Big Vision Podcast: Steve Williams from POWER

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I recently posted my interview with Steve Williams, the Executive Director and co-founder of POWER: People Organized to Win Employment Rights on the Big Vision Podcast. Steve also happens to be the fiancé of Mei-ying Ho, who I interviewed last month. If you know a person who is creating positive change that you think should be interviewed for the Big Vision Podcast, please send me their name and contact information at britt AT Britt Bravo: Hi!

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Note: the speakers today are being introduced and interviewed by journalist and emcee Nadira Hira , on Twitter at @nadirahira. After graduating college, I became a translater for tobacco giant Philip Morris in Venezuela. As an example, an experiment was done to increase hotel towel reuse through changing messages: the traditional ''this many gallons are used to wash towels, please reuse your towel to help us save the environment '' was used as the control message.

Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange Talks about the Global Citizen Center

Have Fun - Do Good

Below is a transcript of my interview with him for the Big Vision Podcast. That's guaranteed, and what's guaranteeing it is, it is one of the few positive things about the destruction of the environment. What I am trying to add to that is the retail, the green retail piece, Green-Mart, the opposite of Wal-Mart, where all the products will be filtered for social justice and the environment, and whether you want toilet paper, or bamboo floors, or solar energy, or hemp clothing.