated to his campaign and here's why.

8 Research-Backed Ways To Improve Marketing For Nonprofits

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Here’s a hint, it wasn’t the length of the content. Alt image tag. Marketing can feel like an uphill battle. The constant pressure to create engaging content to reach members can test even the most seasoned of professionals. But, the truth is marketing for nonprofits doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. Even the most resource-strapped organizations can realize huge revenue growth opportunities with minor tweaks to their content strategy.

Before You Hit Send: Your End of Year Fundraising Appeal Checklist

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Hint: Think Mobile. Mobile-Friendly Email Design: If you’re not using a responsive design email, you can make your email mobile-friendly by using a simple layout, narrower email width, compelling mobile-friendly images, scannable content, and BIG buttons. With the season of giving just around the corner, it’s crucial that your organization is prepared to capitalize on the generosity of your donors and potential donors.

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Is my site accessible?

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Is it enough to have alt tags on your images? Hint: use the TAB key). Chances are, you already know how important it is to have an accessible web site. I’ll spare you a lecture on that subject here by reminding you that your site should, most definitely, be accessible. So, how do you know if it is? Do you have to install a screen reader to test and see?

Experimenting with Facebook Landing Pages


It does not work to upload the pictures to your Facebook page, as then all of your fans and visitors will see this album of disjointed images - you can’t hide pictures that you upload to your Facebook page. Most websites will have an images folder that you can use to host these pictures without them being visible to the public. Elaina Buzzell, Senior Program Coordinator, NPower Seattle.

In With the QR In Crowd

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When scanned using an app for your smartphone, they automatically take you to a website, image hosted on the web, calendar invite, series of text, or other types of content. HINT: remember to test the code and link to sites that look good on smartphones. Author: Emily Goodstein. Earlier this summer, I attended the National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF) annual gala lunch.

Text-to-Give Fundraising: Making the Most Out of Mobile

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While you might not have any directly relatable data on file to help you determine whether your donors will be responsive to text-to-give, your donor database can give you hints. Write up a brief bulleted list or show the steps with images. Mobile giving is on the rise , and there’s no platform more prevalent than text-to-give. As you can probably infer from its name, text-to-give software enables donors to make contributions by texting your nonprofit.

Navigation by Recommendation: Lessons Learned from a Little Experiment

Museum 2.0

This was reflected again in a great encounter I had at the Walter's Art Museum later in the weekend, when a silver-haired, well-coiffed lady (the perfect image of a traditional museum goer) told me "I get so annoyed by how quiet museums are. We had documented the activity with pictures of the people with their cards, and it was abundantly clear after the dust cleared that the personality and energy of the recommendations were in the images, not the cards.

Nine Digital Marketing Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from charity: water

Beth Kanter

Image from Flickr by Xurble. Here are a few images from the charity: water website that show how they employ social proof. You can then make each testimonial a piece of content for your social channels by quoting the best parts in an image. What makes charity: water’s stories so powerful is the use of impactful images and stunning video combined with a very personal, candid style of writing.

An Interview with Jeska Linden about Nonprofits in Second Life

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It is a perfect fit though, the web is so flat compared to the real art, I remember working at the museum and dealing with slides and images for months before an exhibition and then the art would arrive. re in-world, there are also lots of great helpful hints in the F1 Help. They've got the best tips and hints and can explain things really well.

Blueprint Book Club Part 1: How Do You Create a Future-Thinking History Museum?

Museum 2.0

a national competition in which 8,000 people submitted photographs to represent the iconic image of the Netherlands. There are hints of innovation--mentions of a digital backbone, an individualized content delivery system, a few games, a central forum--but those elements are footnotes to long descriptions of push media experiences in highly themed traditional exhibition spaces. Note: If you have read the book and would like to write a guest post for this series, please contact me.