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Equitable and Inclusive Messaging: Retaining Donors in a New Age of Storytelling


It paints a complete picture of the people you serve and the opportunities they can capitalize on with some help from within their community. Ensuring you have access to the photos and stories you need to paint the full picture. The building blocks you use—stories and pictures—must be authentic, resonant, and relevant to your donors.

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Digital Must-Haves for Fall Fundraising Success Part 5: Digital Advocacy Forms


But no matter how your nonprofit is doing good in our world, there will always be ways your work and mission are affected by legislation, policies, and local and national events, which means there will always be reasons to make your voice heard. Say thank you and stay connected.

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Nonprofit Donor Engagement Strategies: Breaking Through the Noise

Neon CRM

It’s easy to feel like you’re the voice of your organization, and it’s tempting to try to talk like you are that organization. When posting on social media, skip the formalities and embrace your unique voice and tone. Share feel-good stories, cute pictures, uplifting impact updates, or funny anecdotes. paragraphs in your emails.

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How to Maximize Your Nonprofit CEO’s Social Profiles

Whole Whale

First, shameless plug for Whole Whale tools that will help a team working to increase a social presence: Linkedin tips article Whole Whale’s Social Media Course is a weekly nonprofit news feed that can give your team ideas for content for a CEO to react to. Thoughts on Brand Voice. Social Media Tools.

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Technology Toolbox: Learn from Occupy Wall Street to Occupy YOUR Street

Amy Sample Ward

In less than a month, over 1,700 other cities started Occupy events – both in solidarity to the thousands protesting around the clock in New York’s financial district, and with a loud voice that these issues are not unique to the US.

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Making Facebook Groups Rock for Nonprofits – Guest Post by Miriam Brosseau

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The power of pictures. Facebook is a “picture economy” (whereas Twitter is a “link economy” ); pics are the most engaged content, the most in-demand. Pictures are great conversation starters. Docs live in a designated place within your group and are therefore not as subject to the news feed, which is more timely.

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Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

.” It’s worth noting that beginning July 31 Google made it mandatory that all Google Profiles be public which means that your first name, last name, and profile picture will be visible when you participate in public Google Products such as Google Places, Maps, Images, Sites, etc.

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