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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Tonight she tagged me in her Facebook post about how support Egyptians march tomorrow online and offline. Here’s the list: ONLINE activism: Tweet with the hashtag #Egypt to the top of the trends. Add the hashtag #Egypt if not already applied.

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Confessions in Cairo!!! | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

05.23.06 | 51 No Comments [link] Confessions+in+Cairo%21%21%21 2006-05-23+19%3A53%3A39 Allan+Benamer Hi all, Stay tuned for some updates later this week on the state of non-profit technology here in Cairo, Egypt. You can use these tags: « Big fan of Daily Kos or 384 posts in 456 categories and tags, 1,628 comments and still going strong.

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IT Recipe for the small non-profit | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

All of my experiences with the non-profits in Egypt reinforced some long-held notions I have about how small non-profits here in the US should deal with IT. You can use these tags: « Confessions in Cairo!!! 384 posts in 456 categories and tags, 1,628 comments and still going strong.

Free Webinar December 8: The Capital Campaign

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In her sixteen years as a philanthropic consultant, she has managed capital campaigns; helped dozens of nonprofit organizations achieve their development goals; and has trained more than 15,000 professionals in Mexico, Canada, Egypt, and most of the fifty United States, in all aspects of development. Tags: Event Fundraising Online Seminar Join GiftWorks and Linda Lysakowski on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 1 p.m. Eastern time for a free fundraising webinar.

Science and Technology Partnerships with Africa: Opportunities for European Foundations

Tech Soup Blog

Tags: Event This week, several TechSoup Global staffers are participating in Foundation Week in Brussels. This post comes from GuideStar International chair Buzz Schmidt. Originally publised on the GuideStar International Blog.

Entrepreneurship and Internet Diplomacy in the Muslim and Arab World


When President Obama took the stage in Cairo, Egypt last year, millions tuned in to hear his approach for improved U.S.-Muslim Tags: Influence Events Collaboration Communication Events Government Muslim relations. In his speech, he pledged to "create a new corps of business volunteers to partner with counterparts in Muslim-majority countries." " A key message was that better relations derive from shared business opportunities.

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Wendy Sternberg Leaves Her Medical Career to Heal the World

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At See3 we have the pleasure of collaborating with Wendy to help her find a way to document and distribute video from her upcoming concert tour of Egypt and Jordan. Tags: see3 peace People often become doctors because they want to heal people, and by extension, heal the world. Wendy Sternberg left her successful internal medicine practice in Evanston Illinois because she decided she could better heal the world through Genesis at the Crossroads (GATC), an organization she founded.

Guest Post by Ivan Boothe: Social change takes more than social media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Where it has been getting integrated into social justice organizing, it's largely been outside the United States, in places like Colombia and Egypt. Tags: guest blogging social media socialnetworking

Mary Joyce: Global Social Change Blogher - Her Latest: Free Monem Campaign

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It would also be great if you could tag your post (using Technorati or ) with the words "FreeMonem" to help us keep track of how many people take part in this action.

What's a Virtual Visitor Worth?

Museum 2.0

Then, they encourage others in the Flickr community to post their own images of the same plant and tag them "flickrplantproject." Tags: evaluation marketing $5.33. 40.21. 12.74. Every museum has a number for its operating cost per visitor.

Change from the Inside: A Conversation with COSI

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Their CEO writes a blog , as do exhibit developers working on an upcoming exhibition on Egypt. Tags: Museums Engaging in 2.0 What’s harder: coming up with great experimental ideas or jumping through institutional hoops to make the experiments happen?