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Google Media = Nonprofit Grants, Blogs, Video and Maps Galore

Connection Cafe

The session covered four different programs Google offers at no cost to the nonprofit community. Google AdWords. Free domain mapping.

Google Launches Google for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you work for a nonprofit, the program provides your organization with several new benefits. Full Disclosure: Google is a Zoetica client.).

Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Your first step is to create a Google Account and then set up your personal Google Profile (which also becomes your Google+ Profile).

HOW TO: Merge Your Nonprofit’s YouTube Channel and Google+ Page

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Google’s strategy of making Google+ the thread that links all Google Products together is working.

Content Strategy, Creation, Organization, and Measurement

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Her team members use both a Google spreadsheet, Google Cal and Jira to manage it all. They talk through all the various components.

How to Use Google AdWords to Get Free Money

NonProfit Hub

Free money doesn’t exist, but thanks to Google, free advertising can exist for your nonprofit. Using Google AdWords. Application.

Is Your Nonprofit using Google’s Free AdWords Grant?


As a part of Google Grants, qualifying nonprofits can earn a free advertising budget of up to $10,000 each month to use on AdWords to help promote their website and cause. Others that do know, don’t understand how easy it is to get and use a Google AdWords Grant. Is Your Nonprofit using Google’s Free AdWords Grant?

New on SSIR: A New Tool for Digital Storytelling

Amy Sample Ward

So how can social good organizations take advantage of an innovative tool like this? Do you have a hyperlocal online network/space?

How to Use Google AdWords to Get Free Money


We’ve updated one of our most popular blog posts because Google has updated their process. How to Use Google AdWords to Get Free Money.

Are you ready for Google’s next search algorithm update?

Beaconfire Wire

Because as of April 21st, Google will expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. Thanks Google.

Do Social Better with Google Analytics: How to Use Advanced Segments to Track Social Media Performance


By Cary Lenore Walski, Technology Education and Outreach Coordinator, MAP TechWorks. When you think of the concept of the “social” website, Google Analytics -- the numbers nerd quietly tabulating traffic in the background on your site -- doesn’t immediately leap to mind. And Google said, “Let there be light.”. Bounce rate, (e.g.,

Great reads from around the web on February 1st

Amy Sample Ward

Official Google Blog: Explore museums and great works of art in the Google Art Project – Take yourself on an art tour using Google Maps! "One "One of the things I love about working at Google is that you can come up with an idea one day and the next day start getting to work to make it a reality.

36 Useful Apps & Online Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

VivaVideo Pro :: Google Play. Mapme is a web-based platform for creating, sharing, and embedding online maps. Social Media Tools.

Tools 61

DIY Social Media Management

Amy Sample Ward

Track your organization and your cause. Create a shared tracking space for your team or whole organization. Content Map.

Sierra Club Uses SMS Campaign to Map Environmental Support

Mobile Commons

They used the resulting geographic data to build a map that shows the responses. How Mapping Can Help Your Organization.

Tech Across Your Org: Technology Leadership at a Small Organization


As a senior staff member for my organization, I don’t have the time or expertise to learn every API call. You know your organization.

Org 22

Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions

3rd Sector Labs

You can find a lot of help via Google searches. You stop and review your map again. That depends on your organization’s structure.

Data 28

World Water Day: The key to sustainability is data

Amy Sample Ward

While there are many, many organizations working on water-related issues all around the world, there’s one I want to highlight: Water for People.

Mobile Mapping: 7 Ways to get your audience involved

Mobile Commons

Enter WNYC, Jim Colgan and their mobile mapping project. Using a Google Fusion Table, we plotted all the submissions on a map. After the success of the WNYC mobile mapping project, Jim has gotten creative with using mobile mapping to engage audiences. And happy mapping! via ). via ).

Technology Toolbox: Learn from Occupy Wall Street to Occupy YOUR Street

Amy Sample Ward

Be as we have seen in events around the world, the revolution will be tweeted, photographed, mapped and posted to our status. Maybe not.

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Great reads from around the web on April 23rd

Amy Sample Ward

One of the findings that stood out to us: Only 40% of respondents reported that their organization has some type of formal technology plan. And much less than that (22%) reported that their organization had ever evaluated Return on Investment (ROI) of technology projects or programs." Change the internet?

Google Maps: Seek and Hide | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

On a recent project, Beaconfire worked with Share Our Strength to develop a Google Map for their Great American Dine Out campaign. Why?

