[White Paper] The Peer to Peer Fundraising Technology Landscape


As the Internet and technology have continued to evolve, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns have become more sophisticated. Check the paper out here. by Mark Becker, Founding Partner, Cathexis Partners. ————-.

[WHITE PAPER] Steal Like a Fundraiser: Innovations in Cause-Oriented Fundraising for Associations


But there are some areas where we lag, and where other industries, for instance charitable fundraisers, do things better than we do. Fundraisers are experts at doing all of those things. Steal This Idea! Associations don’t always have all the answers (we know, you’re shocked).

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A Closer Look at Giving Contests: Free White Paper Examines "Give to the Max DC"


You know about integrated fundraising campaigns. In a new white paper, " How Giving Contests Can Strengthen Nonprofits and Communities ", long-time NTEN Member Geoff Livingston takes a look at the next level: coordinated integration.

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The Essence of Fundraising Ethics at Year-End

Connection Cafe

With just weeks remaining in 2016, many fundraisers will adopt the stance, “Ask early, ask often, and ask boldly.” It’s the time of year when we really crank up the volume (quantity and intensity) of our fundraising messages, knowing that how the year ends will greatly impact 2017.

Recipes For A Successful Fundraising Moment

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In a previous blog posts from my friend, colleague and all around wonderful human Adva Priso, she laid out three steps to creating a fundraising moment for your organization. . Create your fundraising moment. . Advocacy Nonprofit fundraising

Maximizing Multichannel Fundraising for Higher Education

Connection Cafe

If you haven’t watched fundraising expert Joe Garecht’s Heating Up Multichannel Fundraising webinar or read his Raising Money through Multichannel Communications white paper, we highly recommend you do so. Tip 1: Master your direct mail fundraising.

Five Ways to Become a Better Fundraising Professional

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The more I engage with clients the more I find myself wishing I knew what I know now when I was on the fundraising staff at a nonprofit. It is easy to be overwhelmed so I recommend you are strategic in your learning: Five Things You Can Do To Become a Better Fundraising Professional.

5 Important Higher Ed Fundraising Truths for FY2020

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With the future in mind, I think there are five fundraising truths that are especially urgent to understand as higher education fundraising leaders set the course for FY2020. It’s Time to Adopt a Coordinated Multichannel Approach to Fundraising.

Using Social Media Increases Fundraising by 40% [Study]


Knowing that non-profit supporters around the world have been adopting the use of social networking in their daily lives we set out to figure out if the use of social networks had any impact on personal or peer-to-peer fundraising. This resulted in increased fundraising results by up to 40%.

Independent Fundraising Event Trends


Blackbaud and Event 360 have released a new white paper based on a joint research project to better understand the common denominators of a successful programmatic approach to third-party fundraising. Independent fundraising events (IFE) are activities designed and run by volunteers to raise money on behalf of a specific nonprofit organization.

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The Effectiveness of Celebrity Spokespeople in Social Fundraisers


Which means Social fundraising (peer-to-peer fundraising with a social media twist) is gaining more traction and attention. One Part Social Fundraising, One Part Celebrity Endorsement. Do Celebrity Spokespeople Make for Good Fundraisers?

Lesson 1: Removing Yourself from the Fundraising Equation

Connection Cafe

Hopefully you’re caught up on my path to fundraising enlightenment and the Four Noble Truth’s of Fundraising. Meaning my reality is based on my perception of life, of the world, of fundraising. Do your participants think your event is a fundraiser?

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5 Free Non-profit Reports and Resources

Wild Apricot

Here is a round-up of five free reports, white papers and e-books offering insight on fundraising, resource-raising and mobile phone usage.( Donor management E-mail marketing Fundraising researchread more ).

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 151: The Foundations of Effective Talent Management

Connection Cafe

Today’s episode features an excerpt from part one of a three-part Blackbaud webinar about how better talent management can up your fundraising game featuring Eric Bowman, talent manager at Texas A&M Foundation. Webinar Series: How Better Talent Management Can Up Your Fundraising Game.

Selecting your FIRST technology vendor | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Strategy Selecting your FIRST technology vendor 04.01.06 | 30 No Comments [link] Selecting+your+FIRST+technology+vendor 2006-04-01+05%3A07%3A57 Allan+Benamer NPower posted a white paper on February 22, 2006 to Techsoup called Selecting the Right Technology Vendor. Unfortunately, the paper is pretty useless in helping the smaller nonprofit select its FIRST technology vendor. NPower’s paper simply continues that trend.

