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Assembling the Right Team for an E-Learning Project


Improved staff and volunteer retention rates, fundraising and donor stewardship outcomes, and training engagement come to mind. Write and review storyboards. The course and accompanying course files are delivered to your team and published on your distribution software. .

How Nonprofit Staff Training Is Evolving Due to COVID-19

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While some aspects of operating a nonprofit are universal across the board— every nonprofit needs to file a Form 990, for example— there are many aspects that are unique to your team alone. Amy started with Artisan as a contract writer/instructional designer.

The Jing Project: Embed Screencasts Into Conversation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

That in and of itsef is a little mind blowing. And, I have to prepare some instruction in a completely different context, get organized to visit Sharing Foundation projects, pack T-shirts, AND finish the massives amount of work before I go. You can upload to their host or you can download a.swf file. It was very liberating for me to create a screencast like this -- no storyboard, script, no retakes. Click to play.

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