Tech Policies for Virtual Teams: A Leader’s Responsibility

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Welcome to “Tech Policies for Virtual Teams—A Leader’s Responsibility.” We have a short evaluation at the end and formal breaks for Q&A throughout the session, so we invite you to stay engaged. We’re gonna focus more on technology policies here than personnel policies.

Strengthening program evaluation in your nonprofit

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This call spurred the increasing demand for program evaluation. In your organization, this may look like negative attitudes toward evaluation, poor research designs and collecting data but not using the data. The root problem here is poor evaluation capacity.


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How can nonprofits implement a strategic public policy agenda to achieve greater impact?

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Public policy and the nonprofit sector. Public policy at all levels of government has the ability to threaten the work of all nonprofits (National Council of Nonprofits, 2019). At the federal level, we see this threat in tax, regulatory, and spending policies.

Has Your Organization Thought Through its Social Media Policy?


"As the use of virtual environments for business purposes grows, enterprises need to understand how employees are using avatars in ways that might affect the enterprise or the enterprise's reputation," said James Lundy , managing vice president at Gartner, Inc. "We advise establishing codes of behavior that apply in any circumstance when an employee is acting as a company representative, whether in a real or virtual environment." Dee Albritton, Fast Forward.

Why great IT support is mission-critical for nonprofits


Nonprofits need 24/7 IT support to stay on top of their game in this ever-changing environment while maintaining an active donor base and engaging volunteers. According to a 2018 NTEN Study , 80 percent of nonprofits lack a policy to address cyberattacks.

Best Practices for Securing Data in Humanitarian Crisis Situations

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The unfolding crisis in Afghanistan is a stark reminder that many nonprofit customers often work in fragile environments. Appropriate data retention policies should be implemented, including considerations for the rapid decay of the physical security situation.

When There’s Beef On Your Nonprofit Board


We should dust off those by-laws, pull out the board score card to self-evaluate our performance and bring in outside help to get our houses or in this case, our boards in order. . This season is ripe for conflict.

Great reads from January 8th

Amy Sample Ward

The Raiser’s Razor: Resources for Tracking Policy Changes re: Nonprofits - Here's a post that answers the question, "What resources (journals, subscription services, websites etc.) " Seeking Grant Money Today: Nonprofit New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make Your Nonprofit A Better One… - If you're looking for some prompts on evaluating strategies and practices, here are some great questions and ideas to consider.

Can you be effective advocate in the age of hyper-partisan politics?

Network-Centric Advocacy

The political landscape and policy agenda is dominated by consensus politics. This is the age of Dick Morris strategy navigating a middle-ground and triangulating a new space to create policy. Large social movements and campaign worked to build “a middle” and establish broad interests in action among a newly organized constituency behind a centrist policy. Evaluate the issue resonance among the core participants in each opposing viewpoint.

Can you be effective advocate in the age of hyper-partisan politics?

Network-Centric Advocacy

The political landscape and policy agenda is dominated by consensus politics. This is the age of Dick Morris strategy navigating a middle-ground and triangulating a new space to create policy. Large social movements and campaign worked to build “a middle” and establish broad interests in action among a newly organized constituency behind a centrist policy. Evaluate the issue resonance among the core participants in each opposing viewpoint.

How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact

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With the clock ticking, we’ve evaluated the impact of the biggest changes we can make for the planet. Whilst this is important, it’s not actually the biggest change we can make for the environment. Encourage your friends and family to make changes and prioritise the environment.

Leading with Accountability: What Accountability Strategies are Critical to Foster Nonprofit Donor Support?

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Given that nonprofits must operate in a wide variety of complex environments, they must work diligently to continuously create innovate strategies to meet the needs and expectations of their diverse stakeholder populations (Benjamin, 2012). Preventative measures such as performance evaluations, self-regulation policies, effective donor communication approaches, ethical leadership, and social auditing serve as accountability enforcers in various capacities within an organization.

Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning


The best way to ready ourselves for this shifting environment is Continuous Learning. Establishing a formal policy of Continuous Learning. This is the most important step in promoting a continuous learning environment. This will also allow the new employee to evaluate past ventures with a new eye and establish any possible shortcomings, shaping an environment where the organization can actually learn from their previous mistakes.

Are You Compliance Ready?


Even companies who have a proper compliance methodology get caught in the midst of changing regulated environment, new compliance measures, etc. Or, they are still following the outdated compliance policies and technology at the organization. Identification of Risk Areas: It is important for organization to identify and evaluate all risk areas that relate to its core business. It is also important to evaluate them in order to put the right focus on different areas.

How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

WBT Systems

You can readily align badges within your online learning environment to compliment, and strategically add value to, your existing and planned online courses. How will it fit within the current (planned) online learning delivery environment (LMS or LCMS)? How and when will evaluation of badges take place? Will badge design and evaluation take place at the same time as the online course design and evaluations? Strategy Design and Your Online Learning Environment.

