How to Get Started Using Event Metrics for Fundraising Success

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Focus on Event Fundraising Analytics , we looked at how peer-to-peer event metrics let us know if our event planning and execution efforts are paying off in fundraising results. Obvious event metrics to follow are the basics, like these: Total amount raised. Metric.

How Should Funders Evaluate Charities?


The three powerhouses, Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and Better Business Bureau, that foundations, philanthropists, and donors use to seek out information and ratings about nonprofits released an open letter to the nonprofit and foundation world yesterday. In the letter, the three ratings companies recommend that donors measure a charity’s performance in transparency, governance, leadership, and results. Organizations also fear being penalized by some of the ratings services.

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How Can Systematic Evaluation of a Volunteer Program Positively Impact an Organization?

ASU Lodestar Center

Evaluating volunteer programs within nonprofit organizations is a key step in continual improvement and data collection. Due to a sector-wide leadership crisis and continual staff burnout, volunteer management and evaluation plays a crucial role in the livelihood of nonprofit organizations.

The Five Most Important Metrics To Measure for Nonprofit Online Communication

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Read on to find out five crucial metrics that can help nonprofits measure the success of their online communication efforts. Though it’s an intangible metric, sentiment can help you know how your target audience perceives your nonprofit organization and how positively they view your brand.

Connecting Metrics to Action.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If anything, that's the most important thing about social media metrics or for any metrics. Metrics in context connected to action - whether to improve a program already underway or evaluate impact. It was interesting to see how people were much more interested in how the metrics were computed on various software programs versus connecting the metric action. I'm more interested right now in applying the metrics to program improvement.

Counting on Success? Focus on Event Fundraising Analytics

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Efforts that improve these metrics often lead to growth in revenue and vitality of an event or event series. How Do I Use Metrics with My Event? Metrics are by no means a substitute for creating a great experience for peer-to-peer event participants.

How To: Evaluate AdWords Performance


On the Google Grants team, we receive a lot of questions from grantees on how best to evaluate their AdWords performance. We put this article together to give guidance around monitoring and evaluating your Google Grants account using a few strategies we find valuable. In general, you should use the data that flows into your AdWords account to evaluate performance. Let's take a look at how we can use the Keyword Performance Report to evaluate performance.

Stephen Downes On Blog Metrics

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Stephen Downes summarized my post on Social Media Metrics and Measuring Blog Outcomes and added some commentary. My post wasa riff on evaluating the effectiveness of blogs, and in particular, a set of metrics from Avinash Kaushik: "Raw Author Contribution (posts and words in post). Conversation Rate (measuring success in a social medium). re trying to engage employees or customers in a conversation, and improve your relationships, these metrics fall short."

Podcamp Session on Social Media Metrics: Thank You Jeremiah

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm doing a session at Boston podcamp called the Social Media Metrics/ROI Game. I'm slightly out of my comfort zone here because I've only been following this topic closely for a short time, although I have co-authored a guide for nonprofits on technology evaluation and ROI. Metrics.

Tools for gathering data for blog and web page metrics

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week, there was a useful exchange on the NTEN Affinity group for Nonprofit Bloggers around the question "What metrics do you use to measure success for your blog?" the listserv question was focused on blog metrics and primarily as traffic and driving traffic!

Interview with a CRM Expert: Business Intelligence

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We also know that new donor acquisition rates across all nonprofit sectors are in consistent decline. Evaluate early and often what is working. CRM Emerging Trends Metrics & Measurement Planning Selection Analytics business intelligence fundraising strategy

5 Key Metrics to Improve Your Email Campaigns


With more than ten years of experience under our collective belts, the best practices for evaluating email marketing campaigns are well established, but nonprofits continue to underutilize ways to measure and evaluate the success of these campaigns. Let's take a quick tour of the most important metrics, and take the first step to improving your email campaign performance through evaluation and optimization. Offensive Email Metrics. Defensive Email Metrics.

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Research Friday: Does your nonprofit have an outcome-driven culture?

ASU Lodestar Center

With the recent scarcity of grant funding, excellent program evaluation practices are becoming a distinguishing element of effective and grant-competitive nonprofit organizations. There are different approaches to evaluating a program. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook.

End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign – CHECK!

