Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too


As the campaign season kicks into high gear, here are a few trends we’re seeing in 2018 campaigns that nonprofits could benefit from as well! campaigns politics trends

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The Biggest Digital Fundraising Trends of 2018 (And How To Use Them This Year)


To read our full report on the biggest nonprofit tech trends of 2018, what to expect in the year ahead, and how nonprofits of all sizes should be preparing to stay at the top of the technology game, click here. Some of the biggest trends that emerged in 2018 include: 1.

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Trends in Sustainer Giving – Key Findings from the 2019 donorCentrics Sustainer Summit

Connection Cafe

This year’s summit included 35 large nonprofit organizations that participate in our sustainer program benchmarking to review aggregate program performance, trends and challenges affecting sustainer giving.

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5 Foundation Trends for 2019: Conquering the Unknown with the Help of Data

Connection Cafe

2018 was a record-setting year for philanthropy – from the massive fundraising effort in June around reuniting families (setting a record on Facebook) to a 10% increase in average gift amount YOY for #GivingTuesday, as reported by Blackbaud.

The Top 5 Fundraising Trends in 2020

Nonprofit Tech for Good

In 2020, these steps will be a response to certain trends and conversations you’ve likely caught wind of over the last few years. Without further ado, here are the top five trends we see impacting the nonprofit fundraising space in 2020.

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2011 Online Giving Trends and 5 Tactics Your Nonprofit Must Implement Today


We recently released the most comprehensive analysis of online giving trends in the nonprofit sector. Here’s a few of the highlights … Key 2011 Online Giving Trends Include. Ok, ok … that sounds a little bit like bragging, but I promise the report is worth the read.

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12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


The annual M+R Benchmarks Report has arrived again, shining a light on trends that are shaping nonprofits’ digital programs. Having shared and discussed this year’s Benchmarks Report with many of our partners, here’s twelve key trends that have resonated strongly within the EveryAction community. A trend throughout all of this is the importance of not only engaging with your supporters through emails, offline and digitally, but the importance of tracking all this data.

[Tweet Chat] Nonprofit Tech Trends for 2019

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Join us for a tweet chat on January 16 at 12pm EST to discuss nonprofit tech trends in the new year! Please RSVP for the Tweet Chat on Facebook to let us kno w join us on January 16th.

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Announcing the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Thank you for taking the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey! . Published in English, español, and français, the goal of the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey is to gain a better understanding of how donors worldwide prefer to give and engage with nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide.

Non-Technology Trends for the CIO, 2014 Edition

Connection Cafe

Now is the time of year when blog editors worldwide ask their writers for predictions and trends for the coming year. So, I wanted to focus on the market trends and influences that will inform how nonprofits implement and leverage this technology.

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25 Must-Know Global Trends in Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Based upon the survey results of 4,084 donors worldwide, the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report is an annual research project that examines how donors prefer to give and engage with their favorite causes and charitable organizations. 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report.

Call for Partners! The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The third edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report (the sister report to the 2019 Global NGO Technology Report ) will be published September 15, 2020 , and for the first time, we are conducting an open call for partners worldwide. about giving trends in your country using the data.

5 Digital Fundraising Trends to Watch for in 2019

Nonprofit Tech for Good

As we slide toward the end of 2018, there are five broader digital trends that we see affecting non-profits next year. 4) Continued Disruption of the Nonprofit Sector by Commercial Players like Facebook. By Ray Gary.

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By Design: The Next Big Trends in Website Development

Byte Technology

Whether you’re a business owner or just a simple daily blogger, here are some important trends gathered from some of the leading designers in the biz. The post By Design: The Next Big Trends in Website Development appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog.

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5 Corporate Giving Trends to Watch in 2019

Givinga Blog

Here are five corporate giving trends to watch in 2019 and how they’ll affect your business, employees, and consumers. Facebook’s “Donate Your Birthday” has raised over $300 million² and a whopping 62 percent of donors who give to crowdfunding campaigns are new to crowdfunding.³.

