3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Website Needs Responsive Design

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Did you know that organizations update their website, on average, every 2-4 years? While this seems to be quite frequent, and perhaps more often than some of you may like, if you think about your website in terms of technology, four years is a very long time!

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5 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit’s Website Donor-Friendly

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They both have websites that do an admirable job of showcasing their impact. Nonprofits have websites in order to fundraise. Sure, websites serve plenty of other needs?—?e.g., And how can a website make charitable giving a given? So how accessible is your website?

Best Practice Guide to Purposeful Website Wireframes

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According to Wikipedia, a wireframe is a “visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website” If you’re going through a design project, you’ll likely see wireframes after a user research phase and possibly a sitemap phase.

4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for End-of-Year Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

It’s a busy time for fundraising, which means you’re competing with a lot of other nonprofits and causes for their attention and support. Check out 5 Ways to Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising for more! End of Year nonprofit websites fundraising

Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Fundraising


As a nonprofit focused on fundraising, you’ve likely started making resolutions … Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design #nptech fundraising online giving web design websitesIt’s 2013.

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4 Step by Step Engagement Strategies for Nonprofit Websites

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” Organizations are always looking to attract more people to their cause and want their website and social media presence to support that goal. So, here I am contributing my own thoughts into the blogosphere on how to “build more engagement” on your nonprofit website.

Design a Fundraising Website For Your Audiences

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As you’re approaching the end of year fundraising, you are also comparing your … Acquisition Fundraising Retention Branding end of year fundraising web design

Should You Use Pop-Ups on Your Nonprofit Website?

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“ Why is it that everyone seems to complain about them but continue to be widely used on websites? We regularly track all of our nonprofit website designs –most of which include an entry pop-up–and track the calls to action within the modal windows.

The Best Non-Profit Fundraising Blogs and Websites of 2016

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A great list from Joe Garecht The Best Non-Profit Fundraising Blogs and Websites of 2016 : 'via Blog this'. NPBlogs

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Infographic: Redesigning Your Nonprofit Website


Your website is your nonprofit’s most important online asset. If all of this is true (it is) why do so many nonprofits neglect their websites and allow them to fall into disrepair? Tech nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech technology website

Top 5 Essentials for Your Nonprofit Website

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As your nonprofit starts to build a new website, you may immediately run into questions or roadblocks. How should your website be structured? Website design is important , and leveraging the right web development features will help you navigate many of these questions.

7 Tips to Increase Your Online Fundraising Success

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These days, supporters can donate instantly on computers, tablets and smart phones via your organization’s website, virtual appeals, text-to-give initiatives, apps and email. Here are a 7 tips for donation page optimizations to help you increase online fundraising success : 1.

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These 5 Website Mistakes Could be Costing You Donors


Online giving has seen consistent year over year growth, but 66% of nonprofits are worried that they are missing out on opportunities for digital fundraising. Once a visitor reaches your website, they decide whether to stay or leave within the first ten seconds.

Top 4 Web Hosting Providers for Your Nonprofit’s WordPress Website

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By Chuck Spidell , founder of ILLUSIO and a WordPress Strategist committed to helping nonprofits get their websites unstuck and moving forward. In this article, you’re going to learn about four web hosting providers that your nonprofit should consider using if your website uses WordPress.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Fundraising Results You Really Want, Building Emerging Leaders, and Life After Websites.

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Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights: Gail Perry is already setting you up for fundraising success in 2015. As Mitch Joel says in his post Life After Websites , ‘Facebook doesnt want to be one website or singular destination.

Online Fundraising - What Donors Want to See on Your Website

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Online Fundraising - What Donors Want to See on Your Website : It is tempting to think that websites are less important in this age of social media. But, as a recent report on young people revealed, the website may be more important than ever. Jakob Nielsen, a web page usability expert, has found that bad nonprofit website design results in fewer online donations

A Short, Recent History of Nonprofit Website Design and Online Fundraising

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Nonprofit website design and online fundraising have dramatically changed in recent years due to the rapid rise of social media and mobile communications. World Wildlife Fund Website :: March 15, 2008. Mobile Websites Online Fundraising Social Media Websites

Top 20 Best WordPress Plugins for Nonprofit Websites

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Please join Chuck on October 29 for a webinar on how to prevent your WordPress website from getting hacked. The platform has grown into a powerful publishing tool where organizations of all sizes can extend their website’s capability. Events, Fundraising and Donations.

Six Reasons Why Your Website Can Scare Donors

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The website of any nonprofit can be a core element in communication, providing a valuable tool to build and engage a community. Knowing how to present your cause and having a reliable website can boost your donations. By: Laura Iancu, 123ContactForm.

3 Tools for Designing Nonprofit Websites Like a Rockstar

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How do I know our redesign solves the website’s usability challenges? How do I measure the success of a website redesign after launch? . Tracking month-over-month online giving and monitoring your website traffic paints the picture of success with hard numbers.

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The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal.

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Think your website is not where donors look to be thanked? Think again.


Content Marketing Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design #nptech fundraising nonprofit websitesHow do your supporters want you to show your thanks?

The Fundraising Event Planning Checklist

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Fundraising events are an exciting and useful tool for exposing your mission to the community. Fundraisers allow you to bond with prospects and donors, whether it’s formal or informal, strengthening your relationship. The Fundraising Event Planning Checklist: 1.

