6 Tips from Valencia College Foundation for Virtual Fundraising Success

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This year the foundation took their six-week fundraising campaign online using peer-to-peer fundraising to supplement their offline campaign activities. Hey, this is our yearly fundraiser, won’t you gives us money to help current students have a great experience at our university?

Design a Fundraising Appeal that Raises More this December

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Design your fundraising appeal for mobile. Responsive design automatically detects the device being used (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) and reformats the email. Want more insight into crafting a fundraising appeal that raises more?

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10 Common Misconceptions Nonprofits Have About Bitcoin Fundraising

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The recent spike in cryptocurrency fundraising was sparked by IRS guidance which provided clarity and ignited the trend. Since cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new technology, they are not as user-friendly as many other technologies like smartphones and laptops.

Give One, Get One: One Laptop Per Child.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Almost exactly two years ago, the One Laptop Per Child launched. So, the Sharing Foundation has continued to use our method of getting donated laptops in the US, refurbishing them, and getting them to Cambodia. DC Metblogger Flickr Photo.

Mobile Fundraising: A Complete Overview — Pt. 1 of 3

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That’s precisely why we’ve created this overview: to give you a deeper understanding of the fundraising phenomenon that is mobile giving. In this series, we’ll cover: What is mobile fundraising? Can mobile giving technology be used for more than just fundraising?

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7 Ways to Avoid Fundraising Burnout

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

7 Ways to Avoid Fundraising Burnout. With fundraising, especially in the non-profit sector, there’s always more work than there is time. From courting potential donors to hours of grant writing, there are very few times a fundraiser’s job feels done.

Used Laptops Needed for Earthquake Victims in Haiti: You Can Help!

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Two organizations are working to see that aid workers, government officials, and the many organizations with damaged infrastructure throughout the country can start getting back on track by helping get quality refurbished laptops to them.

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How *Not* To Fundraise With Social Media

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At the end of the session, one participant expressed how busy she was running her nonprofit, and that she really needs to focus on fundraising. My quick answer (as I packed up my laptop) was that she should view Facebook as one channel among many. Strategy email Facebook fundraising

Mobile Giving 101: Why Mobile Is an Important Part of Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns


Research shows that by 2014 mobile device usage will exceed that of desktop and laptop computers. What does this mean for nonprofit organizations and online fundraising campaigns? Research shows that by 2014 mobile device usage will exceed that of desktop and laptop computers.

The Math and Science of Social and Mobile Media: A Spreadsheet to Track Your Fundraising Success

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then as your numbers grow on social networks so will your e-newsletter and mobile lists which in turn significantly increases your fundraising success. This is most easily done through a Social and Mobile Media Fundraising Success Spreadsheet.

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The Math and Science of Social and Mobile Media: A Spreadsheet to Track Your Fundraising Success

Nonprofit Tech for Good

then as your numbers grow on social networks so will your e-newsletter and mobile lists which in turn significantly increases your fundraising success. This is most easily done through a Social and Mobile Media Fundraising Success Spreadsheet.

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A Short, Recent History of Nonprofit Website Design and Online Fundraising

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Nonprofit website design and online fundraising have dramatically changed in recent years due to the rapid rise of social media and mobile communications. The website design was wider and centered to accommodate larger computers and laptops.

3 Superhuman Ways Donor Management Software Can Improve Your Organization’s Fundraising Efforts

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Specifically, there are three ways that CRM software can deliver a positive jolt to your fundraising campaigns. Right, of course that data is in an Excel file on the Invisible Man’s laptop, wherever he is. Fundraising is hard enough without the hassle of scrambling to find donor information that should be readily accessible to fundraisers. Suppose you’re fundraising for a Grateful Patient Program. Sharing Information Among Fundraising Staff.

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6 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors


We’ve rounded up six ways to reach out to millennial donors to help boost your fundraising efforts. Millennials, like most people, love putting stickers on their water bottles, laptops, bike helmets and it’s always nice to receive something for making a contribution. fundraising donors donor management millennialsMillennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation's largest living generation.

