11 Types of Photos Nonprofits Should Post on Social Media

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To get started, nonprofit social media managers need to learn and feel comfortable with taking a lot of photos at events, on the street, in the office, and on site visits. You are going to need to know where to find photos online and how to source them. You’ll need to invest in a photo-editing software or app that will allow you to edit, crop and insert text or your nonprofit’s logo or avatar into your photos. It’s a real eye-opener.

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Using Design Thinking for A Foundation’s Investment Strategy

Beth Kanter

Grantees, Experts, and Partners at the end of the Brainerd Foundation’s 21st Century Advocacy Design Lab. I was thrilled to work with the Brainerd Foundation staff to help design and facilitate a design lab using techniques based on Luma Institute methods earlier this month. Over the past twenty years, the Brainerd Foundation has invested nearly $50 million in organizations working to protect the environment in the Northwest.


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Building a Strong Foundation


Flickr Photo by pt Last week, we kicked off the year with the NTEN Technology Leadership Series with John Kenyon. This Thursday, the second webinar of the series will be Building the Foundation: Hardware, Software and Networks and we're excited to announce that we have a last-minute addition, special guest star: Allen Gunn from Aspiration. . Allen will add an Open Source Software perspective to John's explanations of hardware, software, and networks. .

Packard Foundation OE Launches Their Strategy Refresh Site

Beth Kanter

Flickr Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography. Note From Beth: Last month I had the pleasure of co-presenting at the GEO Conference (Grantmakers for Effective Organizations) with Kathy Reich, Director, Organizational Effectiveness Program at the Packard Foundation and Jared Raynor, Director of Evaluation at TCC Group, that helped OE analyze its “goldmine” of grantee data. Packard Foundation OE Launches Their Strategy Refresh – Guest Post by the Packard OE Team.

When Culture Eats Your Foundation’s Social Media Strategy for Breakfast

Beth Kanter

Council on Foundations. Yesterday, I had the honor of facilitating a workshop on culture change and social media at the Council on Foundations Conference for Community Foundations in San Francisco. John Kobara, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, California Community Foundation, was the session designer and introduced the session with a famous quote from Peter Drucker, ”Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Guest Post: Celebrating Beth’s Five Years As Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Yesterday, I was the honored guest at a Google Hangout hosted by the Packard Foundation to celebrate the work that I have done over the last five years as Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation. It was wonderful to see colleagues in the room and online, reflect on the work, and talk about next steps. Guest Post: Celebrating Beth’s Five Years As Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation by Kathy Reich. Click to See Larger Image and Scroll.

Networked Nonprofit Update: Royalty Check Sent to Sharing Foundation, London Event, and More

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Leng Sopharath, Phon Vandy, and CHom Thavy - Sharing Foundation College Students. It was with sincere joy that I was able to donate the full amount of my share of the royalities to the Sharing Foundation in support of the educational programs. I was able to raise $850 which helped cover the costs for her to participate in the Sharing Foundation’s college student sponsorship program and send her off to Noroton University with an accounting major in 2006.

Tell the Packard Foundation’s Organizational Effectiveness Program How You Think They Should Do Their Work!

Beth Kanter

Photo by Leff. Note from Beth : This is an ongoing series from the Organizational Effectiveness Program team at the Packard Foundation about developing their program funding strategy in an open way or what has been dubbed “Learning In Public.” Tell the Packard Foundation’s Organizational Effectiveness Program How You Think We Should Do Our Work! Guest Post by the Packard Foundation OE Team.

Live Blogging ONG Web 2.0 Conference in Romania sponsored by the Soros Foundation in Bucharest

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I am here in Romania for a conference hosted by the Soros Foundation as part of their pilot advocacy through blogging program. Civil Society Catalogue NGOs Online Ciprian Ciucu – PR & Marketing Manager, Foundation for Civil Society Development Gave an overivew of their program and how ngos web presences have evolved from web 1.0 Gabriela Tanasan – Executive Director, Orizonturi Foundation, Campulung Moldovenesc. It is important to use video, photos, and audio.

