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TechSoup is hosting a free, interactive webinar on how to harness the power of social media to drive fundraising results on September 19. Istanbul, Turkey: Net2Ist Eylül Bulu?mas?: Wellington, New Zealand: Going green with social media - #net2welly Social Media Sept (1 of 3). Don’t have a local NetSquared Local group? What have NetSquared Local groups been up to recently?

My Trucker Boyfriend


November, 2010 Subject: Our Thanksgiving Turkey. Approach #1 Me: Do you know how most turkeys are treated in this country? Do you know that turkeys don't even eat this kind of corn? I thought we were talking about turkey. Approach #3 Me: Do you want to enjoy the best bird you've ever had in your life, raised by our neighbors, that tastes like the old-timey turkeys our ancestors ate? MTBF: We are EPA partners and have late model "green" trucks.