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5 Keys to a Successful Fundraiser

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Fundraising Strategies. Once people are registering, the focus shifts to fundraising. Auctions are a great fundraising strategy; almost 300,000 fundraising auctions are hosted yearly, raising about $14.6 Are you responsible for your nonprofit's event management?

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4 Ways To Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Donation Page


They are the crux of your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns. In this post we discuss which key qualities your donation page needs to contain in order to ensure that call to action message, fundraising campaign or drive ends in a donation. Image courtesy of Generation X Financial.

Should Nonprofits Focus on Email or Facebook?

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Almost everyone in this country who uses the internet at all has an email account, whether they access it by phone, tablet or laptop. . Organizations have used this strategy to increase donations from a fundraising email or clicks on an advocacy action. .

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Why Data Health Means Mission Health

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Imagine you’re hosting a big offline event, like your organization’s annual fundraiser. The annual fundraiser probably saw the lowest results in your organization’s history (unless your ED successfully spun it into a metaphor about donating to keep the lights on!).

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3 Easy Ways to Get New Email Subscribers and Drive Donor Growth

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You might be thinking this is unnecessary, but it only takes a few minutes to test both – on your laptop and your phone – and it could save you huge headaches in the long run. Email Marketing Fundraising Sponsored Post

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9 Common Donation Page Mistakes (and Solutions!)

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Many supporters prefer to give online on their laptops or mobile devices instead of in person. Don’t rely solely on accepting donations on laptops and desktop computers. Then, direct donors to more information about your nonprofit like: Upcoming fundraising events.

My Life Below the Fold


Two-finger scrolling on laptop track-pads has become a standard feature. Content Marketing Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design

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The Changing Landscape of Nonprofit Technology (and What It Means for Your Org)

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While the majority of nonprofits are using the cloud for common tasks like email, only about 15% are using cloud-based accounting and fundraising solutions. Nonprofit Technology #nptech cloud technology Financial Edge NXT financial management fundraising NXT Raiser's Edge NXT

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How Can You Grow Your Sustained Giving Program?

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More than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, though we do most of the design on desktop and laptop computers. These auto-generated emails, configured in your online fundraising software, are often sent in appreciation of a gift. If you build it, they will come.

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Build Communities to Enhance Your Fundraising Campaigns


Much has changed with regard to fundraising and “friendraising” during the 12 years I have been a professional fundraiser, the most obvious being the use of technology. In my recent chapter “Managing Fundraising and Building Communities Online” in the book Internet Management for Nonprofits (Wiley, April 2010), I write in depth about one method to tackle the subject – what are organizations across the country doing? Fundraising Events. Adrienne D. Capps, U. Davis.

6 Tips For Creating A Better Donation Form


If this is the first you are hearing about donor’s demand for mobile access, then you might want to research your target audience a little more–most of the world owns a smartphone, web-enabled phone, tablet, or a laptop (some smaller than the norm!).

ITWorks: Changing Lives In 16 Weeks


400 purchases a laptop so students can study at home. Fundraising Leadership donation donors education fundraising ITWorks nonprofit npTech

Driving Donor Engagement: Five Essential Elements of the NPO Website

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Additionally, your site should be built with responsive design so it renders correctly across all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) Fundraising Nonprofit Web DesignAs a non-profit in today’s online- and social-media driven world, your website has a tale to tell.

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Testing Your Donation Form Part 3: Wrangling Guinea Pigs

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That said, your screener can definitely be longer if you are looking for specific types of users (e.g., “only individuals who want to renew their annual membership” or “only individuals who’ve been a team captain for event fundraising”).

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7 Online Donation Tools to Delight Your Donors [Updated]

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Online fundraising garners millions in charitable giving for the nonprofit industry every year, but with so many options, it can be difficult to find the right online donation tools for your organization. Razoo charges 5% for personal fundraising donations and 4% for charitable donations.

ITWorks: Your Support Changes Lives


400 purchases a laptop so students can study at home. Fundraising Industry News donation donors fundraising nonprofit npTech Image courtesy of Covenant Trust Company.

