RSS app Feedly gains half a million new users after the death of Google Reader | memeburn

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RSS app Feedly gains half a million new users after the death of Google Reader | memeburn

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Security and Control: Early thoughts on Google+

Amy Sample Ward

Google+ , the latest iteration on social networking from Google, is here. It may seem strange to users who are new to Google tools, but the Google+ privacy settings are tied in to all of your Google account privacy settings. Google+ and Facebook in Early Days.

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Feed My Inbox — RSS feeds by email

Robert Weiner

And I don't like having to look at a web page/feed reader every day to find out whether anything new has appeared on an RSS feed. I'm testing a solution that will deliver RSS updates to me via email: Feed My Inbox I'm starting with a few sites I want to track, but that are only updated occasionally. I also think that (now owned by Google) will do this, but I found the instructions impenetrable.

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Getting RSS Feeds Via Email

Robert Weiner

There are a few RSS feeds I don't want to miss. I have an RSS feed reader but I often go for days without looking at it. Some RSS feeds offer email subscriptions, but most don't. However, I found a way to do this even for feeds that don't offer email delivery by playing with these instructions for setting up a Google FeedBurner subscription for one's own web site: [link]. Once that's set up, click the My Feeds link in the upper-right corner.

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Google Chrome

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Google Chrome September 4, 2008 The hiatus is over with a short entry about Google Chrome , the new browser from Google that I learned about on the twitterverse while I was stopped at one rest stop or another. Yes, it is open source, and I applaud Google for releasing open source software.

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Google Search Results Now Prominently Feature Nonprofit Google+ Pages

Nonprofit Tech for Good

And yet another reason why your nonprofit can not ignore Google+… the Google Knowledge Graph which now prominently features information about nonprofit organizations on the right-hand side of Google Search results. Sierra Club :: Impact of Google+ Page and Wikipedia.

BREAKING: Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1


From the Official Google Blog : We launched Google Reader in 2005 in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader.

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Google now denies program to nonprofits they used to serve

Judi Sohn

I’ve been struggling whether to write this post or file it under “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.&# At Fight Colorectal Cancer, we switched from web host email to Google Apps in 2007 and we haven’t looked back. Last summer, I set up Google Apps for my synagogue. Both IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations are using the Education Edition of Google Apps, which offer more features, support and storage space than the Free edition.

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Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Now that Google+ is open to everyone, all nonprofit staff can start experimenting and familiarizing themselves with Google+ before the brand pages, also known as Google+ Business Profiles , are launched later this month. Sign up for a Google Account. Join Google+.

If Google+ was a comfy couch at a conference…

Judi Sohn

For a while yesterday, Google turned on the spigot and folks were able to freely invite others to Google+. Just how frustrating is it that it only works with old-style Google Accounts and not Google Apps accounts. On Google+, your posts are shared with one circle by default and you can take an extra step to include more people. When I go to Facebook, I typically skim back in my feed to see what I missed since my last visit. Tagged: facebook , Google.

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More RSS Tools: Sharing Feeds


For my last followup to my RSS article, Using RSS Tools to Feed your Information Needs , I want to discuss OPML, the standard for RSS Reader feed information, and talk a bit about why RSS, which is already quite useful, is about to become an even bigger deal. Last week, I discussed sharing research with Google Reade r; before that, filtering RSS feeds with Yahoo! Admitting that I might represent an extreme case, I subscribe to 96 feeds in Google Reader.

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3 Ways To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Results


Google keeps their algorithm tight to their chest, and no one can be 100% certain how it works, but there are a few things we do have control over. In a previous post , we discuss what exactly what search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Image courtesy of Mashable.

Zoetica Salon Summary: Feeding America’s Social Media Measurement Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Dan Michel, Digital Marketing Manager, Feeding America Twitter: @dpmichel. Dan is the Digital Marketing Manager for Feeding America where he oversees the execution of their external digital strategy which includes social media.

So long, Zombie Google Reader | FeedBlitz - Email Marketing and RSS

AFP Blog

So long, Zombie Google Reader | FeedBlitz - Email Marketing and RSS : "Case in point: Google Reader. The product was “killed” by Google in the middle of 2013, and it was no longer available to end users. The back end of Google Reader kept on plugging away, checking feeds, dutifully reporting how many subscribers it was polling on behalf of. So it was dead and buried, right? Wrong. It was a zombie.

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22 Must-Circle Nonprofits on Google+

Nonprofit Tech for Good

As a follow-up to Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits and 22 Must-Circle Nonprofit Bloggers and Resources on Google+ , below are 22 nonprofits that are regularly using Google+ effectively to engage and inspire the Google+ community. Google Plus

RSS isn't dead: the best Google Reader alternatives | The Verge

AFP Blog

RSS isn't dead: the best Google Reader alternatives | The Verge : Feedly appears to be the heir apparent to Google Reader’s throne, a modern take on RSS that blends some of the niceties of Flipboard (like a “magazine view”) with useful Reader features like keyboard shortcuts and tags.