Top 5 Content Management Systems Drive 62% of Nonprofit Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Recently, I dug under the web’s couch cushions to understand which content management tools nonprofits are currently using to manage their websites. How many are using a pure CMS like WordPress or ones with fundraising hooks like NetCommunity?

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8 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Website Unwelcoming to Potential Donors

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When someone visits your nonprofit’s website, it takes them just 5 seconds to: Learn your mission. As a sneak preview to the webinar, here are 8 ways to make your website visitors feel un welcome: Rely on words, not images, to describe your organization.

44 Ways to Turn Nonprofit Supporters into Fundraising Superstars

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Turning your supporters into fundraising superstars isn’t easy. It requires the right combination of fundraising expertise, engaged staff members, and savvy technology. So, how can you help supporters become fundraising superstars? Offer rewards for fundraising levels achieved.

8 Nonprofit Website Analytics to Find Gems From Your Web Engagement Data : FundRaising Success

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8 Nonprofit Website Analytics to Find Gems From Your Web Engagement Data : FundRaising Success : "8 Nonprofit Website Analytics to Find All the Gems From Your Web Engagement Data" ''via Blog this

Accessibility: 5 Lessons for a Better Nonprofit Website

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In early 2014, designer Darin Cavanaugh and myself conducted a study to discover the most serious accessibility problems facing nonprofit websites. We ran a series of “Please visit this website and make a gift” usability tests on nine different nonprofit websites.

DIY Fundraising – Easy Money for Your Nonprofit?

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“Do-it-yourself” (DIY) fundraising has long taken a back seat to more traditional run, walk, or ride fundraising events. No matter the reason, I’ve never heard more chatter about DIY fundraising than I have over the past year.

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The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

This October 31 st , it’s not ghosts and ghouls that most nonprofit fundraisers are worried about. Rising email spam rates Many nonprofits depend on email as the backbone of their digital fundraising programs. fundraising nonprofit tools

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Getting Started with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are popping up everywhere as they continue to grow in popularity. By now, most people have encountered several peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns whether they realize it or not. Peer-to-peer fundraiser. Peer-to-peer fundraiser. Donating to a friend’s Facebook Birthday Fundraiser ? Peer-to-peer fundraiser! sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 107: The State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. What Is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

10 Tips To Drive Your Nonprofit’s Website from Good to Great

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In today’s world, having a website is essential. For a nonprofit, it’s not only mandatory to have a website but to have a website that connects constituents to your cause. In the same way, every single website pixel should be thought of as shelf space to further your cause.

5 Ways to Keep Your Fundraising Strategy Fresh

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If you’re looking at your organization’s fundraising strategy and trying to find areas where you can improve it before the year-end rush, you’re in luck! With each new year comes improved technology and plenty of new ways to enhance your fundraising. Peer-to-peer fundraising.

5 Key Ways to Optimize Your Institution’s Website

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Your higher education institution likely has several goals and requirements in mind when building and maintaining your website, from student prospecting and news and events, to academics and advancement. A good SEO strategy should help drive serious traffic to your website.

Why Nonprofit Websites Are Dictated By Social Media


The post Why Nonprofit Websites Are Dictated By Social Media appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Fundraising Social Tech nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech social media technology website Social media has changed a lot about the nonprofit sector. From the way we communicate with constituents, recruit volunteers, and thank donors, to dictating our marketing budgets in some cases, social media matters now more than ever.

5 Ways To Instantly Enhance Your Nonprofit Website


In the past, we have discussed the importance of your nonprofit’s website, and generating traffic to it. According to a study conducted by The Millennial Impact , 75% of millennial donors would be ‘turned off’ by an outdated website. Mobile Tech nonprofit nonprofit technology website

10 Great Nonprofit Websites and How To Improve Yours

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Check out these 10 examples of excellent nonprofit’s websites for tips on how to improve your own. Your website is the centre of your nonprofits online presence. In this article, we run through how these 10 nonprofits got the tricky business of making a website right.

Online Fundraising Success = Mobile Website + Emotional Stories

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Stories are the most effective weapon in your fundraising arsenal. The post Online Fundraising Success = Mobile Website + Emotional Stories appeared first on John Haydon. Your WebsiteBy a landslide. Why stories?

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Blogging Advice, Better Websites, and Email Marketing Stats

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Mentioned this week in the Agitator , SOFII has become the treasury of the Jerry Huntsinger’s direct mail fundraising advice. Take a gander at The Huntsinger Tutorials and get insight into everything you need to know about direct mail fundraising. I can’t believe it.

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Why Pop-Ups Should Be Part of Your Online Fundraising

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Are you annoyed by those pop-up boxes that suddently appear on some websites? Does that mean your nonprofit website should avoid them? But to convert more website visitors to donors during a campaign, a strong ask is needed. people who immediately leave a website).

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11 Responsively Designed Nonprofit Websites to Study and Learn From

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Your nonprofit must now assume that the majority of website and blog content you share on social networks is being read on a mobile device and if that content is not mobile compatible, then any attempt to inspire a followerer or fan to donate or get more involved will fail.

How Are Your Participants Fundraising Online?

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In my previous posts, I shared how NEXT Worldwide and AIDS Arms encourage their participants to use centralized fundraising tools, but how do you know if your participants are using these tools? Are your participants personalizing their fundraising page with their own story and image?

Designing Your Event Website: A Little Bling Goes A Long Way

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What’s in a website? You may not be thinking about your website as an acquisition piece or figuring it into your strategy for growing your event. How can you make a good impression on your event website? Cycle for Survival’s website is a great example of this.

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