3 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Next Fundraising Campaign (and free ebook!)

Amy Sample Ward

I’m honored to be included in a new ebook about marketing, fundraising, and social media. You can download the ebook, check out the various topics, and much more from: https://www.blackbaud.com/npexperts.

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10 Ways Nonprofits Can Send Mobile-Friendlier Email


Does your nonprofit send mobile-friendly email? You’ve likely heard about the importance of being mobile-friendly to engage constituents. Maybe even that: Mobile email opens are predicted to surpass desktop opens this year. Email click-throughs are lacking on mobile devices.

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Open Letter to Salesforce Nonprofit Admins

Judi Sohn

In the 20 months since I left Fight Colorectal Cancer, I would guess that I’ve logged in to no less than 150 nonprofit Salesforce organizations.

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From Fear to Compassion

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

We had the expectation, or perhaps, at least the hope, that justice would be done, that our justice system would recognize that the killing of an unarmed teenage boy by a man with a gun was wrong.

Bookshare without Borders: #1/3

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Bookshare International Library We’re always thinking about new ways in which Benetech could go deeper and help many more people.

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#GivingTuesday Online Donations Up 90% from 2012

Connection Cafe

Yesterday was the second annual #GivingTuesday. More than 10,000 partner charities, volunteer organizations, corporations, community centers and foundations joined in the ‘giving spirit’ as they asked donors to give to their favorite causes from across the nation and around the world.

3 SEO Strategies To Increase Your Nonprofit’s Online Reach


Image courtesy of Vudu Marketing. Your nonprofit is only as successful as its reach, and in today’s internet focused marketplace your reach is driven by your online presence.

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The 140 Best Twitter Feeds

NCE Social Media

Time.com just came out with their “ Best 140 twitter Feeds for 2013.” ” However, none are disability-related. Since they won’t do it, I think I will come up with a list of the “Best 140 Twitter Disability-Related Feeds for 2013″ but I first want your input.

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Innovative charities engaging with new technologies | Charity Tech Insight

AFP Blog

Innovative charities engaging with new technologies | Charity Tech Insight : Below are some examples of charities which are engaging with new technologies in an attempt to promote their cause, improve overall efficiency and increase donations

How to Improve Your Facebook Page SEO


Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, you can combine keyword searches with friends who’ve shared content on Facebook related to that search.

New on SSIR: Should Nonprofits Act Like Businesses or People?

Amy Sample Ward

My latest contribution to the Stanford Social Innovation Review opinion blog is up! . You can read the post and join the conversation on the SSIR blog or below. —–.

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19 Proven Fundraising Ideas from Nonprofit Experts


If you’re looking for Fundraising Ideas you’ve come to the right place.

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Life after Common Ground: Part 4 – Soapbox Engage

Judi Sohn

This post is part 4 in a series of articles pointing out what’s cool about some of my favorite Salesforce apps for nonprofits.

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Digital Marketing in 2014: Where Your Customers Will Be


Just some wonderful information for any organizations out there looking to utilize social media in the coming year. Not only does the piece highlight all the major current platforms, it also gives insight into future ones.

On the Future of Braille: Thoughts by Radical Braille Advocates

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Guest Beneblog by Betsy Beaumon, VP and General Manager, Benetech’s Global Literacy Program.

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15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition and Online Fundraising Results

Connection Cafe

Online fundraising isn’t a fad. As a matter of fact, online fundraising accounts for seven-percent of total fundraising and has seen double-digit growth over the past four years. Online fundraising has also proven to be an extremely effective donors acquisition vehicle.

20 Insightful Nonprofit Technology And Social Media Stats


Image courtesy of StavtrupPortalen. Some of the most current and meaningful stats about nonprofits and the digital realm, from sources such as Nonprofit Tech For Good , Waggener Edstrom , TechSoup , and the Artez Interactive.

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The Cloud for Nonprofits


VisionLink attended the Annual Colorado Nonprofit Association Conference last week to meet many of Colorado''s wonderful nonprofiteers as well as the companies who support them.

Is Liking Something on Social Media Hurting Your Org?

NCE Social Media

A recent study done by researchers from the Sauder School of Business found that people who like a post Facebook or retweet something are less likely to give you a donation. Once people like, share or repost something they are done with the action and are less motivated to give.

