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"Press 2 for Chickens": Innovating African Radio Stations


Two years ago, Bev Clark, the co-founder of , was awarded a large grant in the Knight News Challenge for Freedom Fone, an open-source software platform for distributing news and information through interactive voice response (IVR) technology. . When listeners called, they were able to choose their language. Sullivan said that this dual language ability increased the complexity of the Freedom Fone interface quite a bit. . Melissa Ulbricht,

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Using Photography to Change the World: An Interview with Paola Gianturco

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And, at a time when the international women's movement is facing challenges, it would be great to have a reminder that good news is going on, that good work is being done, that progress is happening. A high school English teacher in Zimbabwe, whose name is Betty Makoni , began hearing stories from her students after school, that they had been raped. The children are ages 6-16, and they're making huge strides by leading a national movement against child rape in Zimbabwe.

Empowering Women Citizen Journalists: An Interview with Cristi Hegranes

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The Press Institute for Women in the Developing World is an international nonprofit organization and citizen journalism initiative. Cristi Hegranes: My name is Cristi Hegranes and I am the President and Founder of The Press Institute for Women in the Developing World which is an international nonprofit organization that was founded in order to train women in developing countries to become investigative reporters to report their own news.

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