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12 Things Non-Profits Need to Know About Google Ad Grants

Nonprofit Tech for Good

1) You can get $10k per month in free advertising from Google. Google Ad Grants is an in-kind programme that gives non-profits free access to Google business tools, and incredibly, $10,000 per month in free advertising on their Google Ads platform.

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No RSS Feed for Your Website? No Problem

Wild Apricot

Google Reader has announced a new feature that lets users create an RSS feed to track changes to any web page, even if the site doesn’t publish a feed. It’s great new feature for your website visitors who use Google Reader, but what about people who use a different feedreader or like to get updates by email? Google Non-profit Communications websites RSS Feedburner

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3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results


Social media news feeds are over crowded as people’s peers, corporations, and advertised Tweets and Facebook posts all vie for the allusive […]. The post 3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Nonprofits are facing a bevy of problems they never faced 10 years ago because of technology, and more specifically, the internet and search engines.

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Maybe Google+ is Cool as They Say

Connection Cafe

Like everyone else, Convions are chomping at the bit for the coveted Google + invite.and to actually get in once we get that invite. Client Support Manager Cynthia Balusek was one of the first to get past the virtual bouncer and through the Google + door. Many thanks to my friend Betsy, I did get an invite to Google + ! To me, Google + combines the best things of Facebook (possible exclusivity) and the best things of Twitter (it's all out there, all the time.)

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Roll Your Own RSS Feed Digest Widget

Wild Apricot

There are many ways to publish any RSS feed on your own website — Feedburner’s BuzzBoost feature, and Widgetbox, for example, among a host of other methods including a Google Docs trick — but lately I’ve been using a free service called Feed Informer, for several reasons.(

Google Reader Gets Scrapped


Google is no stranger to controversy, and the latest news from Mountain View sparked a range of reactions around the interwebs--and at the Idealware office this morning. Google is retiring its popular RSS reader due to a "lack of interest.". To some Idealware staff, the announcement that Google Reader is getting the axe was almost life-shattering. Gizmodo has a line-up here , and Lifehacker offers its own list , including tips for importing your feeds to a new reader.

Care and Feeding of Your Website: Google Webmaster Tools

Beaconfire Wire

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service provided by Google that will help you to see the “big picture&# of how your site exists on the web and how you can improve both its presence and performance. To get started, log in with any Google Account. View Top Search Queries shows when and how your web site is appearing in Google search results. Keywords is a list of the most common keywords found by Google when crawling your site. So, you have a website.

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You Finally Have a Google Plus Business Page… Now What?


Tuesday night I had the awesome privilege of hanging out with Marc Pitman and Nathan Hand on Google Plus. At one point Nathan put a challenge on the table for the three of us to write a post about Google Plus Pages during the Hangout. So you have a Google Plus Page… Now What?

Filtering Your Feeds: Marshall's Yahoo Pipes Screencast

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Let's say that you have mastered using an RSS reader like bloglines or google reader or event NetVibes to read feeds. And you've integrated reading feeds from blogs and web sites into your daily routine.

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You finally have a Google Plus Business Page for your Nonprofit… Now What?

John Haydon

Tuesday night I had the awesome privilege of hanging out with Marc Pitman and Nathan Hand on Google Plus. At one point Nathan put a challenge on the table for the three of us to write a post about Google Plus Pages during the Hangout. So you have a Google Plus Page… Now What?

Facebook makes changes…AGAIN

NCE Social Media

In the past week Facebook anounced two changes that I think you should take note of: 1) they are going to start allowing hashtags to be posted in status updates and 2) they changed the news feed again. The second item I mention was the news feed.

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RIP Google Reader: Don’t Scream Who Moved My Cheese, Pivot Your Reading

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This past week, Google announced that it would close Google Reader on July 1st. Nonprofit technology colleague Nancy Schwartz shared that link and it prompted a lot of angst for many who had grown dependent on this free software. Google reflection

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Signed up for Google Alerts?


And you can now get them via RSS feed ! Tags: RSS listening google If not, you should be. Set up alerts for your name, your organizations'name, industry keywords, etc. and see what's being said about you on the world wide web. This all just gets easier and easier.

Is Google Wave a Tidal Wave?


Google is on a fishing expedition to see if we're willing to take web-surfing to a whole new level. My colleague Steve Backman introduced us to Google Wave a few months ago. Google's introduction of Wave is nothing if not ambitious. It's Google Docs inverted.

