Donor-Advised Fund Giving Could See Another Record Year

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E-PhilanthropyIn the first half of 2021, donors have recommended a record $4.3 billion in grants, a 27% increase over the same six-month span of 2020.

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Funding Faith: Raising Money For Religion-Based Organizations


Nonprofit professionals working in this sector of philanthropy cite a strong belief in their organization’s mission and daily activities as critical to continuing to make an impact, even in challenging times. However, raising funds for these organizations can present unique challenges.

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Donor Spotlight: Lavelle Fund for the Blind

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One foundation that has been a committed supporter of our work is the Lavelle Fund for the Blind. The Lavelle Fund exemplifies the tremendous social return that bold philanthropy can create. Embracing measured risk, The Fund has been willing to make early bets on Benetech, and has repeatedly chosen to invest in our prototype projects. It funds primarily organizations that serve the New York City metropolitan area or New York State.

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“Seeding by ceding”: What we know about the latest group of organizations funded by MacKenzie Scott


In other words, recipients in this latest round of funding tended to be smaller. . This time around, more than 30 recipients were fiscally sponsored entities, collaboratives, or specific funds within organizations.

The ongoing revolution in philanthropy: An open-ended reading list

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Grant makers and nonprofit professionals are now talking openly about some very painful (and inter-related) issues in philanthropy, such as. The lack of inclusion and equity in philanthropy. Just Giving: Why Philanthropy Is Failing Democracy and How It Can Do Better.

Who’s Responsible for A Nonprofit’s Culture of Philanthropy?


If you’re a fundraiser bemoaning the lack of your nonprofit’s culture of philanthropy , you don’t get off that easily. . Because you are the one person, or one department, actually charged with living and breathing philanthropy on a daily basis. Fund .

Tips for Adopting a Trust-Based Philanthropy Approach


If you work in philanthropy, odds are that you have heard some buzz about trust-based philanthropy. Trust-based philanthropy is so far from the compliance-oriented culture of traditional philanthropy that it can raise a lot of eyebrows.

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You Have The Power to Change Philanthropy

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Note: I wrote this post for the Center for Effective Philanthropy blog where it appeared last week. “An The same is true in the world of philanthropy. Scarcity thinking pervades nonprofits, but also (shockingly) philanthropy. Philanthropy nonprofit social change

Latino Equity Fund Names Evelyn Barahona as First Director 

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The Latino Equity Fund (LEF), a unique partnership between local Latino leaders, The Boston Foundation (TBF), and Hispanics in Philanthropy, today announced that Evelyn Barahona will serve as the organization’s first director.

Marguerite Casey calls for funding police and criminal justice reform


The Marguerite Casey Foundation has announced a new initiative aimed at strengthening philanthropy's commitment to ending police violence and mass incarceration in the United States. Launched on the one-year anniversary of the police killing of George Floyd, Answering the Uprising: Closing the Say/Do Gap in Philanthropy is aimed at "correcting" philanthropy's inadequate response to the racial justice uprisings in 2020. Philanthropy can and should do more.

Giving Circles: A new and easy way to discover and join global communities of giving

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It’s a simple way for individuals to collectively pool their funds and decide together how to donate them. Grapevine and Philanthropy Together recently launched the first-ever Global Giving Circle Directory.

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Meyer Foundation Announces Director and Inaugural Cohort of Partner Organizations for $20M Fund for Black-led Change Commitment

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The Meyer Foundation, one of the Washington area's largest and oldest locally focused philanthropies, announced Stephanie Sneed as director of its recently launched Fund for Black-led Change, effective June 1, as well as the inaugural cohort of organizations awarded resources through the Fund

Donor-Advised Funds: Philanthropy’s Hot-Button Issue

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Donor-advised funds (DAFs) have become one of the hottest tools in philanthropy over the last few years. While the funds have been around for decades, the 1990s ushered in an increasing interest in DAFs as financial planning and planned giving tools. What makes a donor-advised fund so attractive? The Donor: Establish a DAF with a public charity, like a community foundation, or a charitable fund (Fidelity Charitable or the National Philanthropic Trust, for example).

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Philanthropy and Social Media: New Whitepaper from The Institute for Philanthropy

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Earlier this week, I had the terrific opportunity to participate on a panel at the US launch event for “Philanthropy and Social Media”, a whitepaper from The Institute for Philanthropy and The Indigo Trust. Philanthropy has been able to move into the real time web, too. Impacts to Philanthropy. But what does all this mean for philanthropy? What does your real-time philanthropy or social impact look like? events future philanthropy

Funders: Here’s a tool to make your grantmaking more equitable

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Grantwriting Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion equity general operating funds nonprofit philanthropy unrestricted fundsIt is not a secret that I am not a big fan of the way grantmaking has been done in.

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2021 Funding & Grant Resources For Women’s Empowerment Organizations


The following organizations currently offer grant and funding opportunities for women and/or accept letters of inquiry or proposals. New Venture Fund. Vermont Women’s Fund. Global Fund for Women. The Moriah Fund. Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples.