Live Blog Post from MacArthur Foundation: Virtual World Event on Philanthropy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

MacArthur Foundation hosted its first discussion in Second Life to explore the role that philanthropy might play in virtual worlds. MacArthur hopes to gain insight into how virtual worlds are used by young people, to introduce the foundation to an audience that may have little exposure to institutional philanthropy and to take part in and stimulate discussions about the real-world issues that it seeks to address. Foundations don't do it directly but via nonprofits.

Beth's 51st Birthday Challenge: Can I get 51 people to donate $10 to the Sharing Foundation for my birthday? (It's on Jan. 11th)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I celebrated with a flickr photo birthday card remix contest. That's a photo of me celebrating my 5th birthday oh so many years ago. This year I'm gonna celebrate by trying to get 51 people to donate $10 in 51 hours to the Sharing Foundation's America's Giving Challenge over at Global Giving. Those are some kids from the Sharing Foundation's Roteang Orphanage, opened in 2000. My birthday is on Friday, January 11th. Last year for the big 5.0,

Data, Data Everywhere: But How Does It Relate to You and Your Work?

Tech Soup Blog

As Internet and mobile access grows, more data is made open online. Open data, real time data, and linked data are being discussed in many. The European Public Sector Information Platform has a great list of open data events. And for those of you interested in open government data events, have a look at the events calendar that is being updated by the Open Knowledge Foundation. A few of the many notable events are: The Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon).

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5 Ways Your Nonprofit Website Can Promote Planned Giving


There are two kinds of Planned Giving donors that will visit your website: some that are looking for information about the Planned Giving process, and some that are simply looking for a way to support your cause, but may be open to Planned Giving once they learn about it. Featuring it prominently is a great way to catch the eye of browsers who are open to the idea of Planned Giving, even if they haven’t yet considered this type of gift.

Ever have to help people post pics on their web sites? | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

7) Web CMS (11) Web Services (13) where2007 (2) Wikimedia Foundation (1) Wired (1) Wireless (3) Wordpress (3) Working Assets (2) Yahoo! (4) 07.18.06 | 68 2 Comments [link] Ever+have+to+help+people+post+pics+on+their+web+sites%3F 2006-07-18+15%3A23%3A35 Allan+Benamer And you ended up having to teach them about resizing photos as well as the concept of screen vs. print resolution AND proportional sizing?

Impact of Social Media on the Nonprofit Sector


Flickr Photo: clevercupcakes I recently got an email from an NYU graduate student in Public Relations, Paola Christina Lamarca. Lots of research -- check out the Case Foundation report on the America's Giving Challenge -- points to the fact that the donors and activists we're engaging in social media are new to our organizations. It's opened up a whole new world for us. Tags: beth kanter case foundation Social Media Communications

10 LinkedIn Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Upload your avatar/logo (250 x 250), a cover photo(1128 x 191), add a description and website URL, your company/organization size, industry, and city and country.

Deadline Approaching for $10,000 Pizzigati Prize

Tech Soup Blog

Each year, the Tides Foundation awards a $10,000 cash grant to an individual or group who has created an open-source software project that benefits nonprofits and movements of social change. Previous winners have developed open-source applications and systems that are free, shareable, and benefit organizations that work to benefit others. The Pizzigati Prize is named for Antonio Pizzigati, an MIT graduate, early web author, and leading advocate for open-source computing.

Picture this | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. Recent innovations have made it significantly easier to get stock photos for free or cheap (and I don’t mean using Google Image Search and hoping no one notices!) to help people locate, remix and republish open and copyleft images. Yotophoto draws heavily from Flickr photos that are tagged as Creative Commons , as well as Wikipedia’s photo division.

Using National Doctors’ Day to Cultivate Your Grateful Patient Program

Connection Cafe

Having them open doors to those patients perceived to be both grateful and capable of supporting the important work of physicians and their institutions is key to continued success. Tip: If a good number of physicians were recognized with gifts, load their pictures on the posts and the hospital/foundation website as a thank you to all who honored them. Patients of all ages can take a picture with a handmade thank you sign and email it to the foundation to post.

