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2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report [INFOGRAPHIC]


Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge just released the fourth annual 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report.

4 Signs Your Nonprofit Should Quit a Social Network

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good began as a “Nonprofit Organizations” Myspace Page in 2005. 4 Signs Your Nonprofit Should.

Are Nonprofits Raising Money Via Social Networks?


Are nonprofits raising any money on social networks? Facebook is the most popular commercial social network for nonprofits.

Nonprofits Value a Facebook Like at $214.81


I just returned from the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#12NTC) hosted by NTEN in San Francisco, CA. Facebook Fan or Supporter).

2011 Non-profit Social Networking Survey


I just got an email from Holly Ross, the Executive Director of the Non-profit Technology Network – better known as NTEN.

Women Rule Social Networks


Women are valuable stakeholder to nonprofits. Did you know that women also dominate social networks? According to a Pew study, in 2008 women comprised 53% of social networking site users. Men’s social networking user base has dropped to 47%. Women don’t just rule social networks.

Amplify Your Voice with Facebook Ads

Connection Cafe

Nonprofits have a significant advantage on Facebook. Who has the kind of stories that Facebook users want to be seen engaging with?

Voice 124

2011 Nonprofit Social Networking Survey ?


NTEN, Common Knowledge and Blackbaud invite you to take part in a nonprofit survey about how nonprofits are using online social networks, and enter your name for a chance to win an Apple iPad. The survey results will be compiled and presented at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in March 2011.

Data Nerd Alert: Social Networking Benchmark Report 2012

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge just released the fourth annual 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report.

Privacy and Security on Social Networks

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Social networking sites like Facebook make it easy for sensitive information about us to be made public unintentionally. Privacy.

Report Release: The 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmarks


Another NTC means more great studies about nonprofit technology released, including the 2012 " Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmarks Report."

Is Facebook’s One-Click Donate Button a Game Changer?


Facebook recently rolled out its one-click donate button for nonprofits. Social Networking Online Fundraising nptech Trends Nonprofit

Game 32

10 Facebook Page Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

With more than 1 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Experiment Facebook Events.

How to Know When a Social Network is Worth Your Time

NonProfit Hub

Only a few short months ago, Peach, a new social networking app was launched. By the end of 2015, Facebook reportedly had nearly 1.6

China 28

Social Networking Strategies: The Limits of Cutting and Pasting

Amy Sample Ward

My latest contribution to the Stanford Social Innovation Review is up on the opinion blog – you can read the post and join the conversation on the SSIR blog or read the full post below. Here are a few reasons why using multiple social networking platforms doesn’t just mean you repeat your effort. Community First.

ActionSprout and Facebook to Give Away $2M in Facebook Ads


ActionSprout is teaming up with Facebook, and giving away $2M in Facebook advertising credits to 2,000 nonprofits. I sure hope so.

Grant 27

Why Your Nonprofit Should Use the Facebook Donate Button


Drumroll, please… Facebook recently rolled out their Donate button for nonprofit pages. Social Networking Online Fundraising

Gift 31

9 Ways Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

Connection Cafe

9 Ways to Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy with Social Media: 1. Identify + Activate Your Social Media Influencers. history. This year, 6.8

Better Understanding Nonprofits And Their Facebook Metrics


Facebook is the flagship social media platform for most nonprofits. Can you, or anyone in your nonprofit identify what that means?

Six Amazing Stats From Blackbaud’s 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Report


A few highlights in the report: 98% have a Facebook page with an average community size of over 8k fans. over 12 months following acquisition.

Stats 36

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Sold Activists’ Data That Turned Into Racial Profiling


How many social networks does your nonprofit have a presence on? Social Networking nptech Nonprofit research Social Justice

Ding, Dong, the Facebook Dislike Button’s Dead


While some nonprofits on Facebook have been excited by the new Facebook "Dislike" button, we’ve got some news – it’s not coming to fruition.

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Pheed and Sulia: Two New Social Networks for the Nonprofit Early Adopters

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Nonprofits that have the capacity to be early adopters have learned that early adoption in and of itself is a wise social media strategy.

Adopt 30

Can Social Network Analysis Improve Your Social Media Strategy?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Networked Nonprofit: Care2 Webinar. The above visual is a social network. When you map your network, it tells you a story.

Is Quora Yet Another Social Network (YASN) or Something Different?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Quora has been around for a year and provides an independent question platform from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that is similar to Yahoo!

Infographic: Facebook Posting Tips


What Facebook content tips have worked best for your nonprofit? Social Networking Trends Web 2.0

Tips 45

Infographic: How Do Social Network Users Lean Politically?


The data was determined through the analysis of thousands of people on Facebook and their “Likes”, political preferences, and polling data.

A Simple 6 Step Plan for Creating a Facebook Page that Works


In my last session as part of the Schools out for Summer Series I took a deep dive into how Schools can get the most out of Facebook.

Create 141

Using Facebook Timeline to Market your Nonprofit


Wondering how you can market your charity through Facebook timeline? Online Marketing Social Networking Web 2.0

Is Facebook Good for Fundraising?


I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Tony Martignetti's NonProfit podcast. Facebook stinks for collecting donations. Exactly.

Free Mini-Webinar on October 27! Mobile Social Networking for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

This is the first mini-webinar to be offered by DIOSA Communications and Nonprofit Tech 2.0. Mobile Technology for Nonprofits LinkedIn Group.

What the Facebook Subscribe Feature Means to Nonprofit News Sharing


Most organizations have a branded page that Facebook users can like. Social Networking Trends Web 2.0Click Allow Subscribers.

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New Study: Investing in Facebook is a Waste of Time


For the past few years, nonprofits have spent a lot of resources on building their Facebook page presence.

10 Nonprofits to Follow on Instagram


One of the greatest assets that nonprofits have at their disposal is stories. Social Networking nptech

Facebook's New Donate Button: Good or Bad for Nonprofits?


The nonprofit world was buzzing today over the announcement of Facebook rolling out Donate buttons to nonprofit organizations on pages and posts.

Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


This week ReadWriteWeb shed some light on the ineffectiveness of social networks to aid in customer acquisition (see graph below).

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Facebook Publishes Guide for Nonprofits and Causes

Tech Soup Blog

Facebook has recently produced a guide to help nonprofits build their organization's presence on the world's top social media platform.

Tips for Nonprofits on Using Social Media to Build Supporter Relationships

Connection Cafe

But first, what is social love and why does it matter? Showing social love on YouTube is all about collaboration. Cultivate. Timing.

HOW TO: Custom Design Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Timeline

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Many of you have probably already heard that Facebook Timeline for Pages will automatically go live for all brand pages on March 30. Facebook

7 Deceptively Simple Ways to Promote a Fundraiser on Facebook

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofits, Facebook is your #1 social network. You’re doing it right.