Breakthrough Philanthropy - Thiel Foundation event

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Breakthrough Philanthropy event put on by Peter Thiel's foundation, covered in the local press with articles like "Silicon Valley billionaire backs futuristic philanthropy" from the San Jose Mercury News. They all had big picture goals, and some of them made explicit funding asks during their lightning presentations. He acknowledged that many of these ideas struck many in the philanthropy field as weird.

32 Sure Fire Ways to Grow Philanthropy after 40 Years of Static Giving


With that in mind 35 influential leaders from across the nonprofit industry came together at the Growing Philanthropy Summit to develop an action-oriented agenda on growing philanthropy. Based on those themes Sargeant and Shang compiled a list of 32 recommendations to help guide the nonprofit industry in growing philanthropy in the coming years. 32 Sure Fire Ways to Grow Philanthropy in the U.S. Challenge the wealthy to plan their own philanthropy.

4 Steps for Starting an Employee Relief Fund

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In the episode, Holly spoke with Blackbaud’s VP of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Rachel Hutchisson about the past year, the growth in need for employee relief funds, and the extensive research E4E Relief has conducted to further the industry.

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5 Corporate Philanthropy Benefits (and How You Can Achieve Them)

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Corporate philanthropy benefits not only the community but your company and its employees as well. As society shifts toward more prominent social, environmental, and economic responsibility, the importance of corporate philanthropy has increased as well. This article will explore five business benefits of corporate philanthropy and provide practical recommendations for what your company can do to achieve them. 5 Business Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy.

7 Employee Engagement Ideas to Promote Philanthropy

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One of the most effective ways you can boost engagement at your company is through corporate philanthropy. When companies take part in corporate philanthropy efforts, it reflects well on them as a whole and encourages employees to get involved.

5 Corporate Philanthropy Examples to Inspire Your CSR Strategy

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To help you build your CSR strategy, we’ve gathered five corporate philanthropy examples that you can use for inspiration. The campaign donated a meal’s worth of money to food banks every time someone liked their Facebook page, combining philanthropy with social media marketing and brand awareness. million to fund food for the meals and the event itself packaged over 20,000 meals.¹. Build Your CSR Strategy on Successful Corporate Philanthropy Examples.

Embracing Next Generation Philanthropy


Crowd funding. The crowd funding model uses the web to pool financial support for projects from large groups of individuals. Kickstarter is perhaps the best-known crowd funding platform. Some nonprofits still successfully use Kickstarter to fund discrete projects, but there are more choices out there. LoudSauce focuses on crowd funding for pro-social advertising media buys (billboards, broadcast spots, etc.). By Nathaniel James, Social Innovation Consultant.

Corporate Philanthropy: Adapting to a Changing World

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Thus, corporate philanthropy is on the rise. One incentive for corporations to start their own foundations is that the funding comes entirely from their business revenue. Now, corporations are using philanthropy as a business tactic. Increasingly, philanthropy is being used as a form of public relations or advertising. They partner with companies to provide volunteers, internships, job opportunities and funding.

Elevating Community Impact Through Healthcare Philanthropy

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The 2019 Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Report on Giving identifies the top three healthcare areas supported by philanthropy were construction and renovation (20.5%); patient care program support (19.6%) and capital equipment (14.6%). Community Collaborative Philanthropy.

Apple Pay for Nonprofits: Frictionless Online Philanthropy

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Apple has had a rule that banned iOS apps from collecting funds for charities or fundraisers via Apple Pay. That means if they collected funds, it would have to take place outside the app, such as through a browser or text. With more and more nonprofit donors transacting their lives on mobile phones and an increasing percentage of mobile donors, the ability to use Apple pay will mean the potential for “ frictionless philanthropy.” Fundraising Mobile Philanthrop

Trends in Philanthropy: 4 Ways Nonprofits are Changing

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There are resources available to help nonprofits deal with the ever-impending recession, including: Funding from the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loans through the CARES Act. We’re seeing significant changes in the world.

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Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 2

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The largest theme that is constant in disaster philanthropy is partnership. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina , about 22% of total funding went to the American Red Cross (ARC). 82% of that funding came from corporations, where 18% was sourced from independent, community and public foundations. Corporations are unique in their ability to donate such large funds at once when immediate relief is needed. Click here to read part 1 of this series.

Funding Rural America: Bridging the Resource Gap

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The Resource Gap in Rural Funding. If your charity or library happens to be located in rural America, it's not your imagination that it is harder to get grant funding in rural locations. The nonprofit Bridgespan Group did a special post-recession report on overcoming the resource gap in rural funding. Insights on Government Funding. The Role of Technology in Philanthropy. Technology is increasingly a factor in philanthropy.

Fast Ways to Find Funding Sources

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Successful grant writing depends on finding the right funding opportunity. You need to locate an agency interested in funding your project, but where do you start? There are probably a zillion places to search for information about grant funding opportunities and you could spend countless hours doing so. This is the website of the Foundation Center, a nonprofit organization that has become the leading authority on organized philanthropy in the United States.

