Community Impact: Using Patient Data to Measure Program Success

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Peer to Peer Fundraising: How Do You Measure Up?

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Peer to peer fundraising events like runs, walks and rides have become a staple for nonprofit fundraisers, and often bring in more revenue than any other fundraising campaign throughout the year.

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Measuring ROI in Multichannel Fundraising

NonProfit Trends

Measuring ROI in multichannel fundraising campaigns can be a lot of work, but … Fundraising Industry Trends Research & Trends multichannel fundraising ROI

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3 Big Fundraising Metrics Your Nonprofit Absolutely Needs to Measure

John Haydon

And which fundraising metrics should you measure? The post 3 Big Fundraising Metrics Your Nonprofit Absolutely Needs to Measure appeared first on John Haydon. Online FundraisingBeing “data-driven” is easier said than done. But where do you start?

How to Measure Your Prospect Management System

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Once you have consistent and relevant prospect data at your disposal, what should you measure? Fundraising Success & Performance Identifying Prospects metrics Prospect Managment

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5 Steps To Simple Nonprofit Performance Measurement


Big data and robust analytic measuring tools have enabled this revolution to go from a pipe dream to reality in only a few short years. Everyone wants to compare the success of their organization to a measurable analytic. Start measuring, and reporting. Keep measuring.

Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Program

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A few months ago, I facilitated a mini-innovation lab on measuring impact for grantees of the Google Nonprofit program at the Impact Hub. The group included a mix of Google grantees as well as measurement professionals. Create a roadmap for measuring your financial + social impact.

AI-Driven Fundraising Campaigns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Network For Good hosted a virtual conference today called “ Fundraise Like Netflix: Engaging Donors in a Subscription-Driven World ,” that included several hours of online presentations about strategy and tools for getting repeat donors. AI4Good Experimentation Measurement

Return on Mission: A Framework to Measure Success at Philanthropic Organizations

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If we continue trying to measure social change by financial criteria alone, we’ll never have full view of the inputs and processes necessary to create lasting impact. However, we shouldn’t rely on for-profit output measures to paint a complete picture of nonprofit success.

Recipe for (Measuring) Success

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Recipe for (Measuring) Success. If you’ve got an event (or many events) taking place this fall, and are using an online fundraising tool like TeamRaiser, you are probably up to your elbows in reports as well. Multiply by 100 and you have your percentage of fundraisers.

KPIs, Metrics, and Benchmarks – Oh My!…How to Measure Your Year-end Campaigns

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Tis the time of year when end-of-year campaigns are in full swing and metrics, measurement, and benchmarks are top of mind. There are A LOT of ways to measure a campaign's success, let's look at a few. Campaigns Metrics & Measurement Planning end of year fundraising

How Can My Nonprofit Get Started with Measurable Advocacy?

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How can advocacy make a measurable difference for your organization? And since advocacy often involves coalitions, it can be difficult to measure who owns the success—or quite possibly the failure—of initiatives. Does Advocacy Help with Fundraising?

Your Fundraising Decision Making Yardstick: Recruit-Retain-Reactivate

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As a fundraiser, it’s easy to be envious of the colleague from another organization who gets to be “Fun Fundraiser,” dabbling in—or spending all day perfecting—the innovative side of fundraising. But I can’t forget the bottom line: I am a fundraiser, and I must raise funds.

19 Proven Fundraising Ideas from Nonprofit Experts


If you’re looking for Fundraising Ideas you’ve come to the right place. The npEXPERTS e-book includes Forbes’ most influential, top bloggers, CFRE/ACFREs, animal lovers and association pros, pioneers and innovators, peer-to-peer fundraisers, and direct response agitators all in one place.

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Social Media with M+R: How to Measure the Metrics that Matter


Through her work with clients like the Wildlife Conservation Society and her love of (math) problem solving, Amy has picked up a lot of wisdom + I wanted to better understand her process for approaching a social media campaign and measuring its efficacy. It's not enough to measure "likes" for every post and assume the ones with more had the most impact. Measuring beyond "likes".

Resilient Fundraising with One Focus: Caring for Our Supporters

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What should be the focus of our fundraising during this time of crisis? So yes, focus on how to help people feel better in each fundraising communication. Learn more in the free webinar on resilient fundraising hosted by Blackbaud Nonprofit Solutions! .

Announcing Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Book

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Keo Savon, the young Cambodian woman supported by Measuring Networked Nonprofit book royalties. We are honored to have Laura Arrillaga-Andreeseen, Author of Giving 2.0 , write the foreword and it articulates from the donor perspective why nonprofits need to embrace measurement and learning.

The Fundraising Event Planning Checklist

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Fundraising events are an exciting and useful tool for exposing your mission to the community. Fundraisers allow you to bond with prospects and donors, whether it’s formal or informal, strengthening your relationship. The Fundraising Event Planning Checklist: 1.

The Time Has Come to Reinvent Fall 2020 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded across the world, nonprofit fundraisers have been required to take one of three actions for their spring peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P) campaigns : cancel, postpone, or take it virtual. Three Reinvented Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns.

Redefining Measurement and Value


Senior Fundraising Consultant. Generations of fundraisers have been trained to measure success around one specific metric—revenue. While the interpretation may vary; gross vs. net revenue, campaign ROI, long term value, the driver for fundraising tends to be oriented around campaign revenue and progress toward overall budget. There are other ways to measure success, and it depends on changing the idea that revenue generation is the only form of success.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal.

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What Funders Want: Outcomes 101 for the Frontline Fundraiser

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Tracking and measuring outcomes is no longer a nice to have or a buzzword, it is now imperative for fundraisers to embrace and communicate their organizations’ outcomes and results in order to stand out when competing for dollars and resources.

