The Most Generous Online Giving Cities in the U.S.

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according to Blackbaud’s most recent Charitable Giving Report. For many years now Blackbaud has published data on the most generous online giving cities in the United States. Wichita. Wichita Falls.

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New Tips from the Giving Day Playbook on Crowdfunding Campaigns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: I’m working with the Knight Foundation to facilitate a peer learning exchange that will help their community foundation partners learn and spread best practices in planning and implementing Giving Days. What’s the best way to recruit and train volunteers on a Giving Day?

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Socialnomics Book Report

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That means if you are a horse organization in Wichita and “horses, Wichita” doesn’t bring you up wicked fast, kiss those web visitors goodbye. “The concern is whether the can give their loyal fans something to pass on that makes them (loyal fans) look cool.”

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Remembering Eunice Kennedy Shriver

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As a collegiate baseball player in Wichita, KS, I volunteered at a local event and became hooked. She didn’t just talk about giving she took action and inspired others. Don’t be afraid to take a hands-on approach to giving and making a difference in the world around you - you (one person) are capable of making the world a better place. Author: Tad Druart. This morning I received a Wall Street Journal alert and saw the “Eunice Kennedy Shriver.”