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Part 2: Simple Tricks To Get More From Your Nonprofit CRM


A used guide is a step-by-step instruction guide that can cover data entry, reporting, policies, field definitions, and information on how the work should be flowing. Evaluate and analyze outcomes from data. We live and work in fluid working environment that is constantly changing. Image courtesy of z2 Systems. In part 1 , we explored 4 ways your nonprofit could better utilize its CRM, or constituent relationship management system.

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To Thine Own Organization Be True

Nonprofit Talent

So, for example, personnel reviews may remain incomplete, insurance coverage may not be reviewed, and financial management systems may not be properly evaluated. We do a Situation Analysis to understand the environment in which we are working, its opportunities, and its threats.

The Importance of Training and Development for Start-ups


With the hectic nature of start-up organizations today, one can easily make a claim that it is never too early to evaluate the effectiveness of a structured Learning, Training, and Development program. A lot of times in bustling start-ups and small business environments, there is an underlying sentiment, along the lines of “I don’t care how you do it, just get it done.” The role of Human Resources is exceedingly difficult in these small environments.

Report: Insights from the Google AI Impact Challenge

Beth Kanter

The Google AI Impact Challenge attracted 2,602 applications from six continents and 119 countries, with projects addressing a wide range of issue areas, from education to the environment. . The report provides detail about the opportunities and challenges and offers some next steps for social good organizations, technology companies, and policy makers. . Evaluate model performance across different dimensions that may highlight areas of unfair bias (e.g.,

Games for Change Keynote: James Shelton, US Department of Education

Amy Sample Ward

There used to be a focus on setting high levels for evidence in evidenced based policy making. People and policy is often first influenced by compelling stories. I think that we have a lot to learn about where gamifying is most helpful, but we are so far from the saturation point that we should push ahead with full speed so we can evaluate what works and what doesn’t and make adjustments. The current environment is ripe for this to happen.

Observations and Reflections on #TakeBackThePink

Amy Sample Ward

Here are the lessons we pulled out as a group: We could not plan for an event like this , however as individuals who are unencumbered by organizational rules or policies, and that we have our own large networks of people to bring to an effort, and that we are comfortable working in a dynamic, flat, environment, we reacted very quickly and nimbly to events as they unfolded and provided avenues for action for other people angry at Komen.

[VIDEO] Raising More Money By Asking (And Answering) Better Questions


Steven: And I would call that evaluation, right, that’s us checking to see if we’re doing our work well, right. . And, you know, what I tend to do in these environments is I have a pledge form with me. You need to have a gift acceptance policy.

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Top TechSoup Product Donations for IT Infrastructure

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It also allows administrators to manage server group policy security settings and create reports using data from multiple servers within a group. The Standard edition is designed for small- to medium-sized organizations with physical or lightly virtualized server environments. The Datacenter edition of Windows Server works the same way as the Standard edition but is designed for organizations with large workloads and heavily virtualized server environments.

How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact


With the clock ticking, we’ve evaluated the impact of the biggest changes we can make for the planet. Whilst this is important, it’s not actually the biggest change we can make for the environment. Encourage your friends and family to make changes and prioritise the environment.

How Telecommunications Is Changing Work for Nonprofits


Yet a successful transition from a traditional work environment to an open work environment demands considerations beyond technology solutions. An organizational telecommunications system that allows for the greatest adoption of an open work environment may look something like this: VoIP and PBX. A Shift from a Traditional to an Open Work Environment. This chart is from Learning from a Natural Environment: Study a Corporate Work-Time Policy Initiative.

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How Nonprofits Can Build Trust with Strong Internal Controls

Connection Cafe

Are you willing you leave the important job of internal controls to a “ catch me if you can ” environment? Comply with laws, regulations and policies. Ignored or missing policies. Component 1: Control Environment. The Control Environment deals with whether or not all levels of the organization are committed to high levels of integrity and demonstrate those values in their day to day work.

Virtual Work, Real Success

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BetterWorld Telecom provides services that enable and support a virtual work environment, as a donation partner with TechSoup Global. One of the benefits of working virtually is that a results-only work environment (ROWE), naturally arises, making efficiency and clarity of focus the working norm. is management strategy where employees are evaluated on performance, not presence.) This post was authored by Salem Kimble, social media development manager with BetterWorld Telecom.

Gen Next on the Board


Their contributions to boards have included those that are traditional: financial analysis, review of contracts and insurance policies, real estate advice, support for a gala, solicitation of contributions, hosting “friend raisers,” etc. Some of their contributions, however, reflect the special value they bring from their work and social experiences: • Testing methods of outcome evaluation; • Developing systems for obtaining staff input; • Introducing strong governance expectations.

Why Joining A Board Is Great For Your Career


You may be involved in organizational investments, performance evaluation, program funding and policy creation. She is a sought-after career strategist and personal branding expert known for a personalized, strategic approach that enables clients to confidently market themselves in an increasingly competitive job environment.

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How Nonprofits Can Engage Volunteers in Advocacy

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The terms advocacy and lobbying are generally used interchangeably to describe how nonprofits influence legislation and public policy. With a program specifically designed for volunteers and staff, this will help to create a healthy working environment and motivate volunteers to return. Evaluate. No matter how well designed or successful the program, it is essential to continually evaluate how you are doing.

