10 Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofits

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billion monthly active users , Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Without a doubt, your nonprofit’s donors and supporters use Facebook on a regular basis and thus Facebook should be your first priority in your social media strategy.

How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook. This year, Alan invited me to present a webinar for participants in the Marcus Institute Digital Education for the Arts on how Networked Nonprofits use Facebook. This was a fun opportunity to pull together some of my Facebook action learning curriculum and summarize much of the wisdom being shared over on at my Facebook Page. Aliza Sherman's "Birth of A Superfan" as it applies to Facebook and Museums.


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Nonprofits Value a Facebook Like at $214.81


While we were there, Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge released the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. As social media, marketing and communications, and fundraising types continue to download and read the report we’re seeing more interest in the value nonprofits are placing on a Facebook Like (i.e. Facebook Fan or Supporter). At the end of the day, calculating the real value of a Facebook Like or Twitter Follower is tough.


ASU Lodestar Center

Networking. It’s simple: networking is necessary to progress at any level in business and is especially paramount for nonprofit leaders. Networking helps build a professional reputation backed by a cadre of supporters and believers. It is this network that can corroborate your credentials and solidify your standing with other interested parties. Luckily, the Valley has no shortage for opportunities to network. Sentari Minor networking

Fake Facebook Friends and the CIA

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Last night I received a Facebook friend request from an old friend and accepted it. I quickly checked, and found that (of course) I already was Facebook friends with my old friend. Facebook has a handy way of reporting this exact problem and the fake account was suspended within minutes. So, my advice: if an old friend reaches out to you on Facebook, someone who really should already be a Facebook friend, it's probably not your friend.

Facebook's resistance to RNIB's advert poses questions for charity campaigns | Voluntary Sector Network | The Guardian

AFP Blog

Facebook's resistance to RNIB's advert poses questions for charity campaigns | Voluntary Sector Network | The Guardian : "he news that Facebook had banned the Royal National Institute of Blind People’s (RNIB) latest campaign advert about sight loss raises questions about the future of charity adverts on the social media platform. Facebook claimed the ad was “degrading” and broke its guidelines on language." 'via

Amplify Your Voice with Facebook Ads

Connection Cafe

Nonprofits have a significant advantage on Facebook. I am not just talking about the fact that Facebook has teamed up with Blackbaud integration partner ActionSprout to give away $2M in Facebook ad credits. The nonprofit advantage comes from the fact that content that people engage with on Facebook (like, share, comment on, etc.) To be more precise, content that Facebook users want to be seen engaging with does far better on the social network.

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How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money

Connection Cafe

You’re probably already aware that Facebook Live lets any nonprofit live-stream fundraising events , breaking news, impact stories, and more, directly from their Facebook Page. But did you know that Facebook now lets some nonprofits add a donate button to their Facebook Live broadcast ? How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money. If your nonprofit is based in the US, and your Facebook Page is verified, you can fundraise within a Facebook Live broadcast.

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6 Strategies to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List with Facebook

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofits, Facebook is your top social network to engage supporters and increase awareness about your nonprofit. However, like most nonprofits, you’ve probably had your fair share of frustrations with Facebook. Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away. Here’s the thing: Facebook and (Instagram) are where most […]. The post 6 Strategies to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List with Facebook appeared first on John Haydon.

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GUIDE: Growing and Sustaining your Volunteer Program


By working your network and projecting your values, you can get people excited about your campaign and grow the volunteer base that you need. This can include activists, religious leaders, artists, and philanthropists — anyone with a network and a vested interest in your community. These leaders will be able to connect you with their networks and amplify your nonprofits’ messaging online. If you work at a nonprofit, you know what it feels like to have too much on your plate.

How Networked Nonprofit Use Facebook SMARTly

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook Smart.ly. My Facebook page is a focus group or channel for research. This post summarizes the knowledge shared by many nonprofit folks on how to use Facebook effectively. 1: Create a Facebook culture inside your organization. Organizational and Community Facebook Guidelines. Networked Nonprofits have a created a Facebook culture inside their organizations. How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook Smart.ly

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


This network effect makes EveryAction donation pages some of the highest-converting in the industry. The Audubon Society's Porter Mason said that EveryAction's network effect "increased conversion rates by a magnitude of 5x to 20x". #2. Match your contact records to nearly 100 social networks. Use a powerful Facebook Ads integration. Create custom target segments in EveryAction, then push them to Facebook for precisely targeted ad buys.

