Why (Almost) Every Nonprofit Should Be Using Google Ad Grants

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If you’re a nonprofit, chances are you’re eligible to find out through Google Ad Grants. . . What are Google Ad Grants? . The Google Ad Grants program is like Google AdWords, but for nonprofits. Apply to Google for Nonprofits. .

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Google Analytics for Nonprofits: The 3 Analytics Goals Every Nonprofit Must Track

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Google Analytics can seem daunting, especially for the smaller marketing team or the marketer with limited digital chops. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned Google Analytics pro who just needs a little validation right now. After all, your website is your biggest body of content.

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More Insecure Content Blocked By Google Chrome

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Beginning in January 2020, Google Chrome will start blocking more insecure elements on web pages. Website developers need to make adjustments to the site’s digital assets (the video, audio and images referred to earlier) to ensure they load properly.

5 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit’s Website Donor-Friendly

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They both have websites that do an admirable job of showcasing their impact. Nonprofits have websites in order to fundraise. Sure, websites serve plenty of other needs?—?e.g., And how can a website make charitable giving a given? So how accessible is your website?

The Ultimate Guide to the Google Ad Grant: 2020 Edition

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By Grant Hensel , CEO of Nonprofit Megaphone – an agency that specializes in Google Grant management for nonprofits. Nonprofit Megaphone is Google Certified and supports over 300 nonprofit clients. What is the Google Grant? Example Use Cases: Google Grant Case Studies.

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Overcoming Declining Nonprofit Website Traffic

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Blackbaud’s just-released Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits found nonprofit website traffic was down 14 percent in 2012 compared to 2011. Mobile: With the rise of mobile devices, websites not optimized for mobile devices could have seen fewer return visitors.

10 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Your website is the foundation upon which your digital communications and fundraising campaigns are built. How well your nonprofit’s email and social media campaigns perform depend upon how well your website is designed. Maximize your website’s sidebar.

Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Search Ranking Kill Your SEO?

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You’ve probably already noticed the “Mobile-friendly” designation in Google search results on your mobile phone. If not, here’s a screenshot from my iPhone: Google (along with Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Google’s New […]. Your Website Mobile-Friendly Website SEO

If Google were a nonprofit, what would its website look like?

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What makes a great nonprofit website? Think about it – why do all that hard work to drive traffic to your nonprofit’s website, only to have your visitors leave because they found it difficult to navigate or filled with irrelevant content? Google got it Right! Google.

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Is Your Nonprofit Website Ready for 2017?

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No matter your mission, having a website that inspires action is crucial to the continued advancement of your cause! Does your website provide an experience that converts interest into action? Is your website responsive?

Google Plus Video

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Google Plus, or Google+, can be a great tool. But how do you use it to help drive website hits to your organizations webpage? Specifically, Marc Pittman , noted author and speaker on nonprofits and technology, shares how Google Plus can benefit your organization. Marc wrote the book, Google Plus for Nonprofits. Please watch the short video and tell us what you think – link to the video: Google Plus for Nonprofits. How do you use Google Plus?

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Experts Weigh-In on Nonprofit Website Design Best Practices

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I often get asked questions about how a nonprofit’s website should look and behave and what benchmarking or evaluation tips I might have. And while I’m usually able to offer some general guidance, nonprofit website design best practices have never been my area of expertise.

Google Panda


Earlier this year, in February, Google launched its latest search update in the US: Google Panda (or the Farmer update.). The Panda update is said to have changed over 11% of Google’s search results. This advice is backed by Google.

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5 New Google Analytics Statistics For Nonprofits


Image courtesy of Google User Content. Google Analytics, where would I be without you?”. The website measurement and analytics tool serves as a dipstick into the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies, and into the effectiveness of your website as a whole.

Why Your Nonprofit Is Not Ranking on Google


The day or week after a website launch, someone will inevitably notice that they can’t find the site on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You know your website was indexed by the search engines, but it is listed on page 10 in Google – and no one will ever see it!

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3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Website Needs Responsive Design

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Did you know that organizations update their website, on average, every 2-4 years? While this seems to be quite frequent, and perhaps more often than some of you may like, if you think about your website in terms of technology, four years is a very long time!

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4 Step by Step Engagement Strategies for Nonprofit Websites

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” Organizations are always looking to attract more people to their cause and want their website and social media presence to support that goal. So, here I am contributing my own thoughts into the blogosphere on how to “build more engagement” on your nonprofit website.

6 Website Optimization Tips to Make Your Higher Education Institution Shine

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Your higher education institution likely has several goals and requirements in mind when building and maintaining your website. Your audience is used to polished, easy-to-navigate online spaces and a mediocre website negatively affects their perception of you.

What Google’s New Algorithm Really Means for Your Nonprofit

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Making your website responsive and/or mobile friendly will help you lose weight and cut your monthly mortgage payments! In a statement, Google said that site design alone will not improve rankings in search results.

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How to Measure Social Media Traffic on Your Website with Google Analytics (Video)

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This video will show you how to measure traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus using Google Analytics. Your Website Facebook google analytics google plus measurement Twitter

8 Tools to Help Manage Your Nonprofit Website

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You’ve got the usual list of suspects at your organization: the online engagement tool, a blog, social media platforms, and a website. Out of all of these tools, your website is getting the most visibility. A website is a bit like a car. This website will tell you just that.

4 Ways Nonprofits Can Turn Website Click Data into Actionable Steps

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Another type of click-throughs, website click-throughs, is still under the radar, though. Some nonprofits spend a lot of time on content and information architecture when redesigning their website. Tools like Google Analytics offer a ton of information. Google.

