How to Manage Volunteers Effectively in 2021

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Effectively managing volunteers starts with a vision, the creation of a plan, and the execution of a strategic process to reach targeted goals. Remember that, on average, 80% of volunteers also provide financial support to the organizations that they volunteer with.

Why Volunteer Management is Important in 2021

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an hour), the need for strategic volunteer management is becoming increasingly crucial. Here is why volunteer management is important in 2021. Volunteerism is a foundational component for almost all organizations in the nonprofit industry.


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Post-Pandemic: Rebuilding Your Volunteer and Financial Base


But as the Coronavirus appears on the backfoot, it’s a good moment to take stock of the damage it’s done and consider the financial opportunities of volunteer re-engagement and new funding currently available. The challenge of human resources: volunteer re-engagement.

Volunteer-Management Tool Mobilizes 20,000 Volunteers for Week of Service in LA

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Nonprofits often have to mobilize a large number of volunteers quickly and efficiently to make an event run smoothly and keep expenses down so money raised can go directly toward the cause. Software/Technology Volunteers

How Hospital Foundations are Building a New Case for Support


“Why is a hospital foundation getting involved in quality-of-life issues?”. This simple answer is why MHP Foundation is shifting our fundraising focus to the social determinants of health within our community. MHP Foundation is not doing this alone.

Training Volunteers for Hybrid Events: 7 Best Practices

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Volunteers can help make your hybrid event a success. Make the most of your volunteers’ time by training them to take on virtual and in-person tasks.  But a well-planned volunteer training program gets you one step closer to a glitch-free event.

4 Essential Components of a Volunteer Management Program


Volunteers have the unique capability to bolster your organization and generate excitement and engagement within your wider community. Volunteer work often contributes to greater long-term sustainability because it can provide a reliable source of support during challenging times. .

Philanthropy Cloud Adds New Volunteer Management Capabilities for National Volunteer Week

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In 2008, the Points of Light Foundation and the Salesforce Foundation conceived HandsOn Connect — a native Salesforce application designed specifically to make volunteering easier for employees and nonprofits — in a series of whiteboard sessions in San Francisco.

How BHcare Foundation Created Their Successful Virtual Event


When a door closes, a window opens… at least that’s how it seemed to the BHcare Foundation team! BHcare Foundation provides a comprehensive and integrated system of care for adults, children, and families who are struggling with mental health issues, substance use issues, or domestic violence.

Join Benetech in the Skoll Foundation’s 2014 Social Entrepreneurs Challenge!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Please join us in the Skoll Foundation’s second annual Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge —a fundraising campaign committed to strengthening the capacity of organizations like ours to accelerate impact on some of the most critical issues of our time. We are competing against other participating organizations—and racing against the clock—to raise funds and secure matching funding from the Skoll Foundation. Zach Bryant loves reading non-fiction. This wasn’t always the case, though.

Future of Volunteering from the Volunteer Canada Perspective

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We got the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Elizabeth Dove, the Director of Corporate Citizenship for Volunteer Canada. How does the current non-profit context impact volunteering opportunities? Many volunteers have also stepped back due to health concerns.

How to Engage Employees in National (Virtual) Volunteer Month

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Each April, hundreds of thousands of companies and nonprofits celebrate National Volunteer Month in the United States — and millions more throughout the year celebrate across the world. Hand Pick Nonprofit Partners & Provide Specific Volunteering Opportunities .

Muttart Foundation releases comprehensive, free e-book exploring Canada’s nonprofit sector

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The Muttart Foundation has released a comprehensive new resource for Canadian nonprofits and charities. Intersections and Innovations: Change for Canada’s Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector is a free e-book that, with 36 chapters devoted to a wide variety of topics including volunteering, decent work, the overhead myth, relationships with Indigenous communities, leadership diversity, fundraising trends, digitization, […].

8 Long-Term Health Benefits of Volunteering

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Sponsored by Reward Volunteers. Wherever it occurs, volunteering exists to help others. We did some digging to find out all the reasons why volunteering rocks. Volunteering helps build a strong safety net for when you’re experiencing trying times. When you volunteer, you become a part of someone else’s safety net, too. The relationships you can create while volunteering are endless. There’s a threshold to reaping the full benefits of volunteering, though.

5 Ways Good Technology and Data Improve Our Community Foundation’s Morale

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Maine Community Foundation (MaineCF) is a statewide community foundation with a staff of 38 and offices in Portland and Ellsworth, plus three remote offices in Maine and one in New York, NY. Free eBook: The Business Case for an Online Foundation Management Solution.

Going Virtual – An Alternative Volunteer Event Guide

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In light of that trend and all the recent travel upheaval due to COVID – 19, with increasing restrictions being placed on companies and their global workforce, we wanted to address creative alternatives to traditional volunteer events. . Skills-Based Volunteering.

