Community Science Workshops and Shared Authorship of Space: Interview with Emilyn Green

Museum 2.0

I sat down with Emilyn Green, Executive Director of the Community Science Workshop Network , to learn more about their history, design, and engagement strategy. Dan was living in the Mission neighborhood, which at the time was very kid-dense, mostly first-generation immigrants, and Dan noticed that when he was messing around in his garage with physics gadgets, he could not keep the kids in his neighborhood out of his garage. Imagine the most community-based science center possible.

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How Cell Phones and Tablets Enable Telework

Tech Soup Blog

There is a ton of info on how telework helps the environment and is considered part of green technology. As an example, the National Science Foundation (NSF) found that by not commuting, each NSF teleworker reclaims an average of 62 hours of their lives back and saves $1,201 a year. Extrapolating those savings across the agency, NSF teleworkers each year collectively spare the environment more than 1 million pounds of emissions and save more than $700,000 in commuting costs.

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Cyberinfrastructure: What is it? What does it mean?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Back in the early 1990s, I was "hoisting" web pages onto the Internet with a colleague David Green who worked at the New York Foundation for the Arts on the Arts Wire project. This unwieldy new word connotes the combination of a whole new generation of computing power, massive online data resources and new capabilities for online working collaboration with peers.

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