Symantec Donation Safeguards Computer Labs for Students

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It aims to provide a gateway towards empowerment, educational, and employment opportunities to lead a fulfilling, prosperous, and purposeful life. Its programs are directly tied to career pathways and provide students with vocational certifications at little or no cost to them. But students also come away with significant increases in their perceived self-value and a decrease in perceived barriers to success. It also costs students the ability to complete their work.

On the Future of Braille: Thoughts by Radical Braille Advocates

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In what is known as the “ braille provision ,” the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004 mandates that the teams who help write educational plans for students with disabilities presume that all blind and visually impaired children should be taught Braille unless it is determined to be inappropriate. Data from the American Printing House for the Blind’s annual registry of legally blind students shows that in 2012 only 8.8%


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Strengthening program evaluation in your nonprofit

ASU Lodestar Center

As nonprofits attempt to tackle some of our communities' most difficult problems; funders, government agencies and the general public are actively calling for accountability, transparency and proof that a program is producing change. The root problem here is poor evaluation capacity.

Technology Support as Teaching

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

It drives me simply nuts that every single time I call my satellite provider about a problem with the service, and I’m saying “I’m seeing 80% packet loss, and doing a traceroute suggests that it’s about 2 hops after your modem&# and they respond with “OK, first, we’re going to clear out your browser cache. Certainly, if you are a technology provider that values empowerment of your clients, this is probably a good model to consider.

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Apps for Youth, By Youth

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The app was a finalist in Microsoft's 2011 Imagine Cup, a student technology competition. Our Time (Facebook) is a nonprofit dedicated to youth empowerment through the voting process. iPad, iPhone, MacOS) is a student planner that helps you keep track of your class schedule, track your grades and GPA, manage homework assignments, and create an interactive calendar.

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Bringing Millions of Books to Billions of People: Making the Book Truly Accessible

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Literacy and access to knowledge underpins just about every social good, from education, to economic development, to health, to women’s empowerment, democracy and respect for human rights. The Bookshare story Bookshare is a real example of the confluence of how all of these exciting developments were able to drive an innovative new way of addressing a social problem, and demonstrating the potential of what ebooks can do. I believe in the power of books to change the world.


Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

From their website: Some of the features that distinguish Hampshire from more traditional liberal arts colleges include student-designed academic concentrations; an active, collaborative, inquiry-based pedagogy; an interdisciplinary curriculum; and a narrative evaluation system. The questions and problems are generated exactly from the needs of the participants – what do they need to do?

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Creating Learning Experiences That Connect, Inspire, and Engage

Beth Kanter

The instructor’s role should be to facilitate this understanding for their students, not dump content on them. They gave the students tests based on content and scored them. And the resulting graph is the analysis of 1200 students. He expects students to read the assignment before they come to class so that instructional time can be spent helping them make sense of it and apply to their work. The last question asks students to tell Mazur what confused them.

Research Friday: Human Capital Performance Bonds. What are they? How do they work?

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As part of a continuing weekly series, each Friday we invite a nonprofit scholar, student, or professional to highlight current research reports or studies and discuss how they can inform and improve day-to-day nonprofit practice. But a structural problem remains: philanthropy does not typically have available capital for scaling. The investors assume the risk that the nonprofit organization will meet the benchmarks and alleviate the social problem. posted by.

Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission: Recap and Recordings of the ONTC


This is debatable -- and we can certainly pull together more important stats than twitter followers -- but what nonprofits should recognize (along with Wall Street and the business sector) is that we must continue to adapt and work for change within our organizations/businesses as we work towards solutions for our collective problems. Why do Imagine Cup students develop more field-based IT innovation in 9 months than nonprofits in 5 years?

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Audience Demographics and the Census: Do We Have a Match?

Museum 2.0

When you look at this infographic, do you see a problem to be solved? It could be chosen for reasons related to the institution''s mission (for example, a focus on youth empowerment) or for reasons related to the market demographics (for example, a growing number of Latinos). For example, there is good research suggesting that school field trips to art museums are disproportionately valuable for students from poor and rural backgrounds.

Six New Games for Change: Check Out the Future of Gaming for Good


Ludwig is a game aimed at educators and students alike. The struggle for the jury was to find how the simple gameplay reflects the game’s goal of empowering women to believe that they are capable of solving hard problems through teamwork and leadership. The empowerment of girls in third world countries is a topic many corporate sponsors are looking to endorse. By Jeff Ramos, Community and Content Manager, Games for Change.

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Empowering Change: Caitlin Cohen of the Sigida Keneyali Project

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It is a collaboration between American students and residents of Sikoro, a dusty periurban town of 65,000 people outside the capital city of Bamako, Mali. Some funding is exterior, but we are and will remain a low-budget organization, relying on the volunteerism of American students and Malian citizens. You did a survey that revealed that the village's most serious health problem is malaria. The real problem is social exclusion. mali health NGO empowerment

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Empowering Refugees: Interview with Kjerstin Erickson of FORGE

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Erickson founded FORGE (Facilitating Opportunities for Refugee Growth and Empowerment) in 2003 when she was a 20 year-old junior studying public policy at Stanford University. We bring communities together to identify their top problems, needs, and priorities, and solve them internally. The projects can range from preschools, to libraries and computer training centers, to women empowerment programs. We would bring students.

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Getting your vendor to support Open Standards | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Re-empowerment of the nonprofit worker and resulting transformation into a knowledge worker, data re-presented as knowledge – these are all themes for Nonprofit 2.0. The only problem is how to build enough industry momentum on our end.

Using Photography to Change the World: An Interview with Paola Gianturco

Have Fun - Do Good

These are grassroots organizations, and they were helping each other with the most intractable problems that face women everywhere: domestic violence, sex trafficking, disease, discrimination. Britt Bravo: In so many of the groups you profiled, the women were using the arts for education, empowerment, or healing. A high school English teacher in Zimbabwe, whose name is Betty Makoni , began hearing stories from her students after school, that they had been raped.