Microsoft's Ecohero: How Sean Nicholson Is Saving the Earth

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These programs are one big reason why refurbishment is now a significant part of the global recycling industry. This interest may have been kindled when he was an ICT advisor to the government of Namibia before he came to Microsoft. He has created partnerships with the United Nations UNIDO and UNEP programs over the years to promote refurbishment in the developing world. You've heard of the Incredible Hulk and Green Lantern.

Nonprofit Technology News: 2013 Year in Review

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According TechSoup’s Global NGO Cloud Survey , cloud storage and back-up is one of the most useful cloud technologies out there. in Namibia is showing the way for providing Internet access in Africa. The Alliance For Affordable Internet was the latest big global digital inclusion project to launch this year to find new ways to bring affordable Internet to low-income people. Find my piece, “ Will Facebook’s Bridge the Global Digital Divide?

Why Building Resilient Networks Matter

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Up and down the nation’s most densely populated corridor it caused damage currently estimated at $50 billion. This puts New York City’s economic disparity on par with places like Sierra Leone or Namibia. Undoubtedly, the inequities in who bears the brunt of climate change will play out in similar ways on the larger global stage. As we reflect on Sandy and its implications for the future of our country, we also need to consider the impacts of climate change on poor nations.