Insider Tips for Nonprofit Content Marketing at Healthcare Organizations

Connection Cafe

Guest post by Christina Relacion, Communications Manager at the Scleroderma Foundation’s National Office. Take the opportunity to ask your followers to share their own stories and experiences – in words, photos or videos. For instance, the Scleroderma Foundation sends out a weekly email newsletter, or eLetter, to more than 10,000 subscribers. In the 5 days that voting was open, we had more than 140,000 website visitors with nearly 360,000 votes cast. (On

APIs from Kintera and Convio – A new beginning? | Beaconfire Wire

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05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. Posted Monday, October 22nd, 2007 at 8:53 am by Jeff Herron (10 posts) The past two weeks have seen some exciting developments as both Kintera and Convio launched Open API programs, Kintera Connect and Convio Open respectively. The openness ?? Openness is one of the criteria that probably includes many other things but you get my point.

10 Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Ensure that when potential new followers land on your Facebook Page, the design of your cover photo and your avatar is visually compelling. Then, target a global, open audience.

10 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Your website is the foundation upon which your digital communications and fundraising campaigns are built. Released in 2003, WordPress is open-source software and free to use and fully-customizable using WordPress themes and plug-ins.

Sure, we’re cool…but we’re so much more! | Beaconfire Wire

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05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. Want to put your skills to use helping great causes like the American Lung Association, Heifer International, the Skillman Foundation and the ACLU further their missions? Learn more about our current openings.

nfp 2.0 » The trends that will drive charities in 2007!

Rebooting Charity

Note: I’m thinking of co-organising an open-space event for those championing social media tools (and change management) within their organisations. If I remember though before that when asked whether his Foundation would be interested in the initiative he did point out that they could vaccinate people for a few cents & the impact of that would be far greater.

A Guide to Storytelling for Nonprofits & Digital Marketing

DNL OmniMedia

Let’s walk through five steps to start telling your story from a strong foundation. Photography: Seek out variety in your photo assets, in both the scenes depicted and the dimensions of the photos.

Top Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits


In fact, 84% of Generation Z is open to becoming a fundraiser on behalf of your organization! . Participants can customize their pages, share their stories, and upload photos and videos to their page.

Looking for Staten Island Sandy Relief Recommendations

Have Fun - Do Good

Today is Giving Tuesday , the "opening day" for philanthropic holiday giving, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are to holiday shopping. The Wall Street Journal reported on November 2nd that a Relief Fund was created for Staten Island and New Jersey through the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Flickr photo credit: Staten Island Ferry by Robert Paul Young Tweet.

Super Useful Nonprofit Fiscal Year-End Action Strategies


Every donor should get something, even if just a brief email with a photo of someone they helped and a quick “ You’re our hero! ” Make sure your website donation landing page is simple and optimized for mobile, since this is the way a majority of folks today open emails.

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How to Attract Donors From Around the World With Your Virtual Event


See where you can incorporate clear and direct advertisements for your event to open the door to worldwide participants and the additional donors they will introduce to your cause. Design thoughtful touchpoints like welcome gifts, quarterly updates, and photos .

#NPSocialSummit Recap: Part Two

Neon CRM

One of the hardest parts of sharing content is finding engaging photos. Instead of turning toward an expensive, bland stock photo service, check out Unsplash. Jude’s Foundation and Make-A-Wish.

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Four Characteristics of High Impact Giving: Takeaways from PhilanthropyMatters

ASU Lodestar Center

Following, Dr. Robert Ashcraft, ASU Lodestar Center's Executive Director, facilitated a conversation with Kat, Partner Jacky Alling from the Arizona Community Foundation and me, where we discussed the high impact philanthropy ecosystem in Arizona. Commitment to Continuous Learning — We make progress because we are open to learning and course correcting, as we need to. See more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Is a Culture of Learning Required To Learn in Public?

Beth Kanter

Flickr Photo by Zen. The opening plenary was both fun and informative – an improv company “performed” the results of GEO’s latest research on the relationship between grantmaking practices and grantee success. At the “Learning in Public” breakout session, Beth Kanter, Jared Raynor (TCC Group) and Kathy Reich (David and Lucile Packard Foundation) sharing the Packard Foundation’s experience with learning in public. How many hours could be freed up across the foundation?

