How Cell Phones and Tablets Enable Telework

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Telework and the Environment. There is a ton of info on how telework helps the environment and is considered part of green technology. As an example, the National Science Foundation (NSF) found that by not commuting, each NSF teleworker reclaims an average of 62 hours of their lives back and saves $1,201 a year. It tracks a teleworkers’ activities including duration and applications used.

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The Truth about Bilingual Interpretation: Guest Post by Steve Yalowitz

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He is fluent in Spanish (for a non-native speaker) and one of his main areas of study is bilingual interpretation in out-of-school environments. This qualitative, exploratory study involved tracking and interviewing 32 Spanish-speaking intergenerational groups in fully bilingual exhibits at four different science centers/museums. You know those research studies that make you want to immediately change your practice in some way?

Scratch: An Educational, Multi-Generational Online Community that Works

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but still, a programming environment. I'm still a "passive consumer" in the eyes of ScratchR, but my actions are tracked every time I view a Scratch project (as are spectators'). Again, the ScratchR team is promoting use of Scratch and community-building around the programming environment. Last week, I was reintroduced to Scratch , a graphical programming language designed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab.

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