2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report [INFOGRAPHIC]


Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge just released the fourth annual 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report.

On Uncommon Ground

Judi Sohn

Last Friday, my short 9 month career working on Common Ground came to an end. I'm free (sorta) and sad (sorta) and angry (not sorta). Don't get me wrong. Jobs come and go, especially in this economy. Startups fail. Companies cut back. It happens.

Unlock Fans While Engaging Supporters Beyond Like, Share and Comment

Amy Sample Ward

The mystery of creating real impact using Facebook has eluded many organizations for years now. There are examples of organizations succeeding with a certain campaign but when the campaign is over, they aren’t sure what to do.

Digital Divide Data: our Partner in Laos

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Benetech is a tech social enterprise. While our activities often creates jobs beyond the core high technology jobs around software development and user support, we don't see it as our core competency.

Laos 247

A Poem about Helping Others


This past week, we had a poetry contest about helping others in your community. The winner of our poetry contest is (drum roll please.) Synthia Laura Molina of Central IQ, Inc.! Feel their pressing needs, Offer soulful remedies. Servant leader leads.)

Help 242

Mobility does not equal freedom

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I was headed on an epic trip. I was, really. I have driven cross-country more times than I can count, and it is an activity I have much enjoyed in my life, although I know that is mysterious to many - it is an activity many do not enjoy at all.

Mobile 215

Volunteers Give 10x the Dollars

Connection Cafe

Author: Jennifer Darrouzet. “As it happens, a lot of our volunteers are donors,” says Dora Chan. And she should know – she’s what colleagues refer to as the “database whiz” at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

More Trending

Homeless people turned into walking wi-fi hotspots at $2 per 15 minutes at SXSW | Mail Online

AFP Blog

Homeless people turned into walking wi-fi hotspots at $2 per 15 minutes at SXSW | Mail Online : A marketing stunt where homeless people were turned into walking internet hotspots with T-shirts proclaiming 'I'm a 4G hotspot' has caused outcry in Texas. Branding agency BBH was forced to defend its 'Homeless Hotspots' initiative after it was described as 'dystopian' - and lambasted as a 'shameful, hideous, patronising, dehumanising idea' by British brand strategist Luke Scheybeler

Blackbaud kills off Common Ground

Robert Weiner

Yesterday the news was that Blackbaud had laid off 50 employees it acquired when it bought Convio in May. In what was said to be an unrelated development, they also announced the departure of Gene Austin, the former CEO of Convio. Today the news is that Blackbaud is killing off Common Ground , one of the two donor management products (aka CRMs or Constituent Relationship Management systems) that they acquired from Convio.

5 Infographics About Infographics To Master Basics in Five Minutes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: Hot Button Studio. In my forthcoming book, “ Measuring the Networked Nonprofit ,” co-authored with KD Paine, my favorite chapter was about the sense-making process of measurement – called “Measurement and the Aha!

Why Online Donors are Worth More than Offline Donors [INFOGRAPHIC]


A few months ago we published the 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report and yesterday we released the 2011 Online Giving Report.

Real-world Salesforce Visual Workflow for a nonprofit

Judi Sohn

I love the new Salesforce Visual Workflow. I can’t code a line of Apex but with Flows, I can automate processes in ways that just warm the heart of my inner wannabe geek.

5 Assumptions Every Community Manager Should Make Daily

Amy Sample Ward

This post is cross-published from NTEN. Read the post and join the conversation on the NTEN blog. —– Normally, I stay away from assumptions: We all know the saying about what assuming does to you and me!

Southeast Asia, Social Enterprise Accidental Tour!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I just spent almost three weeks in Thailand and Laos on a combined work and vacation trip. Roughly once a year when I travel overseas, my wife Virginia puts up her hand and says “that’s the one!”

Asia 218

Content Strategies for Nonprofit Websites


Is your nonprofit looking for ways to improve your website and increase traffic? Tech4Good Denver hosted an excellent and extremely informative group panel who shared true and tested content strategies when designing or managing your nonprofit’s website.

Is fear a prison?

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

This image is making its way around facebook, and on first look, I can see why most people feel like it makes sense. But I have been doing a lot of personal work around fear lately, and I have a different perspective. I think that fear is a good thing.

12 Nonprofit Reads for 2012

Connection Cafe

Author: Cheryl Black. Last year I made a personal reading list: 12 books in 12 months which felt incredibly reasonable since I love to read.

Org 282

121 Billion and Counting

NCE Social Media

A new study has found that Americans have spent 121 billion minutes on social media this year. That’s up more than 37% from last year alone. How much time is that really? Imagine watching Honey Boo Boo for over 460,000 years nonstop. That’s crazy!

OMG! You’re Not Using Text Messaging to Reach Constituents? - NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active and engaged democracy.