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Corporate Philanthropy as a Business Driver: 2019 Trends and Tactics

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Both the three Cs and the three Ps are influenced by corporate philanthropy, a trend that will escalate in 2019 as workplace giving becomes an even more important business driver. The most successful companies in the marketplace have already recognized the importance of corporate philanthropy. 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Themes and Competitive Arenas. This is where corporate philanthropy enters the mix. Track How Corporate Philanthropy is Affecting Your Business.

4 Characteristics of High Impact Philanthropy

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High impact philanthropy. So how do you prepare yourself and organization for higher impact philanthropy? Cynthia Schaal, Chief Program Officer at Exponent Philanthropy, consults with many social good organizations on just how exactly to do this. If you are funding a program or trying to achieve some systemic change, something that’s longer term, the project plan should include some short term and intermediate goals as well.

Does Your Business Need a Custom Corporate Philanthropy Platform?

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Corporate Philanthropy Drives Business Results. Other companies are using more diverse types of corporate giving – such as employee matching gift programs, volunteer opportunities, and non-cash donation drives – to increase philanthropy and improve their ROI. Multiple platforms, complicated processes, and high funding and administration needs drastically lower employee participation and diminish your ROI.

Attract Funding in 2014 with ClickTime's Web Timesheet Solution

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With that growth comes competition for funds and projects: as a public benefit corporation in the current economy, proving your impact is crucial for survival. This data is immediately collated and stored in a cloud-based system, making funding proposals, donor reporting, annual audits, and organizational planning simpler than ever. Secure Funding by Reporting Successful Outcomes. Overhead costs can make or break your ability to attract funding.

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Courting Corporate: Utilizing the Opportunities of Company Philanthropy

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So how should a non-profit, no matter its size, leverage corporate philanthropy? One of the easiest ways to encourage donations, matching gifts “lets an employee decide how their employer allocates corporate philanthropic funds,” notes Weinger. And as Weinger says, “these corporate philanthropy programs let companies donate to organizations where employees [already] volunteer time.”

Community Funded Offers Matching Gifts Automation to Educational Institutions and Nonprofits with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

Double the Donation

All-in-one fundraising solution Community Funded has teamed up with Double the Donation to offer a new integration to their clients: matching gifts automation. Paired with Community Funded’s innovative technology, our partners will have access to additional funding opportunities.

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Philanthropy Is a Leadership Issue

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Donors fund work that allows nonprofits to employ specialists. If you are like one of the nonprofit leaders in the study, you will love Philanthropy by the Numbers from Blackbaud’s npEXPERTS. New ways to work with funding organizations that could significantly move your mission forward. Philanthropy is a leadership issue. Get that legal pad and get ready to take your philanthropy to a whole new level.

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Honoring both Funders and Fundraisers on National Philanthropy Day

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National Philanthropy Day—minus the turkey—is much the same, with our family comprised of funder and fundraiser alike, with donors committed to the communities where we live and work joining with the professionals who have helped them match passion with cause. It also means the faces behind the many other organizations that provide critical funding in our communities, from foundations, corporations, small businesses, and government at all levels.

Donor-Advised Funds: Insight from the Experts

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Donor-advised funds are a hot topic. According to a study released this fall by the National Philanthropic Trust , the assets held in these charitable funds increased almost 24% last year to a whopping $70.7 Further, contributions coming out of these same funds grew by 27%. It’s a big story no matter how you look at it ( as the Chronicle of Philanthropy has reported ). She has a donor-advised fund, but she also gives directly.

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Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 1

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To be able to fully address the need for long-term recovery and the necessary rebuilding of infrastructure, funds need to be attributed to these geographic areas for a long time. The only way to ensure that there is enough funding available in the long-term for these unexpected events is to prepare. Woodruff Foundation was the need to evaluate where the immediate response funding was going, and identify other areas where aid was needed and they could support.

Global Philanthropy

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As a capacity-building organization for the global nonprofit and social benefit sector, we at TechSoup are very conscious of the need to understand and work within different cultural contexts for philanthropy. Although cultures of giving to those in need are widespread, many countries lack the infrastructure that promotes philanthropy as we know it, including legal nonprofit status for organizations, tax laws that favor charitable giving, or established native foundations.

What All Nonprofits Should Know About Corporate Philanthropy

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While some may think corporate philanthropy means writing a check and calling it a day, many corporations seek multilayered, strategic partnerships with nonprofits that fall in line with their core business objectives. In order to make the most of this style of corporate philanthropy, nonprofits need to change the way they look at the support they can receive from companies. nonprofit Online Grantseeking Causes fundraising donors nonprofits philanthropy Running Your Organization

5 Healthcare Philanthropy Tips for CEOs

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As proven through the many years of partnership we have had with healthcare philanthropies, it is no surprise that we have seen many foundations faced with very similar challenges. In this post, we will dive deeper into these 5 tips for CEOs to enhance philanthropy campaign success: Include the physicians in your philanthropy process. Include your governing board and foundation board and secure funding ahead of time. Include the physicians in your philanthropy process.