How to Design Your Nonprofit Website for Better User Experience

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3 Tips to Design Your Nonprofit Website for Better User Experience : 1. We make decisions based on research about who visits their website and why. Understand Behaviors: Do you know what your visitors are doing on your website right now?

Top 5 Essentials for Your Nonprofit Website

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As your nonprofit starts to build a new website, you may immediately run into questions or roadblocks. How should your website be structured? Website design is important , and leveraging the right web development features will help you navigate many of these questions.

Free Expert Webinar: Learn Google Analytics to Improve Your Website & Attract More Members

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Our next Expert Webinar will focus on two basic techniques with Google Analytics that will help you understand what is working and what is not with your Wild Apricot website, so you can sign up more members, raise more money and reach more people. Google Analytics Wild Apricot

5 Tips to Increase Donations with the Google Ad Grant

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5 Tips to Increase Donations with the Google Ad Grant. Getting the Google Ad Grant is step one, now you need to make sure your using it wisely to increase your donations. If your first question is whether the google ad grant scheme actually increases donations, the answers simple, yes.

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Google Analytics - Site Search

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This post is the fifth in an ongoing series about Google. If you’re not yet familiar with Google Analytics, it’s a free tool from. Google that you can add to your site to give you information about how. Author: Alissa Ruehl.

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The 5 Ways Your Nonprofit’s Website Generates Traffic


Driving web traffic to your nonprofit’s website is likely at the top of your to-do list. You’ve invested in it, consistently update the content, post to your blog, and market events through your website. Go ahead and Google it.”. Google.

Nonprofit Website Usability


This week, I attended a wonderful Denver Tech4Good session on how nonprofits can make their websites more usable and easier to navigate. Do a user test of the VisionLink website and see how we are utilizing tips from this post to improve our organization''s site!

Top 20 Best WordPress Plugins for Nonprofit Websites

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Please join Chuck on October 29 for a webinar on how to prevent your WordPress website from getting hacked. The platform has grown into a powerful publishing tool where organizations of all sizes can extend their website’s capability. Guest Post Websites

Google+ Opens Up to NPOs

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Google+ finally is allowing charities (and businesses) to have their own pages on the Google+ platform. John Haydon has created a video explaining how to create a Google+ page for your website. Do you have a Google+ page for your agency? Education and Training Tools g+ Google Plus Tips Googleplus haydon kanterNo more work arounds. Beth Kanter has already started pulling together a circle of all charities who have a page.

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Top 4 Web Hosting Providers for Your Nonprofit’s WordPress Website

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By Chuck Spidell , founder of ILLUSIO and a WordPress Strategist committed to helping nonprofits get their websites unstuck and moving forward. In this article, you’re going to learn about four web hosting providers that your nonprofit should consider using if your website uses WordPress.

5 Key Ways to Optimize Your Institution’s Website

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Your higher education institution likely has several goals and requirements in mind when building and maintaining your website, from student prospecting and news and events, to academics and advancement. A good SEO strategy should help drive serious traffic to your website.

Easy B2B Tips for Google+ Users


Businesses often use Google+ to connect with target audience members but forget it’s also a useful tool to gain prominence among peers in the marketplace. Use Google Circles to Create Personas. One of the primary goals of using Google+ for B2B purposes is to demonstrate authority.

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7 Easy Fixes to Get Your Nonprofit Ranking Higher on Google

John Haydon

The post 7 Easy Fixes to Get Your Nonprofit Ranking Higher on Google appeared first on John Haydon. Your Website ranking higher on google Search Engine Optimization SEO wordpress I’m sure you’ve heard a thing or two about search engine optimization (SEO).

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Why Google’s Algorithm Update Was a Good Thing for Nonprofits

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Google’s recent mobile algorithm update has been a very good thing for nonprofits. But it has forced them to take a closer look at their mobile experience and how well their website is optimized for search engines, also known as SEO.

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6 Must-Haves for Your Nonprofit Website

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Now more than ever, a sleek and functional website is essential to your nonprofit’s brand. But we’ve got you covered: here are six elements that will lure donors to your website and keep them there once they arrive.

5 Reasons Your Board Should Switch to Google Drive

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Setting up Google Drive is a simple way to share all this information. Also, some folders, such as those containing the 990s, bylaws, and approved minutes, can be linked to the nonprofit’s website to make the organization more transparent to the public.

BREAKING: Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1


From the Official Google Blog : We launched Google Reader in 2005 in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader.

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Google+ Icons For Your Website, Blog, and e-Newsletter

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A “Google+ icons&# search in Google Images reveals numerous free Google+ icons available for download, however most are embedded in images files. Many of you have to tools to extract and crop the icons for your website, blog, and e-newsletter, but for those of you that don’t, simply right-click on the Google+ icon in the right-hand column of this blog for an icon that is 64 pixels x 64 pixels. 10 Free Beautiful Sets of Google+ Icons.

Your Website Health Check: Part 1


When was the last time you stood back and tried to evaluate the performance of your organisations website? To get started, pull all of the key staff members responsible for the website together for few minutes and consider: What are they key goals of your organisation?

Being Human: Google’s New API Solves an Internet Annoyance

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As long as there have been websites, there have been tools in place to keep those sites safe from spam and hacker abuse. Google recently unveiled their “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” feature that works on a simple and logical premise: it just asks users whether or not they’re robots.

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Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Currently Google+ is only available to invited individuals. Finally, Google+ Entity Profiles will launch after the release of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits , so please consider this blog post a supplement to the book. Sign up for a Google Account.