AFP Blog

You’re Not Using Text Messaging to Reach Constituents? - NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active and engaged democracy. : And it’s not just for kids. As text messaging has grown ubiquitous, so too has its popularity as a simple, inexpensive way for nonprofits to reach their constituents.

Active 149

The Future of Work: A Manifesto


This manifesto is a work in progress, and my personal output from 4 incredible days in Omaha last November with Joe Gerstandt, Jason Lauritsen, Jamie Notter, Janyne Emsick, Jen Benz, Eric WineGardner, Charlie Judy, James Papiano, Stuart Chittenden, Mike Wagner and David Ballard.

Work 142

How Nonprofits Can Use Measurement To Adapt to the Facebook Algorithm Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A Simple 6 Step Plan for Creating a Facebook Page that Works


In my last session as part of the Schools out for Summer Series I took a deep dive into how Schools can get the most out of Facebook. It was a lot of fun presenting (and talking to) this extremely engaged group of people. You can find out about upcoming sessions here.

Need to leave Common Ground? Analyze first. Then react.

Judi Sohn

In the interest of full disclosure, let’s get this out of the way first: I’m employed! Or I will be as of November 1 when I join KELL Partners full-time as Solutions and Support Services Manager.

DIY Social Media Management

Amy Sample Ward

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun giving another webinar for Nonprofit Webinars, this time focused on DIY Social Media Management.

Why We're Blacking Out Sites: PIPA and SOPA

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

In November, I wrote a blog post entitled: Why I’m Scared of the SOPA bill. Part of my objective was to show the unintended consequences of Internet censorship bills like SOPA and PIPA (SOPA's Senate buddy bill), responding to alerts from organizations I trust like the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Site 204

Collaboration in the Aging Community


Last week VisionLink had the pleasure of attending the N4A “Answers on Aging” Annual Conference & Tradeshow in our neighboring city of Denver.

Have a Cup of Tea with Fear

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I gave this sermon this morning at First Congregational Church of Oakland. . Today's reading, from Romans 8, verses 12 through 15 (from the SENT translation ) says: . "So So the conclusion, brothers and sisters is this. We have no obligation to the flesh: we don't have to live in line with it. Because if you live in line with the flesh, you're going to die. But if you make the bad behaviors of the body die off with the Spirit, you are going to live.

Brain 156

How to Use Twitter Better

Connection Cafe

Author: Cheryl Black. Home school your way to a more successful Twitter presence. Here’s a baker's dozen of resources that can help you wow the socks off your colleagues. I humbly suggest bookmarking this page right now. Beginner. Twitter in Plain English (YouTube). How to Use Twitter.

As 2012 Winds Down

NCE Social Media

As 2012 winds down there were several major stories that I came across that are worth sharing. First, not even the former marketing director of Facebook knows how the privacy policies at Facebook work. Randi Zuckerberg is the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg found out the hard way.

Photo 156

Social media influencers are key to increasing social giving | TMA Resources

AFP Blog

Social media influencers are key to increasing social giving | TMA Resources : According to an infographic in PC mag compiled by MDG advertising, statistics show that raising money for causes through social media has more than doubled in the last five years. A main factor in social media fundraising success is the identification of an organization's influencers.

Book Review: Stand Out Social Marketing


This is a guest post from Mike Lewis, VP of Marketing for Awareness and author of Stand Out Social Marketing: How to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Online Presence.

Review 141

Three Reasons Kids Need Digital Literacy and Citizenship Education

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by WhiteAfrican. Note from Beth: By the time you read this post, I’ll be in the air enroute to Rwanda for a training project. As a parent of wired kids, I think teaching digital literacy is very important for parents to do.

2011 Online Giving Trends and 5 Tactics Your Nonprofit Must Implement Today


We recently released the most comprehensive analysis of online giving trends in the nonprofit sector. Ok, ok … that sounds a little bit like bragging, but I promise the report is worth the read.

Trend 275

Apple, it’s time to move parental controls to the cloud

Judi Sohn

We’re an Apple family, since way before it was cool. Right now, I have a 2.5 year old iMac that is still going strong, iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. Husband has an iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Teenager #1 has an iPad 3 and uses a hand-me-down iMac for writing/school work.

Time 184

Philanthropy and Social Media: New Whitepaper from The Institute for Philanthropy

Amy Sample Ward

Earlier this week, I had the terrific opportunity to participate on a panel at the US launch event for “Philanthropy and Social Media”, a whitepaper from The Institute for Philanthropy and The Indigo Trust.

Supporting Artists With Disabilities

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

For the past ten years, Benetech’s Bookshare library has provided accessible books for people with print disabilities. Bookshare helps people who cannot read standard text participate in the world of ideas.

Artist 180

50 State VOAD Community


Pleased to report that Ray, Rene, Joanne, and I are attending the annual conference of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) here in Norfolk, Virginia. This is the 20th annual conference, and befitting the theme, Mountains to Sea , VisionLink is proud to release its 50 State VOAD Community project.