Green Technology Summit Heads to Europe (and It's Kind Of a Big Deal)

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The events draw nonprofit and commercial refurbishers, environmentalists, policy makers, and green technology innovators, as well as international refurbishers who offer a global view of electronics refurbishing and recycling.

TechSoup French Partner Leads the Way to Sustainable Tech

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There are very few charities I've come across that are as wide-ranging in their tech-for-good work as our French TechSoup Global partner, Ateliers du Bocage (ADB).

Traveling Postcards: Interview with Founder, Caroline Lovell

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I imagined women or girls who received cards might keep them in a place in her home, in a drawer, or on a shelf that would always remind her that she is cared for, and that she is a part of a much larger global community. We are always looking for facilitators on the ground, either individuals or organizations who would be willing to lead workshops with communities of women and girls who are isolated and disconnected from the larger global population.