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


Finally, their donation form is equipped with EveryAction’s FastAction network, meaning that if their donor has taken prior action on an EveryAction form, their information will be autofilled, making the process of completing their donation quick and easy. Below] is one of the videos we posted to Facebook and Instagram talking about some of our rescued animal residents.

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Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


This week ReadWriteWeb shed some light on the ineffectiveness of social networks to aid in customer acquisition (see graph below). “Of the 24 companies interviewed (in Forrester study ), only 7% cited social networking as one of their most effective sources for customer acquisition. Social Networking Adoption by Non-profits. By comparison only 70% of small businesses use Facebook as part of their online strategy. Fundraising via Social Networking.

Book Review: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

Amy Sample Ward

I recently got my copy of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Katie Delahaye Paine. One that really speaks to me is the point that “measurement helps nonprofits understand and improve their social networks.” As part of that role, I was in charge of our various social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In the foreward, Beth and Katie say that “measurement is the secret sauce; we provide the recipe.”

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Facebook: Is it Worth your Nonprofit’s Time?


How much time should your nonprofit spend engaging with their “fans” on Facebook? Idealware who surveyed over 500 nonprofit staff members about their Facebook usage and goals may have answers to some of the questions organizations have been seeking. Their recent report provides great insight into how nonprofits are benefitting (or not) from Facebook. Like other studies have noted, social networks like Facebook are not raising much money.

4 Ways to Use Facebook to Engage Millennials in Your Cause

Connection Cafe

When looking for the best platform with multi-level engagement, I find that Facebook still has the advantage over other social platforms. Here are some observations from one Gen Why-er on how to strengthen Millennial volunteer engagement and funding through Facebook: Have an active presence. While there is a cost associated with boosting posts, Facebook has made boosting scalable so that you can spend as little or as much as you need , depending on the success you’re seeing.

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Mastering Social Networking as a Volunteer

Amy Sample Ward

The session focused on using core social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to raise awareness and inspire others as a volunteer. On Facebook , as a volunteer you will need to consider the options of using your personal profile, creating a page, or starting a group. Which direction you go is tied to the goal of why you are using Facebook to begin with as we talked about above. Here are some specific Facebook tools: Edgerank.

Facebook Fundraising Tools Now Allow Monthly Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

According to the soon-to-be-released 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report , 18% of donors worldwide have donated to a nonprofit through Facebook Fundraising Tools. Of those, 40% say they are very likely to donate again directly through Facebook. Whatever your personal feelings are about Facebook (love, hate, ambivalent), it’s clear that as a revenue stream for nonprofits, Facebook has sticking power. Social Media Facebook Fundraising

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Facebook Subscriptions: 8 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay Attention


So, how does Facebook fit into all of this? Facebook is a communications platform with close to a billion users. That alone should be reason enough to perk your ears up, make you investigate and cause you to think of ways to leverage the massive network of people who may want to hear from you. With the release of their new “ Subscriptions &# feature, Facebook has made it even more compelling to use the platform as a way to communicate, connect, engage and impact people.

Nonprofit Social Network By Facebook Co-Founder To Launch In 2010

John Haydon

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes announced at yesterday’s Social Good Summit that he is building a social networking site designed to build and nurture long-term relationships between people and nonprofit organizations. Follow – Users will be able to follow nonprofits to receive updates in their News Feed (similar to liking on Facebook and following on Twitter). How is this different from Facebook?

2011 Non-profit Social Networking Survey


I just got an email from Holly Ross, the Executive Director of the Non-profit Technology Network – better known as NTEN. There’s always great information in the newsletter, but this time around I’m particularly excited because the focus is social networking for non-profits (something that, if you read this blog regularly, you know I’m very passionate about) and the 2011 Social Networking Survey. What’s the Nonprofit Social Networking Survey?