Five Reasons Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Sustained Giving Program

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What does matter, though, is making it an integral part of your fundraising mix. As fundraising consultant Harvey McKinnon points out in the book Hidden Gold , sustainers outperform one-time givers when it comes to long-term value. It will decrease your fundraising costs.

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Advocates Seven Times More Likely to Donate Money to a Cause


If you’re looking for ways to integrate your advocacy and fundraising efforts and discover best practices to optimize advocacy appeals that lead to increased response rates and fundraising, this new white paper, “ Connecting Online Advocacy and Fundraising ,” co-authored by Blackbaud, M+R Strategic Services, and Amnesty International USA is a must read! Advocacy Blackbaud Net Community event fundraising events fundraising events Online Fundraising

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3 Reasons Why Your Participants Aren’t Raising Enough Money


Blackbaud and the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council recently conducted the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Consumer Survey where we asked people who’ve participated in at least one run, walk or ride event in the past two years to answer a series of questions online.

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The Importance of Collaborative Benchmarking in the Nonprofit Sector

Connection Cafe

Most importantly, this white paper is accompanied by a survey for organizations and social good professionals to share how they understand the value of benchmarking within their work. Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Management Blackbaud Institute collaborative benchmarking nonprofit benchmarkingThe nonprofit community is always eager to do one thing: learn from each other.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Fundraising Results You Really Want, Building Emerging Leaders, and Life After Websites.

Connection Cafe

Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights: Gail Perry is already setting you up for fundraising success in 2015. Care2 and Parachute Digital teamed up to create a White Paper explaining how your organization can acquire and “on-board” digitally savvy supporters.

How To Use Microsoft Technology To Supercharge Your Fundraising

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

SOS Children’s Villages International uses cloud technology to help fundraise for children in need. Note From Beth: I am thrilled to host this guest post from Microsoft Philanthropies General Manager that showcases examples of digital transformation and fundraising.

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2009 Year-End Fundraising Guide


Is your nonprofit sending out 8-10 online fundraising appeals this holiday season? According to Mark Rovner and Alia McKee of Sea Change Strategies who led the recent webinar Procrastinator’s Guide to Year-End Fundraising with Kathryn Powers of Conservation International and moderated by Eric Rardin of Care2 and Rebecca Higman of Network of Good, this tactic has been helping organizations raise a lot of money. Tags: Online Fundraising

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How to Keep Your Donors for Life

Connection Cafe

My colleague dedicated an entire white paper to this very topic: donors don’t know what kind of special love and attention is waiting for them at higher gift levels. Rachel leads fundraisers in monthly workshops to dramatically improve individual fundraising skills and results.

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Now Share This: Improving Your Event’s Social Media

Connection Cafe

As your event gets closer we should start seeing a variety of posts specifically aligned with your upcoming event or online fundraising campaign. Show your audience not only the date and how they can register, but feature other participant’s current fundraising success, share images from last year’s event to create, feature supporting sponsors, and give a sneak peak to incentives. Robyn Mendez provides some insight on Social Fundraising: Expanding Beyond the Fundraising Event.

Demystifying Credit Card Processing for Nonprofits :: PNNOnline ::

AFP Blog

Demystifying Credit Card Processing for Nonprofits :: PNNOnline ::: "Credit cards and other types of electronic payments are being used by more and more nonprofits to increase convenience for donors and improve fundraising results, but the types of accounts and their fees, as well as the myriad of solutions, can be confusing.A new white paper entitled 'Demystifying Credit Card Processing for

The Aunt Mabel Effect (a lesson from Digital Leap)


It would be tough to relay all the great new statistics, pointers, and tidbits I picked up at the conference, so I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite takeaway , nabbed from the session led by Ted Hart on Online Fundraising Success and Social Media.

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5 Ways to Become a Better Fundraising Professional

Tech Soup Blog

This guest post was authored by Nancy Palo, a senior consultant on Blackbaud's strategic services team with an emphasis on peer-to-peer fundraising. The more I engage with clients, the more I find myself wishing I knew what I know now when I was on the fundraising staff at a nonprofit. With that said, I decided I should write a series of blog posts with the hope that the lessons I have learned will make you a better fundraising professional, too.

The Fail-Safe Guide to Pitching Technology to Your Nonprofit Stakeholders

Connection Cafe

What they found is that as the economy continues to recover and online fundraising outpaces other development efforts, nonprofits are planning to invest more in their digital footprint. The timing couldn’t be better for nonprofits ready to explore technology investments because Blackbaud has just released the white paper, Making the Pitch to Nonprofit Leadership: How to Convey and Sell the Need to Invest in Fundraising Technology (I know it’s a mouth full!).

