Six Tips for Evaluating Your Nonprofit Training Session

Beth Kanter

Our session will share lots of great advice about what to do before , during , and after leading an effective technology training. Using the ADDIE for designing your workshop, you arrive at the “E” or evaluation. There are two different methods to evaluate your training. Evaluation is one of my favorite parts of the instructional design or training process. Use Learning Theory. to define the four levels of training evaluation. Learning.

The Future of Social: Gen Z

NonProfit Hub

Beth has over 30 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, capacity building, evaluation, fundraising and marketing. Beth is an expert in facilitating online and offline peer learning, curriculum development based on traditional adult learning theory and other instructional approaches. What can we learn from nonprofits who have been early adopters reaching out to and engaging Gen Z donors?

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NTEN Is Hiring an Educational Program Manager


The new Educational Program Manager will work directly to serve the NTEN community by harnessing adult learning theory and educational curriculum development to provide the training and resources you need to use technology to further your organization's mission and good work. > > Learn more and apply to join the NTEN Team! This position will be critical to adding a higher level of quality and evaluation to NTEN’s various educational offerings.

Six Books About Skills You Need To Succeed in A Networked World

Beth Kanter

Here are six fantastic books that I read this year that help you gain 21st century skills like learning from failure, reflection, visualization, and more. Based on solid research and insights from more than 100 organizations, he provides a roadmap for using mistakes to accelerate learning for your organization and yourself. This book is a great read. The model balances content, learning design, and participants. Michael Quinn Patton is the godfather of evaluation.

How To Think Like An Instructional Designer for Your Nonprofit Trainings

Beth Kanter

Designing and delivering a training to a nonprofit audience is not about extreme content delivery or putting together a PowerPoint and answering questions. If you want to get results, you need to think about instructional design and learning theory. And, there is no shortage of learning theories and research. ” ADDIE is an instructional design method that stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Guest Post: Community and Civic Engagement in Museum Programs

Museum 2.0

I learn a ton from her every day and wanted to share her thinking--and her graduate thesis--with you. There were times when coordinating a fire art festival while researching social capital theory made me want to burn my computer. The purpose of my thesis was two-fold: To research and analyze community and civic engagement practices, methods, theories and examples in other museum programs. Stacey Marie Garcia came to the MAH first as a graduate intern in the summer of 2011.