Microsoft's Ecohero: How Sean Nicholson Is Saving the Earth

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These programs are one big reason why refurbishment is now a significant part of the global recycling industry. Access to the Internet and computers is still a serious issue for most people in the developing world and even the U.S. This interest may have been kindled when he was an ICT advisor to the government of Namibia before he came to Microsoft. You've heard of the Incredible Hulk and Green Lantern. But you've probably never heard of this green superhero.

Nonprofit Technology News: 2013 Year in Review

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It allows charities to get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere there is Internet on many kinds of devices - PCs, Macs, and mobile devices of various kinds. According TechSoup’s Global NGO Cloud Survey , cloud storage and back-up is one of the most useful cloud technologies out there. Big Data and the Internet of Things. Like my colleague Jane Zhang at TechSoup Canada , I pegged the Internet of Things (IoT) as something to watch this year.

Why Building Resilient Networks Matter

Beth Kanter

They had no internet access and – most distressingly for me – no phone service at all. This puts New York City’s economic disparity on par with places like Sierra Leone or Namibia. Undoubtedly, the inequities in who bears the brunt of climate change will play out in similar ways on the larger global stage. Note from Beth: I’ve wrote about the importance of building resilience in networks given the complex and connected environment we live in today.