6 Group Fundraising Ideas to Really Engage Your Donors

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That’s why I’ve compiled this list of awesome group fundraising ideas to keep them involved Keeping your donors engaged in your cause can be difficult.

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The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal.

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GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Using this process to identify different types of donors in your universe is extremely useful in guiding your efforts to segment your list and fine tune the messaging that you use for each group. Did he engage with a recent fundraising email?

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7 Tips to Make Sure That Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event Doesn't Flop


Nonprofit fundraising events are a great way to raise money and increase your organization’s profile at the same time. Follow these steps to make sure your event is a fundraising success rather than a financial flop. Set a Fundraising Goal. fundraising donors Development

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6 Key Insights from the Inaugural donorCentrics Athletics Benchmarking Group

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Last month marked the inaugural meeting of a new benchmarking group created specifically to analyze and discuss trends in athletics giving [1]. However, participants in donorCentrics® benchmarking groups get access to data from each participating school. That was particularly useful for this setting because we could overlay information such as win-rate and schedule to discuss the impact those variables had on the fundraising trends overall.

The Two Most Important Groups for College and University Fundraising

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But when it comes to fundraising, two groups stand head and shoulders above the rest: major donors and your school’s alumni. For 2016, we have partnered with Joe Garecht from The Fundraising Authority to bring you the knowledge and information you need to supercharge fundraising at your school. Webinar #4: Starting Off on Right Foot: How to Engage Alumni Early to Maximize Fundraising Success (July 14 th at 1 PM Eastern Time).

How Greenpeace & Other Environmental Groups Are Using Technology to Build a Better World


Click here for a free demo of our best-in-class Fundraising, Digital, and Organizing tools. fundraising engagement advocacy nonprofit technology seriesThere are thousands of nonprofits changing the world in big and small ways every single day. The best of these nonprofits know that one of the major keys to success is using top-notch nonprofit tools to run smart, creative, and impactful campaigns.

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Livestream Fundraising 101: What is Livestream Fundraising?

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There has been a lot of buzz lately around “livestream fundraising” but what exactly does that phrase mean? It turns out that adding the phrase “fundraising” into the mix is when things get a little more complicated. . Recently, I was able to spend two days with 24 nonprofit leaders either successfully running livestream fundraising campaigns or actively looking to start one of these programs. Organizational Livestream Fundraising.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


We have everything from: Fundraising & Grants. Participants will acquire a foundational understanding of this increasingly important component of fundraising strategy and will be able to identify and distinguish between the most common planned giving vehicles. Fundraising.

P2P Fundraising: Expanding Beyond the Fundraising Event

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Peer-to-peer fundraising or P2P fundraising is a style of fundraising where an organization recruits supporters to solicit donations from their friends and family on behalf of that nonprofit. While the most common form of P2P fundraising has been associated with events like a race or bike tour, the nonprofit sector is trending toward expanding P2P fundraising beyond the paradigm of event fundraising. Campaign Driven Fundraising.

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more. It's offline fundraising tools were built for development pros.

What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


This year's report addressed issues such as email list growth and churn, the rise of monthly giving, and the impact of social media's peer-to-peer fundraising for nonprofits. Open rates, fundraising click-through rates and page completion rates for both fundraising and advocacy all went down. Email fundraising response rates are down 13%. Nonprofits are crafting creative digital fundraising campaigns to recruit and upgrade monthly sustainers.

The Keys to Conducting Feasibility Studies for Fundraising Campaigns

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Conducting a comprehensive feasibility study is a critical first step in every major fundraising effort. I think of it as determining how much water is in the pool before you “dive in” to a fundraising campaign. Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Feasibility Study fundraising strategy

19 Proven Fundraising Ideas from Nonprofit Experts


If you’re looking for Fundraising Ideas you’ve come to the right place. npEXPERTS: Fundraising Ideas and Marketing Tips from the Pros (#npEXPERTS) is a a 46-page free e-book collaboratively written by a cross-section of npEXPERTS in fundraising, marketing and communications, social media, mobile technology, digital advertising, and more. Once you download the Fundraising Ideas e-Book you’ll gain insight into: 6 Steps to a Well-Measured Social Fundraising Campaign.

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10 Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Related Webinar: Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits. Innovation in online fundraising was driven by the release of new technology, such as email marketing services like MailChimp in 2001, the launch of WordPress ( a content management system now used by 44% of nonprofits worldwide ) in 2003, and social networking websites beginning with Myspace in 2005. A pioneer of crowdfunding and online fundraising, GlobalGiving.org is a site to study and learn from.

Fundraising at the Speed of Life

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Higher education advancement teams from around the country are noticing that alumni participation is shrinking, even as donations and commitments from a small group of big donors has grown. Maybe you’ve felt the effects of reduced alumni participation, or maybe you’re worried about the sustainability of a fundraising model that draws wealth from a few, volatile sources. For most fundraisers, it’s a dream. The future of fundraising.

