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iFixit’s Basic Phone Repairs that Most of Us Can Do

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In the last 10 years, iron ore production has increased by 180%, cobalt by 165%, and lithium by 125%. The newest generation is significantly less repairable than its predecessors, which means that a broken screen on the S5 will be much harder to repair. And if you know how to fix something we don’t, take a few pictures and start a repair guide of your own. greentech PC refurbishment mobile phone repair reuse smartphones iFixit

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Interview with Jodie Van Horn of Freedom from Oil and Plug-in Bay Area

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They were extremely successful in generating the support of politicians all over the country. We're also working with those cities on generating some demonstration projects. What we're trying to do is generate enough support to indicate that we need these announcements out of the auto industry to translate into something tangible. In September 2006, Marin County soft ordered 22 Plug-in Hybrids Electric Vehicles.