Using Technology to Build a More Accountable Bosnia and Herzegovina

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"), have risen as leaders in grassroots organizing and civic activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). "[In Boznia and Herzegovina] the potential for corruption and misuse of power is outstanding," Darko told me. was the pre-election campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006. chose a specific issue and a specific political figure, Nedžad Brankovi?, Darko Brkan is mobilizing Eastern Europe. The civic movement he started, Dosta! “Enough!”

10NTC: Are Nonprofits the New International Correspondents?

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Roger told us about his job as a writer for Mercy Corps , where he's traveled to places like the Congo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and most recently Haiti, writing about the man-made and natural disasters that have struck those places and the accompanying relief efforts. NGOs understand the issues in troubled areas as well as reporters do; we have the opportunity to market our sector as a trusted, impartial source for global reporting.


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[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: Women for Women International

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Each tool is useful in its own way—the blog helps spread stories about the field from staff and supporters who travel to our country offices, Twitter helps disseminate information about current events and policy issues and Facebook is a great way to promote fundraising efforts and connect supporters—the tool with the most bang for its buck is Facebook, for sheer size alone. Organization: Women for Women International.

Fighting for Civic Transparency with Technology in the Western Balkans

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Through technology, data, and resource-sharing, Community Boost_r seeks to empower Balkan citizens to voice their opinions, demand solutions to everyday problems, and stay informed on accountability and transparency issues. The goal was to find the best web or mobile ideas for social projects in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Three project winners were chosen from each country: From Bosnia and Herzegovina: Centar 72 aims to solve community problems within 72 hours.

Hackathons for Good: Techies, Thinkers, and Activists Unite

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Microsoft's International Women's Hackathon challenged female developers to combat issues like human trafficking through new mobile apps and web programs. The hackathons are themed around a certain issue, such as education or mHealth (mobile health). Serbia) in partnership with TechSoup Global and Zasto ne (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The challenges invite social activists and techies to create web-based tools to tackle local issues.

What is Your Favorite Social Action of 2008?

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Women for Women International supports women survivors of war in conflict and post-conflict areas (Afghanistan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Sudan). It can be anything: a volunteer opportunity, a donation, a petition, a protest, using less paper bags, or educating yourself about an issue.

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Nonprofit Technology News for May 2014

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it will be harder to assert the right for individuals to be forgotten on the Internet because of our First Amendment, however it will become an issue here. Our TechSoup Global partners there are also working hard on disaster relief in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia through the Community Boost r program and also a project called Mapa Poplava.

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