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Fundraising From Home: A Nonprofit Hub Guide

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And as the giving season comes closer, your 2020 fundraising events have probably changed quite a bit as well. Fundraising from home has presented some challenges in that traditional events aren’t the most reliable anymore. As your focus shifts to online methods, maintaining your impact and fundraising goals seems like a daunting task. You don’t have to condemn your fundraising goals to an early grave. Check out these tips to help transition your fundraising online!

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New Nonprofit Tech Community Groups!


Groups are developed and supported by volunteer community organizers. Have an idea for a group? 14ntc Community COP CoPs Leadership Communications Fundraising IT Staff Program We just had a flurry of exciting new Communities of Practice (CoPs) emerge since the 14NTC. Check them out! CoPs create networking and educational experiences for members of the nonprofit tech community via regular discussion threads, conference calls, webinars, and tweet chats.

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Fundraising from 6 Feet Away: Tips for Making Your Giving Day an Online-Only Event

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Livestream Fundraising 101: What is Livestream Fundraising? Ask people to post in the group with prompts such as “Share your favorite ORGANIZATION NAME moments”. Phone calls for fundraising. Volunteers can call to fundraise, inform people of your giving day, etc.

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2014 Mid-Year Fundraising Trends

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Wondering how fundraising is performing so far in 2014? Using data from The Blackbaud Index , we are able to provide the first insights into fundraising trends for the first six months of 2014 compared to 2013. The Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report provides insights into fundraising trends on an annual basis. The Blackbaud Index analyzes fundraising data from more than 4,200 nonprofit organizations in the United States based on $13.6 billion in fundraising revenue.

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Group fundraising primer

Rebooting Charity

Anyway, this SlideShare version of Peter Deitz’s powerpoint presentation from yesterday’s webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories does a pretty excellent job of reviewing the current (and rapidly evolving) “Group fundraising&# landscape. Too much going on at the moment to blog consistently, which is a pity given that I’ve lots of things to say, regarding Facebook et al.

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The Time Has Come to Reinvent Fall 2020 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded across the world, nonprofit fundraisers have been required to take one of three actions for their spring peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P) campaigns : cancel, postpone, or take it virtual. Three Reinvented Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns. Leading up to it, they’ve invited participants to take the My545 Challenge, a choose your own challenge to support their fundraising efforts.

Changing Channels: Easier on your TV than in Fundraising

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With the rise of technology has come a proliferation of giving channels nonprofits can, and arguably should, utilize to fundraise. However, it is important to consider that the current philanthropic landscape is structured towards these age groups and their preferred giving methods.

Group Texting: Useful or Hype?


This year the buzz is about group texting , which allows users to text up to about 25 people at a time via a mobile phone. TextPlus , a group texting vendor says they ha ve 7.7 GroupMe , another group texting company says that 200,000 texts go through its system every day. Can Nonprofits Benefit From Using Group Texting ? Group texting could make nonprofit campaigners lives a lot easier in communicating quickly and more efficiently with key staff.

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The 5 LinkedIn Groups Every Nonprofit Pro Should Join

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The groups worth joining on LinkedIn are seemingly endless, and that’s why we’ve identified five groups any nonprofit LinkedIn user should join. Mojalink’s more than 170,000 members make it one of the largest nonprofit groups on LinkedIn, and rest assured that it grew its six figure membership for a reason. Mojalink is a specialist when it comes to connecting nonprofit professionals, and they are the creator of the group.

Why Now is the Time to Focus on Long-Term Relationships for Fundraising

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Relationships are the foundation of fundraising. Even in uncertain times you still have a fundraising goal to meet, so this is the perfect strategy. Face-to-face meetings are the preferred communication method for fundraisers, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Maximize your use of social media with an ambassador or social influencer program by cultivating a core group of passionate, connected supporters to spread your mission.

Environmental Working Group: Building Online Community


When I purchased my first smart phone a couple of years ago, I wanted to find out how much radiation was going into my head so I went to the Environmental Working Group’s cell phone guide and actually printed the thing off and took it with me to the store. When is your next online fundraiser?

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5 Metrics Fundraisers Need to Know to Retain Their Donors

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That’s why we put together a list of the five essential metrics you need to know, as a fundraiser, to achieve higher retention rates. The 5 retention metrics fundraisers should know are: Donor Attrition Rate.

3 Essentials for Fundraising Technology: A Beginner’s Guide

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

3 Essentials for Fundraising Technology: A Beginner’s Guide. We all know the power of Fundraising for Nonprofits, but how do you get started with the right Fundraising Technology? Fundraising is hard work. Lucky for you, there are some high-quality fundraising tools that can streamline the donor process while also making your life easier. How your nonprofit does this could very well depend on the fundraising technology you’re using.

5 Reasons Nonprofits Shouldn't Miss Out On Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Peer-to-peer fundraising, a form of tiered crowdfunding which turns your supporters into fundraisers for your organization, is a trendy topic in the nonprofit world. While many nonprofit fundraisers are still hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, peer-to-peer fundraising is here to stay and it’s a great way for nonprofits to engage with donors from nontraditional demographics that may not be reached by other nonprofit marketing tools.