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Corporate Philanthropy Trends Affecting Nonprofits in 2016

NonProfit Hub

Make sure your nonprofit doesn’t get left in the dust when these trends start skyrocketing. Check out the following five corporate philanthropy trends that will affect nonprofits in 2016. What’s the takeaway from this trend?

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Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


That got me thinking more about how we, in the non-profit space, should look to learn from examples, trends and best practices found outside of our sector. By comparison only 70% of small businesses use Facebook as part of their online strategy.

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[FREE WEBINAR] 10 Emerging Trends in Social Media for Small Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Social media is in a constant state of change and without regular education in emerging trends, your nonprofit could be wasting valuable time and resources implementing outdated best practices. Current best practices for using Facebook Pages and Groups. Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

Facebook Fundraising Tools Now Allow Monthly Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

According to the soon-to-be-released 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report , 18% of donors worldwide have donated to a nonprofit through Facebook Fundraising Tools. Of those, 40% say they are very likely to donate again directly through Facebook. Social Media Facebook Fundraising

[Tweet Chat] Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Please RSVP for the tweet chat on Facebook to let us know that you’ll be joining us on May 1st. Please join us for a tweet chat on May 1st at 12 pm EDT to discuss peer-to-peer fundraising!

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Five Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2014

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Numerous communications and fundraising trends are on the verge of going mainstream and nonprofits committed to early adoption have a number of new tools and strategies to pioneer this year. Facebook Fundraising Google Plus LinkedIn Mobile Media Social Media Twitter YouTube

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5 Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Facebook launched in 2004, YouTube in 2005, and Twitter in 2006. Throughout 2016 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have seen declining engagement and reach. In the United States nonprofits can now directly accept digital payments inside of Facebook.

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A brief graph on current trends

NCE Social Media

Below is a chart showing how Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace compare in number of unique visitors in the past 13 months. Facebook and Twitter have grown while MySpace has been stagnant. Tags: Facebook Marketing and Awareness Microblog Tools twitter facebook myspace compete Does your own website meet this level of visitors? Why not harness it for your own benefit.

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25 Global Trends in Giving That Nonprofits Need to Know About

Nonprofit Tech for Good

6,057 donors completed the 2018 Global Trends in Giving Survey and based on their responses, the donor community worldwide is made up of primarily women (65%) who have a liberal ideology (53%) , characterize themselves as religious (72%), and give between ($101-$1,000 USD) annually (43%).

Facebook Ramps Up Reach for “Donate” Buttons and Fundraisers

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It’s not official, but it’s obvious that Facebook is ramping up promotion of its native “Donate” buttons and Fundraisers in its News Feed. Donors and peer-to-peer fundraisers have been slow to adopt donating and fundraising through Facebook, but that might be changing.

5 Marketing Trends for 2015 That You Can’t Ignore

NonProfit Hub

Update your marketing plan and maximize the impact that your dollars make in 2015 with these five significant trends. While content creation has become a major marketing trend, it also presents a challenge for organizations. Is your marketing strategy so last season?

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Giving Trends in Mexico: Millennials and Gen Z Drive Rise in Online Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

An Interview with Fanny Villiers , Directora General of Donadora – an official partner of the Global Trends in Giving Report ( en español ). Video: The rising consumption of online video (Instagram and Facebook stories, Snapchat, etc.)

Giving Trends in Kenya: How the Growth of Mobile Payments Are Transforming Community Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

An Interview with Matt Roberts-Davies , General Manager of M-Changa – an official partner of the 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report. Giving Trends in Kenya: 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report. ? 7% have donated directly to an organization using Facebook Fundraising Tools.

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How to Run Facebook Fundraising Ads: 5 Simple Steps

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Digital fundraising professionals face a significant new challenge when it comes to fundraising on Facebook. Running Facebook fundraising ads is an excellent way to reach your target audience and optimize for donations while generating data that allows you to measure your success.

