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Apps for Youth, By Youth

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The app was a finalist in Microsoft's 2011 Imagine Cup, a student technology competition. Our Time (Facebook) is a nonprofit dedicated to youth empowerment through the voting process. iPad, iPhone, MacOS) is a student planner that helps you keep track of your class schedule, track your grades and GPA, manage homework assignments, and create an interactive calendar.

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Fostering Innovation and Creativity in Youth Through App Development

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story chronicled a middle school student who built an app to help him. Not only did the piece showcase the uniqueness of this particular student, but also the opportunity to cultivate creativity through technical. Organizations are helping to facilitate these conversations and learnings globally. of the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning global. propose, develop, and market apps that serve community needs.

14LCS Idea Accelerator Pitches - Onward!


It was an incredible testament to the commitment and dedication of the nonprofit sector to put words to action - identifying needs and proposing concrete solutions. Stones Worldview Tango - Richard Cirille Empowering learning for students world wide. Design solutions for collaboration, empowerment, global views, and self awareness. Proposed solution: An online community portal that would allow associations to post events or projects that need volunteers.

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