The Evolution of NPTech: Keynote and slides

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But, the tools were emerging so quickly that many didn’t know how to approach them, there weren’t any policies in place; so, the Internet, except for the long-standing signposts, were viewed as toys or distractions and often banned from the workplace. Staff felt that often the only way to try new tools, engage with the public who were already adopting and investing in online platforms, and stay on top of the fast-moving digital space was to go around rules or organizational policies.

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Creating the Right Culture at your Nonprofit

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3) Evaluate your Policies – nonprofits rely on people to deliver on their missions, so people need to be happy and productive. That means having good, logical, effective policies both around things like benefits and worklife AND about the way work gets done. Your physical environment IS also about your culture. Culture is mission. Culture is process. Culture is everything. I really do believe this. When I was a kid, culture had a very different meaning.

How to Install Janrain Federate on Drupal 6.x

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

xd_receiver: '[link]. }); </script> I had to modify it with the help of Janrain because we use multiple development environments (dev, staging and prod). The final step is to change your privacy policy in order for Internet Explorer to respect the cross-domain nature of the SSO protocol you’re using with Janrain. The header itself WILL require you to change your site’s privacy policy. The privacy policy contains DISPUTES elements.

Digital Transformation: A Tale of Two Resilient Nonprofits

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This includes everything from reducing manual processes through workflow automation to the ability to collaborate and thrive in remote working environments. This was the perfect opportunity to evaluate our processes and technology.

Academic vs. Corporate LMS – Where the Lines Blur


This groundwork includes the ability to house, execute, and reward learning in either environment. This is most identifiable in how the LMS presents itself and how the learnings are organized in each environment. In business, a course could be a single 3-hour instruction with an evaluation at the end. The practice of quality branding allows users to be familiar with their environment, as well as extend the reach of an organization’s marketing practices!

Better Together: What Collaboration Strategies are Necessary to Increase Nonprofit Effectiveness?

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Policies and procedures should be able to adapt to an ever-changing community/society and cannot be too loose or too free. However, organizations may need to re-evaluate their funding requirements and fundraising efforts. Re-establish new funding policies and predict possible changes in funding sources (Guo, 2005) to avoid financial downfall. Collaboration should not be rushed and should be carefully evaluated.

Why Your Organization Needs Telecommuting – When the Commuter Train Shuts Down

Tech Soup Blog

Creating company policy that effectively utilizes telecommuting and harnesses communication technology is a matter of resiliency and adaptation, not a radical leap or indulgent management style. Despite the fact that many knowledge workers could efficiently and effectively do their work from home, most organizations default to a management and evaluation style designed for factory workers.

How Can Nonprofits Switch From Scarcity to Abundance Mindsets When It Comes To Self-Care?

Beth Kanter

First, there is the individual and what that person can do for themselves, even if the organizational culture or internal policies do not reinforce the importance of self-care. But how do we get organizational mindsets to shift or at least create an environment where self-care is valued and becomes the norm? There would be policies and practices around having a “no meeting day,” option to work from home, a quiet room in the office, and other activities.

Can Networks Have Social Impact?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The focus was on learning about "Network Effectiveness" and the specific topics included strategies for network impact, approaches to evaluating networks and tools for accelerating and assessing network impact. A peer learning environment requires creating a safe space for conversation. I wondered whether the more general learnings about network effectiveness and evaluating networks would be considered confidential? The discussion on evaluation of networks was illuminating.

Technology & Community: Strategic Options for Building Movements

Amy Sample Ward has had an interesting history, but one that shows us just what that car really looks like: as climate policy, disasters and environmental debates began building a number of years ago, 350ppm was used a tag on blog posts, on photos, as a tracking and signposting mechanism for people following and contributing to the unfolding conversation to find each other and each other’s content online. How do you evaluate your programs and services?

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Your Nonprofit’s Culture: By Design or by Default?

Beth Kanter

At Firespring , we’ve created a fun environment with a pool table and shuffleboard in a space called the Firepit, free beer and soda in the break room and a huge slide in the middle of the building. What’s your “working while on vacation” policy? Before policies and procedures. Why wouldn’t we want to create an environment and culture that feeds people with energy rather than sucking the life out of them?

The Overhead Solution: A New Nonprofit Pride Movement

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The CEOs of BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, and GuideStar USA published a second open letter last year with the express goal to "crush" the overhead myth, the idea that overhead ratios should serve as the sole basis for evaluating nonprofit performance. Budgeting, fiscal policies, and internal control resources. Think of the words "overhead" and "nonprofits" and what comes to mind?

How Cell Phones and Tablets Enable Telework

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Telework and the Environment. There is a ton of info on how telework helps the environment and is considered part of green technology. Extrapolating those savings across the agency, NSF teleworkers each year collectively spare the environment more than 1 million pounds of emissions and save more than $700,000 in commuting costs. TechSoup: Telework Policies. MySammy software essentially evaluates how a person spends time on a computer and/or mobile device.

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