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Once your campaign is out the door, it’s time to start checking your metrics to see how you measure up. Here’s a checklist for metrics: Open Rate – median open rate for an email is 15%. Evaluate your Subject Line. Evaluate your Calls-to-Action.

How many fundraising emails should you send a year?


Though the shared model of high volume lists and low response rates is comparable among both Email and Direct Mail marketing, you typically have a huge advantage in the long term if you own the email list, as opposed to renting a Direct Mail list for acquiring new supporters.

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Looking to Be More Data-Driven? For Nonprofits, KPIs Start with Goals

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In fact, companies with digitally literate board members significantly outperformed their peers on key metrics. All this technology and data have made it possible for nonprofits to use a range of metrics to measure growth and performance. Not all metrics are KPIs.

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7 Tips for Measuring the Success of Your Blog

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

You need to pick the right hard data points, or metrics, that will help you harvest insights and improve your blog. Next, you need to know the right metrics to use, and employ the proper tools to collect the data. Hard data points: You can get these metrics from Google Analytics.

‘Why don’t you have a nonprofit data management plan?’ Q&A with Debbie Snyder and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

We were once asked to evaluate new technology options for a client. But we explained that we can’t evaluate tech options like a new CRM without first knowing what they needed to accomplish with the technology. QUESTION: NTEN just held an online fundraising benchmark webinar, where they talked about email open rates being low, and organizations raising something like $17 for every 1000 emails sent. Gary makes a good point about email open rates.

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Convio Nonprofit Benchmarks Are Ready

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Well it is officially spring in Austin and with spring brings a return to warmer weather, longer days, Easter egg hunts, and metrics for the nonprofit professional. Web traffic growth continued for most, but at a slower rate. Registration rates dropped. Author: Quinn Donovan.

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Sales Operations Demystified: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Do It Right

Wild Apricot

Sales Ops Metrics & KPIs. Performance Metrics Analyses. Evaluation of Sales Team Training Needs. Selection of Key Sales Metrics to Adopt. Conversion Rates. Common Sales Operations Metrics & KPIs. Preferred metrics vary across teams and organizations.

What Can Our Past Tell Us About Our Future?

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Evaluate your event data from the past 3 years or so. Individual participant and team captain retention rates. Fundraising performance metrics. Their top line revenue growth over the past 3 years far exceeds the industry average growth rates.

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5 Key Differentiators to Look for in Your Nonprofit CRM

Nonprofit Tech for Good

When evaluating CRM software for your nonprofit, you need to look for these five key differentiators: 1) Importance of Platform. Does the platform provide powerful tools for data analysis, insight and built-in reporting for nonprofit metrics? By StratusLIVE (Sponsored Post).

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Experts Weigh-In on Nonprofit Website Design Best Practices

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I often get asked questions about how a nonprofit’s website should look and behave and what benchmarking or evaluation tips I might have. What are the most important website metrics to measure? The metrics should follow those goals.

Performance Management Sucks – Here’s What to Do about It


Don’t ask managers to evaluate direct reports on whether they did a “good job.” I’d even pull back on looking at performance metrics to prove whether or not they did well. Give people a tangible understanding of what these 1-5 ratings actually mean.

Digital Marketing Plan For Nonprofits: The Definitive Guide (2017)

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Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and evaluate if you’re doing everything possible to get your message heard. Click Through Rate (CTR). Email Opt-In Rate. Once in the search analytics dashboard check the Clicks and CTR metrics and then filter by Pages.

Securing Your Patients’ Next Gifts with Donor Welcome Kits

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To properly evaluate all feedback, look for trends between the feedback and the socio-demographic profile/age/gender and other characteristics of the donor. Key metrics to explore: . Conversion rate to second gift (after a follow-up solicitation is left).

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What is Audience Engagement?

Museum 2.0

And, before all my research and evaluation friends have an attack of “but wait!,” But the rate of change has been FAST. And our museum change rate is glacial. What is the metric of a good experience? Audience engagement is the easiest and hardest thing about our work.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks (Or How to Write Better Email Subject Lines)

NonProfit Hub

The most important part of any email marketing campaign is to have software that tracks deliverability, open rates, clicked links and other metrics. Otherwise you won’t have a good grasp on the metrics needed to evaluate your emails. It sits there. Waiting.