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Social Networking Strategies: The Limits of Cutting and Pasting

Amy Sample Ward

—– Google+, the social network launched by Google nearly 5 months ago, has recently opened up the platform to organizations and brands with a profile type akin to the options for individuals and Pages on Facebook. In a sector where we are always trying to do more with less, we can’t be fooled into thinking our strategies for engagement on online networks can be cut and pasted from one space to the next.

7 Deceptively Simple Ways to Promote a Fundraiser on Facebook

John Haydon

If you’re like most nonprofits, Facebook is your #1 social network. But what should you do to promote a fundraiser on Facebook? The post 7 Deceptively Simple Ways to Promote a Fundraiser on Facebook appeared first on John Haydon. Facebook Marketing Facebook Fundraising fundraising It’s where most of your supporters hangout online. So you post updates, reply to fan comments, and analyze what works and what doesn’t.

A Simple 6 Step Plan for Creating a Facebook Page that Works


In my last session as part of the Schools out for Summer Series I took a deep dive into how Schools can get the most out of Facebook. — We already know that Facebook is crushing it and that schools have an incredible opportunity to use the platform to deepen relationships with families, students and alumni. Are you using Facebook to it’s full potential? Your Facebook cover photo is prime real estate. Set up A few Apps (the Facebook Call-to-Action).

Facebook Tests Giving Platform - TheNonProfitTimes

AFP Blog

Facebook Tests Giving Platform - TheNonProfitTimes : Facebook Tests Giving Platform - 01/24/2013 Facebook rolled out an experimental giving platform that allows users to donate $25 to any of a dozen charities. The social networking platform might expand the program later in 2013. For many people on Facebook, it might be the first time they’re considering a contribution or have discovered the work of a nonprofit.

Facebook Co-Founder Is Building a Social Network for Non-Profits [VIDEO]

AFP Blog

Facebook Co-Founder Is Building a Social Network for Non-Profits [VIDEO]: "A few hours after (RED) CEO Susan Smith Ellis kicked off the Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit by saying that she thought someone needed to create a social network specifically for connecting people to non-profit organizations, Facebook Co-founder Chris Hughes took the stage to say he was building it

Facebook Live For Nonprofits: How Live Streaming Helped One Org Raise Almost $100K

Connection Cafe

There’s a lot of talk about the ways nonprofits can use Facebook to raise money — live streaming fundraising events, breaking news, impact stories, and more, directly from their Facebook Page. Facebook’s live streaming platform is empowering nonprofits to quickly engage supporters around the causes that matter most to them. San Diego Humane Society recently used Facebook Live to document the rescue of #92Yorkies and kick-off a major digital fundraising campaign.

Stream 176

The Networked Nonprofit Board

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The last chapter of the Networked Nonprofit is on networked governance. There were no examples – so the last chapter of the book is speculative, based on the best thinking of the people who have looked at networked governance. As part of my work as Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation and coaching grantees on becoming a Networked Nonprofit and using social media effectively, I’ve also been talking to boards including the museum board above.

The social network commitment

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Getting involved in a social network, whether it be something like Facebook or Myspace, or a content-connected social network like flickr or delicious (I’m starting to get used to writing that without the dots,) is pretty easy. What I have learned, though, is that a social network is only as good as something that you have absolutely no control over: how many of your real friends and colleagues use it. LinkedIN : The professional, serious, network.

Facebook Scandal: Why Email Matters NOW More Than Ever

John Haydon

No doubt you’ve heard that Facebook and Cambridge Analytica used micro-targeted ads to influence US citizens’ voting decisions. Pretty scary stuff, from the social brand that “wants the world more open and connected” Will people leave Facebook in droves? Will users switch to another social network? The post Facebook Scandal: Why Email Matters NOW More Than Ever appeared first on John Haydon. Facebook Marketing

Top 10 Free Facebook Video Downloader (Save videos from facebook)

Find the free stuff

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, with over 2.3 While downloading the photos and copying the text is easy, having a local copy of the videos by downloading them is not supported by Facebook. Facebook didn’t make such provision for obvious reasons. However, The post Top 10 Free Facebook Video Downloader (Save videos from facebook) appeared first on PhreeSite.com.