Trends in Volunteering

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Not only is volunteering. There has been an increase in volunteering over the last decade, which may be driven by an increased demand for volunteers from nonprofit organizations. rely on volunteers to help them run their internal operations and. A study of nonprofit volunteer. Community Involvement and the UPS Foundation, indicates that 81 percent. of nonprofit organizations in America utilize volunteers. demand and competition for volunteers.

Volunteer Retention - Recognize Volunteer Contributions

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When considering non profit volunteer management, we need to recognize. volunteers both through an organizational culture that values them and. truly recognize the contributions of your volunteers unless you have the ability to track, quantify, and communicate surrounding volunteer. volunteer time tracking, understand what type of work is being done, when, by whom, and for how many hours. Measuring the Value of Volunteers. The volunteer tracking.

5 Foundation Trends That Will Continue in 2018

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Like many years in the past, 2017 continued to bring significant change to the way foundations approach their grantmaking, collaborate with each other, collaborate with their grant partners, collaborate with the public and private sectors and how they are utilizing technology and data to drive their strategy forward. Foundations are now utilizing their data to help guide their strategy, increase their impact and continually measure their success and the success of their programs.

When Foundations Collaborate to Solve the World’s Problems

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This week, Council on Foundations ’ (CoF) annual conference is underway in Dallas, with an agenda focused on a timely theme: leading together. As foundation leaders from across the country gather to share ideas and talk about the future, I’ve been thinking about the concept of leadership. To say that Vikki is passionate about foundations and their ability to drive social change would be an understatement.

[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: Taproot Foundation

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Organization: Taproot Foundation. LinkedIn: taproot-foundation. We also have an External Affairs Visita Volunteer who manages our blog space. A present, all of our marketing and volunteer recruitment campaigns really rely on social media to spread the word and energize our audience and so we use tools built into the aforementioned interfaces to help us measure the effectiveness of a campaign. Organization Size: 40 Employees. Name (s): Dupé Ajayi and Megan McDonald.

How to Find a Volunteer SEO Specialist for Your Nonprofit’s Website

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You could discuss any potential improvements with your volunteer SEO specialist. Having a basic understanding of SEO will help you find the best volunteer SEO specialist for your charity. So, make sure you enlist a volunteer SEO specialist who’s available long term.

Q&A with sgLEADERS: Barbara Newhouse, The Children’s Heart Foundation

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Today’s Q&A is with Barbara Newhouse, CEO of The Children’s Heart Foundation , where she is using her experience and lessons learned to create strengths from organizational challenges and rebuild a brand that staff, board, supporters, and volunteers can trust. What I actually do is talk with donors, angry constituents, volunteers, staff, conduct phone meetings, constantly answer emails, and deal with governance and financial issues.

4 bbcon 2019 Takeaways to Help You Maximize Your Foundation’s Impact in 2020

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In this post, I’ll highlight four of the key takeaways identified by our attendees as being the most critical to positioning their foundations for greater impact in 2020. bbcon Takeaway #3: Impact measurement must be baked into the culture of your foundation .

Community Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, and Cloud-based Technology – An Insider’s Look At This Winning Trifecta

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It was 20 years to the month that my wife and I established our DAF at our local community foundation, and I marveled at how technology had evolved over this time period. These features are the product of client input in the fast-growing community foundation, cloud-solution-user community.

Even better volunteer management


of Volunteers for Salesforce , the best volunteer management app available for Salesforce. We've listened to our user's requests and thanks to generous support from Foundation we are able to put some awesome new features in this version. Highlight features in this version include: Shift Calendar See all of your volunteer shifts on a single easy to use calendar. We're on a roll! After less than two months since our last major release we're at it again.

How can nonprofits leverage volunteer engagement strategies to maximize impact?

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Many charitable nonprofits rely on the help of volunteers to fulfill their missions. Whether it be packing food boxes, mentoring youth, or assisting with general office work, volunteers contribute valuable time and energy to help organizations succeed. Engage volunteers as leaders.

CTK Foundation’s "Heart and Soul" Grants

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The CTK Foundation just opened its 2011 Heart and Soul Grant Award Program. The poem can be written by staff members, clients, or volunteers, but must be wholly original. They'll be awarding over $25,000 in grants to nonprofits, charities and voluntary organizations of all sizes in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Why Engaging Your Volunteers Will Help Your NPO Thrive

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However, for one volunteer at The HALO Foundation , it is the perfect way to recognize her contributions to the organization. HALO, which works with disadvantaged youth in Missouri and Africa, gives this award as part of a handful of awards at an annual happy hour to honor the volunteers. “We Volunteer engagement isn’t just a trivial award or public recognition, but rather part of a nonprofit’s culture. It ties into the larger culture of how you treat the volunteer.

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Virtual Volunteer Mobilization Strategies That Can Solve Nonprofits’ Challenges During COVID-19

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In-person volunteers are disappearing for key activities (e.g., DISEASE FOUNDATIONS. Hold live fitness events ( like this No Vet Alone yoga class for first responders and vets ) with shifts where volunteers could participate during their regularly-scheduled times.