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[Cool Social Tools] Amplifr takes your social media management to the next level


If it evaluates that your post doesn’t meet the requirements, it lets you add a specific version for that platform, all in the same window. Collect all social media metrics in one place.

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Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2a: Analytics Data as User Research

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Ideally, we’d evaluate the previous year of data to observe patterns in different giving cycles. If a client hasn’t had Analytics for a year, 3 months would be the shortest timeframe we’d want to evaluate to ensure we get a clear enough picture of trends over time.

Nonprofit Marketing Strategy (5 Steps To Reaching Donors Online)

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Ratings. rating. Evaluate Current Keyword Ranking Opportunities. Before diving into new keywords you want to first evaluate your current rankings to uncover opportunities. Next, use a marketing analytics tool like Moz, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to dive into the site metrics.

Big Data and Big Benefits for YOU!

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As you evaluate data analytics products, remember to keep a close eye on your institution’s objectives for implementation. They both combined internal trend analysis (gift history, visitation rates, membership loyalty, event attendance, etc.)

How Can Nonprofits Build High-Performing Teams?

ASU Lodestar Center

Lack of professionalism and high turnover rates can dissuade high-performers from joining the team. posted by Shannon Harrell Fall 2018 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. Unlike for-profits, nonprofits must do more with less.

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Social Media Engagement: Doin’ It Well

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To do that, you need to evaluate your posts, tweets, and conversations with standard metrics and measures. In a post entitled, “ Best Social Media Metrics: Conversation, Amplification, Applause, Economic Value ,” Avinash dives deep into 3 new metrics your organization can use to understand your social media strategy’s success. Conversation Rate = # of Audience Comments (or Replies) Per Post. Facebook Applause Rate = # of Likes Per Post.

The 10 Elements of an Effective Fundraising Email Appeal

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Sometimes that trust is measured through email performance metrics like open rate, click-through rate, or donor-response rate. It’s important to evaluate how we’re talking with our donors, and how it affects their trust of our organization and our senders.

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Myth Busters: Why Donors Shouldn’t Rely on the Overhead Ratio

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Sandra Miniutti, the CFO and vice president of marketing at Charity Navigator, said her company has worked since its founding to provide data about charities to better evaluate their performance and project has helped spread the word more. Overhead ratio) is an important metric for donors to can look at, but in a balanced point of view and it should not be taken as the whole story,” Miniutti said. This post originally appeared in the July/August issue of our Nonprofit Hub Magazine.

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Broadcast Email Tools VS. Microsoft Outlook


Outlook provides no metrics. You will not be able to see open rates, click through rates, conversion rates or unsubscribe rates with Outlook email. And as we often mention in our trainings, metrics are the core way to evaluate the overall success of your email and your campaign. Should You Be Using Microsoft Outlook for Your Broadcast Email? Quick and simple reasons not to: Outlook’s lack of formatting control.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks (Or How to Write Better Email Subject Lines)

NonProfit Hub

The most important part of any email marketing campaign is to have software that tracks deliverability, open rates, clicked links and other metrics. Otherwise you won’t have a good grasp on the metrics needed to evaluate your emails. It sits there. Waiting.

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Adding to your Board? Top Ten Questions to Ask when Choosing a Board Recruiting Service


Is the service you are evaluating paid by a corporation to place their employees on boards? Does the service publish their rates online? Are you confident you are paying the same rate as others who have used that service?

Bringing on a Fundraising Consultant: A Nonprofit’s Hiring Guide


To self evaluate, look at previous analytics to know where your nonprofit has fallen short before and to know what realistic expectations for your organization look like. A consultant will be able to provide your nonprofit with an evaluation of your board’s work.

Can Public Art Increase Civic Participation?

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In 2015, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the historic Voting Rights Act, yet voter participation rates in the U.S. We hired a research team from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communication to design the evaluation metrics for the project.

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This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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I’ve also found that making a few simple adjustments to your headline process can dramatically improve audience response rates as well as organic search results. Now, recall in Chapter 2: Nonprofit Marketing Strategy when we evaluated keyword ranking opportunities based on difficulty.

Why we need Learning Management Systems


Analytics and Metrics. An LMS allows you to calculate return on investment, evaluate how the system is working and adjust learning measures to match organizational needs. E-Learnings and trainings, can prove compliance and bolster the work rate of the individuals within your department.