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Predicting the Future: Driving Fundraising Outcomes with Models

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Prizm is still around—it’s a lifestyle indicator that classifies people into groups with common characteristics. The groups had entertaining names like “Gold Coast,” “Gray Power,” and “Big Fish—Small Pond.”

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5 Inventive Ways Donor Data Can Boost Your EOY Fundraising


EOY (or end-of-year) fundraising can be a critical time for nonprofits. You need to create personal, targeted appeals that show donors how they fit into your fundraising and how their gifts impact the recipients of your aid. Building a deeper fundraising strategy can help you: Raise more funds. To use your data to innovate your fundraising strategy, you can: Perform prospect research. Clearly explain how all of your EOY fundraising will be used to further your cause.

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11 Fail-Proof Ideas for Holiday Fundraisers

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These holiday fundraisers are sure to help you spice up your year-end giving season! While the concept of giving money to jump into a freezing body of water may not sound very appealing to some, this fundraising trend has become wildly popular in recent years. Featured Fundraising

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8 Best Practices for Nonprofit Event Fundraising

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Okay, so you’ve decided you’re going to throw a nonprofit fundraising event… virtual high fives. Nonprofit fundraising events can be a great opportunity to bring the support of donors, volunteers, and fundraisers together in real life to rally around your cause, whether it’s through a nationwide 5k or a local bowl-a-thon. For example, are you looking to target volunteers, fundraisers, or even VIP donors? . 6) Add social fundraising to your event.

10 Things Fundraisers Can Do From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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If you are a front-line fundraiser, work with your annual giving team. This one might be a little controversial as so many will argue that taking care of your current prospect pool is top priority and many teams also have a colleague or group of folks who work on finding new prospects. Being able to identify people who will have interest in what you are working on and the capacity to help is paramount in fundraising, and it’s also very time consuming.

What Matters Most to Event Fundraisers?


Is it how to engage and inspire your participants to fundraise more effectively? But I happen to think what matters most to event fundraisers is your participant. How do you motivate and incent them to meet their fundraising goals? What was your answer?

8 Tips for Fundraising When You Hate Networking

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Try these tips for fundraisers who hate networking: 1. Connecting with someone a few times at a group event will make them more likely to accept an invitation to a friendlier, one-on-one conversation. Events Featured FundraisingNetworking can be a daunting prospect.

Year-End Giving Prep: 21 FAQs Answered by Fundraising Experts

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Recently, Brock Warner (Senior Manager, Fundraising at War Child) and I hosted a webinar regarding end of year fundraising for nonprofits —the things we need to stop doing and things we should be doing instead. We covered everything from what a successful fundraising appeal should look like to ensuring that your Giving Tuesday efforts are part of your overall end of year strategy. Should you include Giving Tuesday donors on other End of Year fundraising emails?

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What Fundraisers Can Learn from Direct Marketing

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Fundraisers who can take these best practices and reinvent them for university fundraising will more effectively raise money for their organizations. For example, perhaps you send the same message out to all constituents, but one test group gets the message from the voice of a current student, and another test group hears from a popular faculty member. Annual giving teams already know the power of person-to-person fundraising.

3 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas for Higher Ed Institutions

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Recently Blackbaud UK’s Customer Engagement Director Dan Keyworth spoke at the Global Leaders Summit about Social Fundraising for Educational Institutions. He highlighted three different peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities specifically for higher education institutions. 3 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas for Higher Ed Institutions: 1. Crowdfunding is the idea of an individual fundraising for a specific projec t by asking their friends and family for donations.

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Our EveryAction Hero: Middle East Children's Alliance


So in 1988 she and a group of other local officials from around the country went on a delegation and met both progressive Israelis and Palestinian journalists, activists, and stayed at one point in a refugee camp in the West Bank. So given that we’re in the midst of end of year fundraising season what are some of your strategies or campaigns for year end? As the Development Director how do you use EveryAction on a day to day basis in your fundraising efforts.

Boost Your Fundraising Potential with Team Fundraising

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Online fundraising is one of the most effective, low-cost ways to raise funds for your organization. Online fundraising tools can elevate your fundraising goals, since donors can give at anytime, anywhere, with a mobile device. Online fundraising also provides a slew of other benefits, including easy to share messaging, automated gift processing, automated data entry and more. Team fundraising is an effective way to boost your fundraising campaigns.

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Fundraising Ideas to Reverse the Trend of Declining Email Response Rates


It contains online fundraising, advocacy, email, social, and mobile results from 55 U.S.-based Nonprofits often use this study to benchmark their own online activities and fundraising ideas. One of the eye-catching findings from the study was the steep decline in the performance of fundraising emails in 2012. Fundraising email click-through rates dropped 27 percent and response rates were down 21 percent from 2011. Make sure to check out these email fundraising ideas.

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