10 Emerging Trends in Online Communications and Fundraising to Watch in 2018

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Facebook Fundraising Tools [ Conservation International ]. The world’s most popular messaging apps are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. Facebook Messenger Payments are primarily accepted in the United States and Europe. Facebook Live Best Practices ].

Did Facebook Just Change the Game for P2P Fundraising (Again)?

Connection Cafe

And then in 2006, Facebook happened. For the first time in more than three decades, the growth of Facebook and other social tools made it possible to significantly widen the network for organizations who engaged in P2P fundraising. Rich, dynamic Facebook posts with newsfeed priority!

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18 Ways to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

John Haydon

This article gives you 18 ways to beat the Facebook News Feed algorithm with posting strategies, external channels, and Facebook Insights. How Reach is Created on Facebook. Facebook defines reach as the number of unique Facebook users who see your updates.

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Burnout, Resilience and Nonprofits: The Latest Research, Trend, and Insights

Beth Kanter

Recent burnout research and trends reveal that work environments are becoming more overwhelming and complex. A version of this blog post was also published on Global Giving Nonprofit Trends ). Photo by Norbert Reimer.

Facebook Fails are Mounting


Despite the media frenzy over Facebook’s impending IPO , all isn’t 100% rosy for Facebook. To me, the bigger story here is that people do not have infinite patience for just accepting whatever Facebook throws at them. Facebook ad click through is horrible.

Trending Topics: 4 Ways to Seize The Marketing Moment

John Haydon

Within hours, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were flooded with trending topics about #BirdieSanders, including this video from Bernie 2016: You can’t predict what will go viral If I told you that a sparrow would literally perch herself on Bernie’s podium and […].

Facebook’s Latest News Feed Algorithm Update – Three Things You Need to Know

John Haydon

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm will soon put a damper on external links to memes, suggest related articles, and resurface updates with new comments. So if you post a picture of Grumpy Cat on your Facebook Page, you should be fine. Facebook will suggest other high-quality articles.

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Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for 2015

John Haydon

As a consultant and trainer in the nonprofit community, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. Kivi publishing the first Nonprofit Communications Trends Report back in 2011, surveying 780 nonprofits.

Six Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Facebook Hashtags

John Haydon

By now you’ve heard that Facebook Hashtags have been rolled out to many users. How to create a Facebook Hashtag. Creating a Facebook Hashtag is as simple as typing a “#” in front of any word or phrase (no spaces). Facebook Facebook Hashtags Strategy

5 Nonprofits that Newsjacked Facebook During the Oscars

John Haydon

During commercials, did you scan your Facebook News Feed to see what your friends were saying? The Oscars trended on Facebook, and Ellen Degeneres broke Twitter with her selfie. It’s a science because you use technology to monitor trending topics.

Is Facebook Good for Fundraising?


The topic of this particular podcast was how nonprofits can best use Facebook. One thing Tony and I talked about was the difference between fundraising with Facebook and collecting donations with Facebook and how understanding the difference is absolutely critical.

Trends for 2014: Changes in Media Consumption


In the past year, we’ve seen the appearance of new services like Vine , from Twitter, and Instagram video, from Facebook by way of Instagram, that let people create and share really, really short videos—seven seconds and 15 seconds, respectively. Vine and the Six-Second Attention Span.

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How to Create a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign on Facebook

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Currently only nonprofits in the United States can take advantage of Facebook Fundraisers. All that said, any Facebook user can now create Facebook Fundraisers for nonprofit’s listed in the GuideStar/Facebook database which currently numbers around 750,000.

Association TRENDS Social Media Report and Rankings 2012


The wide, global comparison across hundreds of associations that Association TRENDS is now offering in their new Association Social Media Report 2012: Adoption and Activity Levels, Rankings and Best Practices. It’s natural, I suppose. To want to compare yourself to others.

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