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Mr. Jim Goes to Washington (and New York, and Nairobi, and Seoul, and Kampala, and Boston…)

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Like many other leaders of nonprofit organizations, I travel an unreasonable fraction of the time. It’s the week of the United Nations General Assembly and the Clinton Global Initiative. I recently hit three million lifetime miles on American Airlines.

Adobe Creative Cloud Giveaway for Nonprofits at 17NTC!

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We have a special contest give-away in store at this year's Nonprofit Technology Conference: a free year-long subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. Sponsored by TechSoup Global, 435 Brannan St., Dispute Resolution/Governing Law/Waiver of Jury Trial.

Adobe 56

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Mission Possible: Tell Us Your Symantec Story and Win Prizes!

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Symantec helps nonprofits make their mission possible. What is your nonprofit's mission? Now is the time to send in your nonprofit's story! Sponsored by TechSoup Global (" Sponsor "), 435 Brannan St., government (" U.S.

Mobile Storytelling: An Evolving Story


Daum Communication , a leading internet services provider in Korea offers a map service with a streetview option, much like Google Maps does in the States. Zooming out, it’s the tragic story of the Korean War and the subsequent division of Korea.