Google Reader Reaches Out


Now it appears that Google wants to cut out the social media middlepeople. Last week, Google seriously upped the ante by adding Twitter/Facebook/Delicious-like following, "liking" and sharing to the mix. Google has always allowed you to share items, but connecting to other people was a bit arcane and limited, as, by default, Google only allowed you to connect to those that you chat with in GMail. Tags: content management data management Google Web 2.0

Care and Feeding of your Website: 3 Free Keyword Tools

Beaconfire Wire

Here are a few free tools to help you out: Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools. If you use Google Analytics, check out the following reports: Traffic Sources > Keywords will show you keywords used on external search engines that lead visitors to your site, then show you what happens once they enter your site. Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Also see: If you use Google Webmaster Tools , go to Your site on the web > Keywords.

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Why is Google using Solr for search? | The Open Road - CNET News

AFP Blog

Why is Google using Solr for search? | crawl feeds from partners like VolunteerMatch and Idealist just like Google web search crawls web The Open Road - CNET News: "One of the top concerns we've been hearing from nonprofit organizations who list volunteer opportunities on All for Good is that their opportunities aren't updated on the site as frequently as they need. This happens because.we

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The New Google Analytics | Idealware


Skip to Main Content Area Helping Nonprofits Make Smart Software Decisions Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About The New Google Analytics By Laura Quinn , May 16, 2007 Well, wouldnt you know it: pretty much as soon as we publish a Few Good Tools article about web analytics packages , Google launches their complete interface redesign of Google Analytics.

My Google Reader is trying to tell me something

Network-Centric Advocacy

So I grab feeds on stuff in Google reader. I have a folder "Cool" and when I got to the end of the feeds. Google reached out and slapped me.

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NPTech Metatag Feed — why it’s broken and how to fix it | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) nptech NPTech Metatag Feed — why it’s broken and how to fix it 11.15.06 | 123 7 Comments [link] NPTech+Metatag+Feed+--+why+it%27s+broken+and+how+to+fix+it 2006-11-15+08%3A09%3A52 Allan+Benamer Some of you may be aware that there is an RSS feed for all manners of things that are part of nonprofit technology. it’s been sent to the RSS feed. I believe that a Google CSE is the way to resolve this issue. Google CSEs have that built-in.

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NpTechTag MetaFeed: 2007 Version 1 - Feed Fixed, Tag Still Broken?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Allan Benamer gave a shout that the NpTech Meta Feed was broken. The NpTech Meta Feed has been revised and move to here: [link]. I've asked Marshall to put a forward on the old feed. But is it fixed? Gavin's Digital Diner gave us a thoughtful post about the pros/cons of taxonomy versus folksonomy, and the quality (or lack of) in user-generated content. A brilliant reflection, if only presenting one point of view, but still worth reading! It's here.

DIY Social Media Management

Amy Sample Ward

How to get started: I suggest using Netvibes , you can also try iGoogle or even Google Reader. Use this step-by-step guide for adding RSS feeds. Free tools: Google Apps. Google Analytics. resources rss socialmedia calendar content diy google planning social media tools

More RSS Tools: Using Google Reader for Research and Sharing


Google Reader gets a good mention in my RSS article, Using RSS Tools to Feed your Information Needs , but deserves an even deeper dive. We've established that an RSS Reader helps you manage internet information far more efficiently than a web browser can; and we've talked in the last few posts about publishing feeds to your web site. This post focuses on using tools like Google Reader to share research. Also, Google Reader isn't the only game in town.

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NetCentric Advocacy: Mediavolunteer Better than Google Answers

Network-Centric Advocacy

Home Green Media Toolshed Profile Twitter Shared Links Subscribe Archives « Political Affairs Magazine - Some Social Implications of the Web | Main | Customer Carewords: Words are the most powerful tool you have: Gerry McGovern:The Long Neck: » December 04, 2006 Mediavolunteer Better than Google Answers If only we could swarm answers folks to Link: Official Google Blog: Adieu to Google Answers.

Great reads from around the web on June 29th

Amy Sample Ward

To follow more of the things I find online, you can follow @amysampleward on Twitter (which is just a blog and resource feed), or find me on Delicious (for all kinds of bookmarks). I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day.

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Google's Killer Storymapping App | Idealware


Skip to Main Content Area Helping Nonprofits Make Smart Software Decisions Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Google's Killer Storymapping App By Laura Quinn , July 3, 2007 The concept of " Storymapping " - applying stories, often including photographs to something like Google Maps - is getting a lot of interest in the nonprofit community.

Google Maps: Seek and Hide | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

» Google Maps: Seek and Hide Posted Friday, September 12th, 2008 at 11:22 am by Alan Gallauresi (13 posts) Everybody loves a good Google Map mash-up. On a recent project, Beaconfire worked with Share Our Strength to develop a Google Map for their Great American Dine Out campaign.

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