3 Tips for Putting the “C”, “R”, “M” in Your Program Measurement

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As a strategist, I live and die by having access to timely, relevant, … CRM Metrics & Measurement direct mail fundraising

How to Measure CRM ROI for Your Nonprofit


CRM has a direct impact on fundraising effectiveness, marketing reach, and general productivity, so it’s no wonder decision-makers go to painstaking lengths to choose the best software for their teams. Measuring ROI is a little more black and white for commercial businesses.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 126: Engaging Individual Fundraisers

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Peer-to-peer fundraising is an important part of a social good organization’s overall fundraising strategy. Caroline shares her experience creating and properly supporting her campaign as a working professional, mother, and first-time fundraiser. Podcast peer-to-peer fundraisin

How the American Diabetes Association Measures Event Fundraising Results

John Haydon

If you’re in New York next week, you’ll want to attend a free Event Fundraising Roundtable sponsored by Event360 and Blackbaud. I recently asked her a couple of questions about how the ADA measures their event fundraising results.

How Fundraisers & Grant Managers Can Collaborate to Achieve Stronger Results

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As a former grant manager who works on a daily basis with grant-makers, the complex, creative, diverse world of fundraising has been incredible to me. What has struck me as most interesting is how fundraisers and the staff they work with closely at foundations are quite similar.

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2014 Mid-Year Fundraising Trends

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Wondering how fundraising is performing so far in 2014? Using data from The Blackbaud Index , we are able to provide the first insights into fundraising trends for the first six months of 2014 compared to 2013. billion in fundraising revenue. billion in online fundraising.

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Easily Measure Conversion Rates by Setting Goals in Google Analytics

NonProfit Hub

Overall, you want to be tracking these types of goals because it’ll help you determine the quality of your visitors and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The post Easily Measure Conversion Rates by Setting Goals in Google Analytics appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

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Measuring the Return on Relationships

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Measuring the Return on Relationships by Claire Diaz Ortiz (nee Williams). Last week, I started a discussion on Social Edge entitled, Fundraising, It’s Not Always About the Money ( [link] ). Measuring the ROI of a fundraising campaign is equally simple.

Valuable Fundraising Lessons We Learned in 2017

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The challenge ahead is how to adapt and develop your fundraising practice based on the trends we can see now, and still be agile moving forwards. This is vital to any fundraiser. The desire to know the who, wha t and why is a massive driving factor for truly successful fundraising.

Lesson 220

How Are Your Participants Fundraising Online?

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In my previous posts, I shared how NEXT Worldwide and AIDS Arms encourage their participants to use centralized fundraising tools, but how do you know if your participants are using these tools? Are your participants personalizing their fundraising page with their own story and image?

The Chicken and Egg Problem of Nonprofit Social Media Measurement


I’m reading Measuring the Networked Nonprofit now and I’m kind of obsessed with it–I can almost envision myself becoming an Excel geek.

What’s to Come in Digital Fundraising?

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This milestone got me thinking about how fast time flies, but also about the huge changes the company has seen in the digital fundraising space. The digital fundraising space has changed so much in the last ten years, what will the next ten hold?

New E-Book: Measurement 101 for Nonprofits by KD Paine @queenofmetrics

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I learned about measurement from Katie Delahaye Paine, who is the leading expert in measuring communications strategies. Part 3: How To Measure the Effectiveness of Your Efforts. Part 4: How To Measure Engagement. Part 5: How To Budget for Measurement. Measurement

Three killer tools to measure your Facebook clout

John Haydon

You’ve employed a few creative strategies to build up connections on your Page, increase engagement, and have even used it to promote a fundraising event. Probably the best way to measure your Page is by using your Page Insights.

Making it Easy to Measure Social Media


That’s the secret to measurement—defining your goals, parsing out the individual social media activities that will support it, and then defining the information that will let you know if those activities are working. Which of these are the “right” things to measure?

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 86: Is Your Fundraising Diversified?

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Why does fundraising matter so much for nonprofit organizations? What is the best way to measure effectiveness of fundraising measures? And what do diversified fundraising programs look like? How organizations can get started measuring their dependency quotient.

Why Your Healthcare Nonprofit Needs a Written Fundraising Plan to Succeed

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Every nonprofit organization – including yours – needs a written fundraising plan in order to be successful. Your healthcare nonprofit’s fundraising plan shouldn’t be “in your head.” Here’s why having a written fundraising is so important for your nonprofit: .

5 Standout Strategies for Year-End Fundraising Success

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For nonprofits, the year-end fundraising season always seems to creep up when you least expect it. Summer fades, the leaves start to change, and before you know it, it’s time to kick your fundraising strategies into high gear again! Fundraising software. Now get to fundraising!

10 Things Fundraisers Can Do to Adapt During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

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Some of us may even be wondering if our jobs will still be here when the social distancing measures have lifted. This list comes after a myriad of conversations with both donors and fundraisers who have helped me see a path forward.

What’s the Best Way to Measure Influence? DIY Not?Klout! - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media -

AFP Blog

What’s the Best Way to Measure Influence? Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - : As nonprofit senior leadership starts taking social media more seriously to engage supporters, they are also starting to ponder their own organization’s influence. DIY NotKlout! Fair enough. If your organization is going to devote staff resources and time in social media, you should have a solid understanding of the audiences you are reaching, and how strong those relationships are.

Are You Counting or Are You Measuring? : Page 1 of 2 : FundRaising Success

AFP Blog

Are You Counting or Are You Measuring? Page 1 of 2 : FundRaising Success: "Continuing our coverage of the Association of Fundraising Professionals 47th International Conference held in Baltimore last month, Steve MacLaughlin , director of Internet solutions at Blackbaud, shares his presentation, 'Everything You Need to Know About Measuring Online Results but Were Afraid to Ask.'Our