Road Trip! Fundraising, Advocacy, Community Building, Storytelling and Recruitment on the Road.


Road trips are an excellent platform for causes to tell important stories, engage volunteers, and fundraise in an innovative way. A laptop and camera equipped smart-phones are a must, but also consider bringing hand-held video cameras (Flip or the Kodak Zi8 series are great options) and a mobile hotspot like a Verizon MiFi device with you so you're sure you have web access from the road.

10 Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Sixty-two percent of email is opened on a mobile device , so first and foremost your email campaigns (e-newsletters, fundraising appeals, event invites, welcome emails, thank you emails, etc.) Of those, 25 are fundraising appeals. 101 Best Practices Email Marketing Fundraising

From 2005 to 2015: The Radical Effect of Social Media on Nonprofit Web Design

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The Internet was primarily a desktop PC or laptop experience and reading news and sending and receiving email accounted for the majority of time spent online. Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Things You Won’t Believe, Trendy Communication, and Keys to Do More Good

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and I was actually in my cubicle, drooling on my laptop. John Haydon said This Scientifically Proven Fundraising Technique Will Shock You , and he was right. This simple technique conflicts with the majority of fundraising advice you’ll find, but the meta-analysis of over 22,000 (42 studies) suggests that giving the option of NOT donating can actually boost your fundraising results. Check back here to download it as soon as the fundraising resource is availible.

Must Have GivingTuesday Apps – Recommended by the Pros

John Haydon

You’ve selected a fundraising platform and created a plan to rally your community. It’s a great way to manage your plans for #GivingTuesday from your phone, tablet or laptop. Check out the JVP fundraising on FB case study!

Guide to the Best Free Nonprofit Webinars

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Just make sure to bring your laptop. Frequent, high-quality educational material from a fundraising services provider. Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Technology education free Jay Wilkinson non profit Nonprofit nonprofit fundraising not for profit seminar webinarsIf you’re involved in the nonprofit world and haven’t been to any good webinars, you’re missing out—big.

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How to Go From ‘Wish List’ to ‘Donation List’

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Keep the items affordable: Requesting new computers might be necessary, but if you are asking one person to donate $1000 for a new laptop might not be realistic. For example: The wish list should be integrated into your normal fundraising campaign. Featured Fundraising

Once Just Isn???t Enough| How to Keep Constituents Engaged Beyond their First Visit

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Make sure you have a signup sheet, flyer, tablet, or laptop at the event. Nonprofit Marketing constituent engagement donor lifecycle engagement strategies fundraising ideas How many of your constituents fit into this category? They visitedwhether through an event, your website, or by going to your actual organizationand had a positive experience, but they just haven’t gotten around to coming back to donate or volunteer.

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OLPC taps CFO Kane as president and COO - Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology:

AFP Blog

OLPC taps CFO Kane as president and COO - Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology:: "One Laptop Per Child reports it has appointed Chuck Kane president and COO.According to the Cambridge-based nonprofit, Kane will be responsible for operational matters and third-party negotiations. OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte will focus on fundraising and promoting the project to governments

What’s in your data management plan?

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This work should be scheduled and completed independent of your communications or fundraising event schedules. Side note: Did you know that your laptop contains far more storage and processor capacity than the Apollo 11 computer systems that landed the first man on the moon?

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Three Fast, Easy Ways to Market Matching Gifts

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A pro tip is to manage your email communications with donors in the same CRM where you manage your other fundraising activities, so all of your fundraising actions are as streamlined as possible. Every nonprofit trying to increase online fundraising needs a ways to give page.

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Three Musts Before AFP 2015 in Baltimore

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One of our favorite nonprofit fundraising conferences is upon us—and we’re less than a week away. And instead of trying to download the website content on your phone, tablet or laptop, you can instead download an easy-to-navigate app. Featured Fundraising

12 Not-So-Great Realities About Nonprofits and Social Media

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Facebook’s organic reach is equivilent to sending 100 donors a fundraising email and having 98 of them classified spam and consequently blocked. Put your laptop in the closet and don’t take it with you if you are traveling for your vacation.