Women Ingenuity is Powering Solutions for the Digital Divide

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A host of cultural, economic, social and infrastructural barriers keep women locked out from the empowerment potential of Internet access. And then there is Myrna in the Philippines, who escaped trafficking as a young girl and worked as a domestic helper.

Times are hard. Associations make the world better.


It’s about stories that need to be told. The Million Meal Challenge made a difference for children and families in Haiti, India, Jamaica, the Philippines, and Tanzania. How much could association programs like these grow–how many more people could we help–if every association had the know-how and the resources to tell their stories online? Empowerment. So if you’re reading this, please share these stories. Story Telling ASAE pwra

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Bringing Women a Global Voice: Jensine Larsen, World Pulse

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We trained them in how to use their cell phones for rapid response, and how to write Op-eds, feature stories, and front line journals. We publish their stories, and from that experience, a big impact was that a lot of the women got their stories picked up.

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Women's Global Green Action Network: An Interview with Melinda Kramer

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So, for example, we just did a really powerful training in the Philippines, where our regional leaders there hosted a training on a water filter. We have a woman in the Philippines who is helping to train women on local water filters.

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