Blockchain for Impact: Blockchain Revolution Global Event Wrap-Up

Beth Kanter

Blockchain for Impact: Blockchain Revolution Global Event Wrap-Up – Guest Post . For background on blockchain and why it matters for nonprofits and NGOs, this Thrive Global article, Blockchain Positive Impact: Social Enterprise and Nonprofits , provides use cases and a brief technology overview.). BlockchainRevGlobal (@rev_global) April 25, 2019. After a successful kickoff and two-day run, the Blockchain Revolution Global conference is coming to an end.

SOCAP: The Market at the Intersection of Money and Meaning

Tech Soup Blog

“The market at the intersection of money and meaning” by the way is SOCAP’s tagline. In June, the Stanford Social Innovation Review published a two-part piece by TechSoup Global Founder and Chief Instigator, Daniel Ben-Horin. She said that it generates more electricity at a lower cost than lead-acid and lithium ion batteries. which is their global pro bono service that connects NGOs and social enterprises with the best law firms around the world.

Interview with Jodie Van Horn of Freedom from Oil and Plug-in Bay Area

Have Fun - Do Good

So we are looking at finding batteries that hold a charge for a long period of time, that give people the extended range that they need to do their commuting, and new technology such as the lithium ion battery have the potential to do that, but right now they are very expensive because automakers haven't invested the R&D money into those battery technologies to really stimulate the change that is needed for them to be able to use those batteries in the application of the plug-in hybrid.