Acquiring Patients and Donors: Trust is the Foundation

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Trust is an essential component to building a brand that engages patients, consumers, families, volunteers, and donors with your organization. Even more importantly, trust is built via relationships—with front desk personnel, with nurses, with doctors, with front-line staff, and with foundation gift officers—all aspects of healthcare that are not controlled by marketing.

Recap: Twitter #GivingTuesdayMyths Chat Hosted by Salesforce Foundation

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Yesterday Allison Fine and I participated in a chat hosted by the Salesforce Foundation and moderated by Emily Goodstein on the topic “GivingTuesday Myths.” Myth 9: I’ve heard GT can only involve donors, not my staff or volunteers. ” I have to say that the best thing shared was from Rob Cottingham who illustrated a key point about the importance of building relationship and engagement! Here are the myths we discussed.

Get extra hands with volunteers

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There’s a great article in the latest Advancing Philanthropy magazine about using volunteers to get more work done in your office. I’m a huge proponent of using volunteers. Over my career, I’ve enlisted volunteers to do all kinds of things, and almost every time, had great success. The key to effectively using volunteers is to think about those things that someone else could do, then find someone who would enjoy doing it. Foundation research.

NTEN Celebrates National Volunteer Week: Kudos to Our Community Champions


This week is National Volunteer Week ! To recognize the tremendous work of volunteers that support the nonprofit sector, we’ll be publishing a blog post every day this week to celebrate their contributions. champions community Community Fundraising volunteer week Volunteers Fundraising Today we give a huge thanks to our mighty team of NTEN Community Champions : you helped to collectively raise over $30,000 for the greater good of the #nptech community!

NTEN Celebrates National Volunteer Week: Honoring NTEN Committee Members


This week is National Volunteer Week ! Points of Light, the organization that established this program in 1974, says "National Volunteer Week is about taking action and encouraging individuals and their respective communities to be at the center of social change – discovering and actively demonstrating their collective power to make a difference.". David Krumlauf, Chief Technologist, Pierce Family Charitable Foundation.

Engaging and Retaining Skilled (and Key) Volunteers

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posted by Sentari Minor , Program Specialist, The Rodel Foundation of Arizona. At the heart of this notion is leveraging volunteers. In her blog post, “ Don't Be Afraid To Ask ,” Stephanie La Loggia says, "recruiting volunteers is one of the most important jobs in most nonprofit organizations.” And that’s true - the recruitment process is crucial but it’s also imperative to engage and retain those who can be, or who already are, key volunteers.

How Small Nonprofits Can Recruit Entrepreneur Volunteers to Their Cause

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It can be exhausting, and costly, trying to get the attention of giant corporations and their foundations. Your small nonprofit creates new volunteer opportunities. Remember to package your volunteer ask with in-kind donation requests too. Always attempt to convert volunteers into donor evangelists. Seek out the intersection of budding entrepreneurs and social good to increase your levels of volunteer participation.

Big Benetech Day: All Company and Volunteer Meetings

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Our meeting facilitator, Bob Glavin (longtime advisor to Benetech, teaches at USF and helps many other nonprofits and foundations), told me and the senior managers to not talk and to simply listen. Later in the afternoon, we held a volunteer appreciation event for inhouse volunteers. Each of our inhouse volunteers received two rubber duckies, one to sign (and add to our expanding collection in Bookshare) and one to take home.

Meghan Markle Partners With Nonprofits for 40×40 Women Mentorship Initiative

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex founded The Archewell Foundation to uplift and unite communities, and its latest endeavor will work with three nonprofits with a history of helping women or mobilizing volunteers. Foundations Women

CTK Foundation's "Heart and Soul" Grants

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The CTK Foundation just opened its 2011 Heart and Soul Grant Award Program. The poem can be written by staff members, clients, or volunteers, but must be wholly original. They'll be awarding over $25,000 in grants to nonprofits, charities and voluntary organizations of all sizes in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Grant 62

Grantseeking Basics: Researching Suitable Funders Part Two - Foundations

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Foundations, nonprofits, businesses and corporations, clubs, and professional and trade associations are all examples of private grant sources. They may be small, with only a few mostly volunteer staff, or they may be large multimillion dollar-driven enterprises with many professional staff. Foundations. Foundations support the specific ideals that inspired the creation of the foundation. Billions of dollars are granted annually by foundations.

Running Free: Seattle Free School at Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp

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One thing I always enjoy about Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp is getting to know very small organizations. Volunteers teach free classes in rooms donated by other local organizations. Tags: Marketing Online Activism Online Fundraising Online Recruitment Running Your Organization Social Networking Staff Using the Web and Internet Volunteers Web 2.0 A lot of people stopped by our booth and told us about the challenges their one-or-two-person nonprofits are facing.

Offering Technology Pro Bono? A Foundation Director Shares Best Practices

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Jessamine Chin Director, VMWare Foundation Who She Is: As Director of the VMware Foundation, Jessamine Chin leads engagement for VMware's 20,000+ employees and heads their worldwide, social impact programs.