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6 Ways to Raise More with Facebook Fundraisers

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Facebook Fundraisers are a relatively new fundraising tool, but they’re already driving a major boost in revenue for some nonprofit organizations. The reason these peer-to-peer fundraisers are so effective is that they can tap into networks of people who aren’t personally invested in your cause but who are willing to give based on their relationships with your organization’s supporters. Facebook Fundraising Guest Post Social Media

Raise 52

Nonprofits! This Is How to Use Facebook’s Fundraising Tools

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Through a process of trial and error, the Beagle Freedom Project is learning how to effectively use Facebook’s Fundraising Tools and they are being rewarded with more than likes and hearts – their followers are donating! ” Donors are quickly learning that after a first donation is made on Facebook all other donations can be made with two taps. Finally, it is worth noting that: 1) Facebook’s Fundraising Tools are free to use. Facebook Fundraisers.

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Social Network Sites Dominate Web Visitor Results

NCE Social Media

According to Google’s ad planner , social network sites now account for more than 50% of all unique website visitors. This list, which is based on April 2010 data, “excludes adult sites, ad networks, domains that don’t have publicly visible content or don’t load properly, and certain Google sites.&# Still, at more than 50% the majority of web visitors visit social network sites. Facebook 35.20% of all visitors (#1 overall).

Did Facebook Just Change the Game for P2P Fundraising (Again)?

Connection Cafe

And then in 2006, Facebook happened. The secret sauce of P2P fundraising is and has always been networks. By tapping into their supporters’ networks, organizations engaging in P2P fundraising can exponentially expand their potential donor pools. People in these extended networks make donations to organizations they may have never considered supporting if not for the peer-to-peer request. So, is Facebook changing the game for P2P fundraising again?

Game 158

Social Networks and Digital Sharecropping

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Social Networks and Digital Sharecropping October 1, 2007 I was reading Deborah Finn’s curmugeonly post about Facebook. I have been having curmudgeonly thoughts about social networks in general. Time suck: Social networks are a time suck. Content suck: And why do the for-profit social networks exist, when you really get down to it?

18 Ways to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

John Haydon

This article gives you 18 ways to beat the Facebook News Feed algorithm with posting strategies, external channels, and Facebook Insights. How Reach is Created on Facebook. Facebook defines reach as the number of unique Facebook users who see your updates. To see your Page’s reach, go to your Facebook Insights page and look at the Reach report. Facebook calls this organic reach. Facebook calls this viral reach.

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What Flows Through the Network Defines It. Twitter, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, School Network, Knowledge Networks, Advocacy Networks

Network-Centric Advocacy

Twitter is Not a Social Network is a really thought provoking riff by Gideon Rosenblatt it also has links to some interesting data analysis of twitter. I agree with the basic trust of the post and it has triggered some clarity about the nature of designing advocacy networks online and offline. My big take away lies hidden in the way Gideon focus on the differece between networks of people (facebook) and networks that use people to achieve specific ends. .

The Networked NGO: Translating the Networked Nonprofit and 1-11-11 Club

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Networked NGO. I spent my part of my birthday giving a presentation at the Packard Foundation Program Forum on translating the Networked Nonprofit into the Networked NGO. It also gave me an opportunity to share some stories about my experience as Visiting Scholar over the past 6 months coaching grantees in becoming Networked Nonprofits. I’m now interested in the question of how your scale a networked capacity building approach around social media. .

NGO 79

Who is on Social Networking Sites?

NonProfit Trends

Emerging Trends Interactive Facebook Pew Internet & American Life Project Social Media TwitterThe recent Pew Internet & American Life Project report, The Demographics of Social Media Users, had many of the trends and findings aren’t shocking but a couple were more or less dramatic than I expected.

Facebook Place: Time To Check Into Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: Facebook Blog Post. Earlier this week, Facebook added “where&# to the list of personal information members share with the world. There was much speculation what this feature might mean for FourSquare and the subsequent riddles, “What happens when you add Foursquare to Facebook? Answer: Facebook). Are you using the Facebook location feature or have you turned it off? Tags: Networks Tips Tools and Tactics mobile

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Home | Nonprofit Social Network Survey

AFP Blog

Home | Nonprofit Social Network Survey: "Survey ReportNonprofit Social Network SurveyNonprofits Are Embracing Social Networks:Industry Survey Reveals 74.2% of Nonprofits Have a Presence on Facebook

Survey 100