5 Essential Controls for Charities during the Holiday Giving Season

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The AICPA’s Not-for-Profit Section offers a number of resources, including a sample whistleblower policy, exclusive savings on an ethics hotline service and a white paper “An Ounce of Prevention: Combatting Fraud in Not-for-Profit Organizations” available in its resource library.

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How Can You Grow Your Sustained Giving Program?

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These auto-generated emails, configured in your online fundraising software, are often sent in appreciation of a gift. For more tips on sustained giving, click here to download the white paper: Sustaining Your Mission: How to Build and Maintain a Successful Recurring Giving Program.

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Rise of the Weblebrity

Connection Cafe

Last month PayPal and Zoetica Media announced a white paper about the effectiveness of celebrities in social media fundraising. In traditional fundraising, having great name recognition and devoted fans can generate increased awareness and raise funds if a celebrity cares about the cause and invests time. The paper includes multiple stories highlighting this phenomena. Author: Guest Blogger.

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3 Ways to Embrace Change and Shake the Status Quo at Your Organization

Connection Cafe

Many vendors have webinars and white papers available, and even if you’re not ready to buy, the information itself is worth your time. Nonprofit Technology Change Management Cloud Cloud based fundraising Financial Edge NXT nonprofit management Raiser''s Edge NXT

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How to Prepare Your Pitch for New Technology Investments

Connection Cafe

For a deeper dive into these key areas and an overall guide on how to make the case, click here to view the webinar on demand and don’t miss the accompanying white paper , Making the Case to Nonprofit Leadership: How to Convey and Sell the Need to Invest in Fundraising Technology , which is chock full of tips,research and how-to’s on selling the critical need for technology investment for your organization’s success.

NTEN Member Roundup: 2015 predictions, the future of fundraising, and why open data matters


Plus, Carolyn Appleton looks into a crystal ball and makes her fundraising predictions for 2015 and beyond. Wondering what the future of fundraising looks like? See3 has a new white paper that shares 9 insights on the future of fundraising, along with simple tips you can put into action immediately to improve your fundraising efforts. Check out the latest articles news and events from NTEN Members: What lies ahead for nonprofits in the coming year?

Break Down the Silos—For Real This Time


Editor’s note: This post is an excerpt from Heller Consulting’s white paper “Taking Engagement Seriously.” Click here to download the full white paper>> We know we need to do a better job of engaging with our supporters, but never before has that need been so urgent.

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Seven Steps to Ensuring a Successful Sustained Giving Program

Connection Cafe

Download the White Paper: Sustaining Your Mission: How to Build and Maintain a Successful Recurring Giving Program. Nonprofit Fundraising monthly giving payment processing Recurring Giving sustained givingYou know that sustained giving is important.

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12 Quick Hit Facts On Nonprofit Content Marketing


Of the nonprofits currently utilizing content marketing, they implement 11 different strategies including blogs, social media, newsletters, white papers, infographics and more! General Social Tech content marketing fundraising nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech social media

How Would Rate Your Prospect Management System? Part 1

Connection Cafe

You don’t have a formalized fundraising database. 2) If you have a tab or notes section in your fundraising software that allows you to enter in some free text data or add fields of data, then do it!

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Good News for Giving 2.0: Your Organization’s Champions Are Your Most Valuable Resource

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A new white paper “ The Effectiveness of Celebrity Spokespeople in Social Fundraisers ,” written by my former Zoetica colleagues, Geoff Livingston and Henry T. What does all this mean for your organization’s end of the year fundraising strategy?

The Agitator and Ask Amounts

Connection Cafe

I follow several nonprofit fundraising blogs, one of which is The Agitator, and this recent post about "ask amounts" on direct mail and fundraising forms caught my eye. Roger Craver classifies the conventional wisdom about ask strings as being akin to flat earth fundraising - and advocates for using a different paradigm when choosing how much to ask donors to give. Author: Sally Heaven.

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Non-Technology Trends for the CIO, 2014 Edition

Connection Cafe

For a refresher, my 2013 piece Non-Technology Trends for the CIO and a 2011 white paper for the Association of Fundraising Professionals on similar topics may be good places to start and worth a read as well.).

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Philanthropy and Social Media: New Whitepaper from The Institute for Philanthropy

Amy Sample Ward

Download the full white paper or share it using this link: [link] Below are notes from my remarks. Their Tweetsgiving campaigns were fundraisers benefiting Mama Lucy’s school in Tanzania and connected the students to their supporters through Twitter.

Understanding Charitable Tax Deduction Legislation

Connection Cafe

With the White House and Congress under control of the same political party, meaningful tax reform is a possibility for the first time since 1986. The charitable tax deduction is 100 years old. Yes, 100 years old.