Great reads from around the web on August 23rd

Amy Sample Ward

" Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. … Part 1: T… – Lithosphere Community – "Michael was voted a 2010 Influential Leader by CRM Magazine for his work on predictive social analytics and its application to Social CRM. Google+), and talk about their behavioral implications.'" Introducing WebAPI

Two ways to make your own Google map | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

There are two ways to create custom Google maps. Google also offers a user-friendly My Maps interface. Long Live IE6!


Online Benchmark Reveals Key Insights for Nonprofits in 2017

Connection Cafe

While fundraising involves a lot of common sense and experience, data should be the points on the map that guide our decisions. Giving USA.

Cool! Embeddable Maps | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Embeddable Maps Posted Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 at 5:47 pm by Eric (25 posts) View Larger Map You can now embed a Google map in your blog or webpage.

3 Easy Ways to Amplify Your Welcome Series for New Supporters

Connection Cafe

Last month we wrote about the 3 steps to creating a Welcome Series to effectively onboard new constituents to your organization. Make sense?

Putting Caribbean Projects on the (Google) Map | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

While most of us have gotten over Google putting small town America on the map??in Although, Google??s Long Live IE6! that??s

NetCentric Advocacy: Google LatLong: YouTube-style Embeddable Maps

Network-Centric Advocacy

Home Green Media Toolshed Profile Twitter Shared Links Subscribe Archives « Food Fight from the Makers of Ham Solo | Main | Peace Primary: No consultants: No media message machines » August 30, 2007 Google LatLong: YouTube-style Embeddable Maps OK.10 ways having maps will be useful to advocacy groups.

Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL -

AFP Blog

Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL - : "In response, disaster relief organizations are creating mobile apps and better leveraging technologies like geographic information systems (GIS) and social media to improve their reach and services. via Blog this

Map 2

Haiti Earthquake: Orphans, Crisis Mapping, and Tech Volunteers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Our town of Jakmel (also spelled Jacmel if you want to Google it) has been largely destroyed and our AIDS orphanage is constructed out of cement.

6 Tips For Creating Better Charts With Your Nonprofit’s Data


Don’t limit your organization to the same old pie chart used in every report. Image courtesy of CraigConnects. Visual communication.

Chart 64

NetCentric Advocacy: Local Live: MSN Attack at Google Maps: WOW

Network-Centric Advocacy

Can I make my map points available to the world.yes. PLay around with the map and then the birds eye view which are taken from ariel shots. Can I make my map points available to the world.yes. PLay around with the map and then the birds eye view which are taken from ariel shots. This is nutty cool. This is nutty cool.

Great reads from around the web on July 18th

Amy Sample Ward

Mapping Trends in Philanthropy « – "Philanthropy is changing, and I want to contribute to creating the best of all possible worlds for the social sector. Today, I’m launching a series on Mapping Trends in Philanthropy, to share what I am learning and invite a conversation with leaders in the field.

Defining a Nonprofit Website's Google Analytics KPIs (Part 2)


In part 1 of this series, we discussed how to correctly install your Google Analytics. This is the most important part of your web analytics.

For Goodness Shake: The App That Matches Your Passion With A Nonprofit Near You

Connection Cafe

The app is available for free at the App Store and Google Play. Have you heard of #GivingTuesday ? Traveling and want to search near home?

Typhoon Haiyan: How to Help with Recovery Efforts

Tech Soup Blog

Relief organizations and first-responders are mobilizing to provide aid to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Unicef.

Because of You Google Maps Show Live Traffic Reports for Back Roads

Network-Centric Advocacy

The thinking behind the Google Map service is the way every allied organizer should be thinking. The basic concept behind the way they build information on the map is exactly the way distributed advocacy and social change movements MUST be organizing. What are the traffic jams of social change?

NetCentric Advocacy: Google crowdsourcing Indian maps: good idea to copy at Stephenson blogs on homeland security 2.0 et al.

Network-Centric Advocacy

Video Share | Main | The best Seller vs. the knock off campaign » August 02, 2007 Google crowdsourcing Indian maps: good idea to copy at Stephenson blogs on homeland security 2.0 I have been saying the same thing around on other data (wish I could get the million users.hint hint google.) et al.

7 Social Media Toolsets for 2016 by @jeremycaplan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

He has organized clusters of tools around different concepts of use that a social media professional might need. Most are free or low cost.