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SOCAP: The Market at the Intersection of Money and Meaning

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She said that it generates more electricity at a lower cost than lead-acid and lithium ion batteries. These are the people behind the great nonprofit Story of Stuff animated environmental videos. Frankie Ridolf i stopped by to see how they can do more to help nonprofits tell their story. I had a chance this week to preside over TechSoup’s booth at the latest Social Capital Markets conference (SOCAP) in San Francisco. It’s one of the premier social enterprise.

Interview with Jodie Van Horn of Freedom from Oil and Plug-in Bay Area

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When this program sprang up, Rainforest Action Network, had been involved in campaigns surrounding the crushing of the EV1 a decade ago, which happened here in California -- with the car mandate -- many people have now seen Who Killed The Electric Car , and it goes into explaining that story quite well. Environment aside, from a consumers standpoint it makes a tremendous amount of sense. In September 2006, Marin County soft ordered 22 Plug-in Hybrids Electric Vehicles.