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Twitter Launches Fundraisng Beta for Nonprofits


Twitter rolled out a new. Facebook Fundraising. , feature. that lets users make donations directly through the platform. Much like.

[Cool Infographic Friday] How Government Agencies Use Twitter and Facebook


————-. photo credit ). Cool Infographic Friday From the Trenches

How Twitter Donations Work: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Twitter is experimenting with allowing certain nonprofits to accept donations directly through tweets. Hint, hint. . See @Water , for example.

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25 Nonprofit Twitter Tips From The Pros

John Haydon

According to the most recent Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, 76% percent of nonprofits are now using Twitter.

How Nonprofit Pros Use Twitter


It’s the second most popular social network used by nonprofits, after Facebook. Twitter is like looking out the window of a fast moving train.

9 Ways Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

Connection Cafe

Ask Ambassadors to Live Stream on Facebook and Twitter. This march is said to be one of the largest one-day protests in U.S. history.

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Facebook’s New Fundraising Tools

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The new Facebook Fundraising Tools could be a game changer for the nonprofit sector. View: Humane Society of the United States Facebook Page.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Sold Activists’ Data That Turned Into Racial Profiling


How many social networks does your nonprofit have a presence on? Probably not. and, here’s why….

Facebook Subscriptions: 8 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay Attention


So, how does Facebook fit into all of this? Facebook is a communications platform with close to a billion users. Subscriptions.

40 Twitter-iffic Event Day Ideas

Connection Cafe

It's very easy to expand on your posts to Twitter to populate content for other social media like Facebook. Author: Robyn Mendez.

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Eight Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make When They First Join Twitter

Nonprofit Tech for Good

@NonprofitOrgs only follows nonprofit organizations, nonprofit staff, nonprofit service providers, and activists on Twitter. Twitter

Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


By comparison only 70% of small businesses use Facebook as part of their online strategy. So here’s another great bit of learning for us.

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Are Twitter and Facebook Playing Tug-O-War?


For every 1,000 email subscribers, groups in the Benchmarks Study have 149 Facebook Fans, 53 Twitter Followers, and 29 Mobile Subscribers.

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Five Types of Tweets Nonprofits Should Never Post on Twitter

Nonprofit Tech for Good

If your nonprofit is not getting retweeted on Twitter, then you haven’t yet found your Twitter voice. Twitter

The main difference between Facebook and Twitter (video)

John Haydon

In this short video, I outline the main difference between Twitter and Facebook as a framework for setting goals and developing conversation.

Four tools to revamp your marketing efficiency on Twitter


Twitter is possibly the most powerful marketing platform out there, specifically for brands targeting global audiences. Be useful. Be honest.

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(Facebook - Annoyances) + (Twitter) = Google+

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

It has many of the virtues of Twitter and Facebook , without the annoyances. The latest shiny new toy in social media is Google+.

The Biggest Facebook Mistake Most Nonprofits Make

John Haydon

This is particularly the case with Facebook, where friends always (100% of the time) come first. Why it’s not about you. —-.

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Three Recent Facebook Upgrades That Nonprofits Need to Know About

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, Facebook has made some recent upgrades – and more are coming – that nonprofits need to know about. Facebook

How to Hack Facebook Interests Lists for Content Marketing

John Haydon

A little know, but powerful way to curate content is with Facebook Interests lists. This is where Facebook Graph Search comes in handy.

Twitter's Most Useful New Features for Nonprofits

Tech Soup Blog

Twitter has had a very interesting year. Let's take a look at the gifts Twitter gave us this year. Moments. Polls. spanhidden.

The problem with Facebook


brands and advertisers have to pay once to advertise their page on Facebook, and then pay again to reach the people who have already liked their page.

Video Is A Must For Your Organization’s Content Strategy

Connection Cafe

This is why auto-play videos on Facebook and Instagram grab our attention more than static pictures. Facebook Live and Periscope broadcasts are being used by more and more nonprofits each day. What would you rather do: Watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in a movie theater, or flip through the storyboards? Why we love video.

Top 5 Twitter Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations to Increase Followers Organically


Twitter serves as a great marketing tool and has become increasingly useful for all types of businesses who are looking to expand their reach.

Study: Photos Generate More Retweets on Twitter


Past studies have said that sharing photos on Facebook sparks engagement. But I digress. Online Marketing Social Networking Trends Web 2.0

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How World Wildlife Fund Used Segmentation to Activate Social Influencers for Their Cause

Connection Cafe

They created and published a whiteboard video on Facebook that explains what climate change is and why people should care. The U.S. The U.S.

Fund 112

You Can Stand Up for Health Care on Twitter and Facebook, What About On Google +?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Twitter App Looks Up Zip Code to Tweet Your Legislator. They are trying to figure out how it is different from Twitter and Facebook.

Who Generates More Traffic to Your Website - Twitter or Facebook?


It’s no secret that Facebook and Twitter have been duking it out in hopes of being crowned King/Queen of social networks. For the past year I have noticed that website visitors prefer to use Tweet shares VS Facebook “Likes&# and Facebook Shares when spreading content from nonprofit and technology websites and blogs.

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Twitter Makes Profile Updates

Connection Cafe

Twitter Gets a New Do. Best Tweets – In Twitter’s defense, THIS is definitely an original idea… And a good one.

New Study: Facebook Hashtags Decrease Engagement


When Facebook launched hashtags many people questioned how useful this feature was going to be. Facebook is more personal.

8 Fundraising Tools to Watch in 2017

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Goodworld enables donors to give on Facebook and Twitter with two taps and a #donate hashtag. 1) Brackets for Good. 2) Bstow.

5 Digital Payment Systems That Could Transform Online Fundraising

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Then, in the late 2000’s nonprofits embraced social networking sites, first Myspace and YouTube, then Facebook and Twitter.

10 Random, But Useful Online Communications Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

1) Coordinate Tweets and Facebook Posts with e-newsletters and fundraising appeals. 7) Add a hashtag to your Twitter and Instagram bios.

16 New Rules for Facebook Marketing Success

John Haydon

The world of Facebook marketing has drastically changed over the past year. The biggest obstacle to Facebook marketing success is lack of time.

12 Not-So-Great Realities About Nonprofits and Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Nonprofits have spent years promoting Facebook and get rewarded with a 2% organic reach. ” or “Like Our Facebook Page!”

10 Social Media Strategies That Increase Engagement and Inspire Donors

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Sign up for Facebook’s new donation tools. Best Friends Animal Society: Breaking free from a dog anxiety order ( Twitter , Facebook ).

The Big Twitter Question


Data from Comscore Nonprofit marketers should evaluate Twitter once again. Twitter does work for some nonprofits. Let's be clear.

How awesome works on Facebook and Twitter

John Haydon

But making something easy and accessible doesn’t mean it will get shared on Facebook and Twitter. The viral Seder. Exactly.

16 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising and Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Facebook Reach is at an all time low. Twitter is in flux. 95% of NGOs worldwide have a Facebook Page. 83% have a Twitter Profile.

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Facebook nuked the “like” button, now what?

John Haydon

Up until Tuesday the only people that could comment on or like content on a Facebook page were fans of that Page. Facebook engagement