10X: CEO’s Update: Spring 2014

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The application allows any user to send information—including photos, videos, audio, or text—simply and securely to a Martus account. Photo credit: Katy Steinmetz, TIME Magazine. The Oak Foundation just awarded us a grant to provide accessible content to people with qualifying learning differences (like dyslexia) in Brazil, India, and the United Kingdom. I invite you to join us as we open new frontiers at the intersection of technology and social change.

10 Free Nonprofit iPhone Apps

Nonprofit Tech for Good

I thought it was important to lay the foundation of group texting and mobile websites for nonprofits before moving into examining how nonprofits are using iPhone Apps: 1. Search 60,000 open volunteer opportunities to find the perfect one for you. Loan requests on Kiva.org get fulfilled very quickly and we update open loan requests every few minutes so that you can find the loans of your interest quickly as they appear. Surfrider Foundation :: Download.

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The Best Social Media Marketing Resources For Nonprofits

Nonprofits Source

Don’t be afraid to share people’s stories because it will make your organization feel a lot more friendly and open. Everyone has heard of the Make-A-Wish Foundation —the romantic nature of granting sick children their wishes can touch even the coldest of hearts. They aren’t afraid to retweet relevant posts, or share photos. More than 50% of Snapchat users will open a brand’s story, and more than 85% of them will watch the entire story.

The Beacon Lounge will brighten SxSW interactive in 2013

Allegiance Group

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we just redesigned our website to make it easier to learn about The Beacon, sign up for event updates or explore photos & videos from past years. Our media partner, Groupon Grassroots , just launched a Blog series called “PhilanthroTech: Making a Difference in a Digital World ” which will also get the juices flowing leading up to the opening of The Beacon Lounge on March 8th in Austin.

@knightfdn Offers Free Webinar Series on Taking Giving Days to the Next Level

Beth Kanter

Photo credit: Silicon Valley Gives. Note from Beth: I’ve been facilitating a community of practice of community foundations, Knight Foundation grantees, over the past two years, that have been using the Knight Foundation Giving Day Playbook to take their practice to the next level. For many community foundations, Giving Days have been a great way to cultivate donors for their community’s nonprofits, while raising millions for local causes.

11 Group Text Messaging Best Practices for Nonprofits

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I am firm believer that social media will be the foundation of the Mobile Web and the book was written to help prepare nonprofits for the coming shift from desktop and social to social and mobile. embedded in a powerful photo, you want an image that you can upload to send out in Facebook status updates, link to in tweets, upload to Flickr, and so on. Since the open rate for text messaging is so high, each and every one of your messages should be well thought out and interesting.

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Can love change the world? I hope so!

Amy Sample Ward

I see this lesson in the local councils of London trying to open up their data and their leadership. I see this work in public maps like Open Green Map. We are starting a movement that has love at the very foundation. To Mama With Love is an open, community campaign. Scheduled for May 3-8, 2011, the site invites participants to create socially shareable “heartspaces&# that include words, videos, photos & investments in honor of mamas they love.

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[VIDEO] How to Talk about Legacy Giving Without Seeming Creepy


And I’ve taken photos and I really like the concept of using them in this presentation just to kind of prompt us to think about the values that people have because that’s really what legacy giving is all about. ” So you can open your eyes. Claire Axelrad, J.D.,

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Why is this Cambodian Orphan Wearing A Creative Commons T-Shirt?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Cambodia4kids Flickr Photos. I launched a bloggers campaign and Twitter Wall of Fame as part of the Sharing Foundation's America's Giving Challenge. (To To learn more about the Sharing Foundation, see this article ) I've been reaching out to all my networks. That's a photo I took this summer of a child at the Sharing Foundation 's Roteang Orphanage. In fact, the photo I took of my kids wearing it won the Creative Commons photo contest !

14 Top Nonprofit Websites to Inspire Your Organization

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For instance, there are a few foundational nonprofit web development strategies your team should definitely implement. Project Open Hand. Let’s explore the ways that Mustard Seed promotes its mission throughout every inch of the site: Photo gallery. Large photo headers.