The Networked NGO in Pakistan

Beth Kanter

This year a lot of my work as Visiting Scholar at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation is working with grantees outside of the US. Last week, I had the pleasure of working with a group of Population and Reproductive Health grantees from Pakistan on a peer learning group called “ The Networked NGO ,” based on the ideas in my book, The Networked Nonprofit. The four-day intensive face-to-face training was for senior level staff and their social media staffers.

12 Early Adopters of the.NGO and.ONG Domains

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Current growth is occurring in parts of the world where “NGO” and “ONG” are commonly used terms and in regions where “nonprofit” and “charity” are more common, many nonprofits and charities are purchasing the domains (they are sold as a bundle) and having them forward to their.ORG website(s). Grassroots Pakistan ● Pakistan.

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