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Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail | Fast Company

AFP Blog

Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail | Fast Company : Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail By Dave Llorens | January 7, 2013 Google Plus has been written off as a universal flop--but a deeper look proves that we will all eventually succumb to its siren song

5 Things You Should Know About Changes in Facebook Functionalities


There are new changes to Facebook almost every month that cause a lot of panic and irritation among its users. Although it has been seen that most of the users adjust to these changes in a while, the constant barrage of changes has become a sore point for quite a number or users.

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Celebrate Giving Tuesday with NTEN and @Kanter

Amy Sample Ward

Giving Tuesday is a movement to create a national day of giving to kick off the giving season added to the calendar on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. The second annual GivingTuesday is on December 3rd and you’re invited to join the celebration with NTEN!

Why the rise of mobile email might hurt nonprofits


As more people continue to check email on mobile devices, research has found mobile click-throughs are lacking. This may not be good news for nonprofits. Email Marketing Interactive Mobile Online Fundraising communication email eMail marketing Non-Profit nonprofit responsive design

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Smartsheet: Frustrated with online project management no longer

Judi Sohn

It’s been a while since I posted anything that wasn’t related to Salesforce, hasn’t it? Here’s something a little different, but still cheerleading technology and tools I like, which I used to do a lot more of.

6 Reasons Open Source Makes Sense

3rd Sector Labs

We talk a lot about Open Source technology (and we use it quite extensively too) so it might make sense for us to take a moment and explain why we are such advocates. So let’s get started. Affordability – Open Source is free of licensing fees.

Caltech: Founding Values

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Address on receiving Caltech’s Distinguished Alumni Award May 18, 2013 Caltech was founded to give back to society through science and engineering, to discover knowledge and apply that knowledge.

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Donor Acquisition: The #1 Way to Acquire More Donors Online

Connection Cafe

Guest post by Madeline Turner - Madeline has a passion for writing and believes the nonprofit sector keeps humanity accountable by constantly reminding us that we’re all in this together.

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5 Ways To Increase Your Nonprofit’s Email Engagement


Image courtesy of Scorephoenix.org. How many emails do you receive per day? A lot, right? And chances are good you do not interact with, or completely read each and every one of them. Your subscribers are receiving a similar deluge of daily offers, sales, and information in their inboxes.

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Nonprofit Website Usability


This week, I attended a wonderful Denver Tech4Good session on how nonprofits can make their websites more usable and easier to navigate. This is important because the more people are able to use your site, the more they will learn about your cause, donate, and give support.

What Social Media is Cool with Teens?

NCE Social Media

It seems that teens change their mind as often as we think. One day they like something, the next day they don’t. Well it isn’t any different with their choice of social media. Teens want to be able to express themselves but also not do so in front of their parents.

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End of Anonymous SMS Donations Devastates Swedish Charitable Giving - Reason 24/7 : Reason.com

AFP Blog

End of Anonymous SMS Donations Devastates Swedish Charitable Giving - Reason 24/7 : Reason.com : The Swedish Red Cross has reported a 92-percent drop in SMS donations since Swedish mobile operators required their customers to register online, including the submission of sensitive personal information, in order to greenlight a money transfer via text message

Solving homelessness, one tweet at a time


This is a guest post from Danny Alpert, Executive Producer, @home. Danny – thanks for sharing this valuable story. Three years ago, I started a journey with an incredible guy. His name is Mark Horvath – you might know him as @hardlynormal.

Taking Social Media to Saudi

Amy Sample Ward

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Saudi Arabia to teach a course at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as part of the Winter Enrichment Program.

You have been abandoned


Most nonprofit websites see a donation form abandonment rate of around 50% - 70%. Yes, that’s more than half of the people who have found your website, gotten interested enough to click the “donate now” button and looked at the donation form decide not to make that donation.

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Life after Common Ground: Part 6 – Apsona

Judi Sohn

This post is part 6 in a series of articles pointing out what’s cool about some of my favorite Salesforce apps for nonprofits. Previously, I highlighted favorite features in Nonprofit Starter Pack , Click & Pledge , Causeview , Soapbox Engage and Conga Composer.

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Nonprofit Data Migration Made Easier with Carr Partnership

3rd Sector Labs

A central challenge facing many of today’s nonprofit organizations is the paucity of technology solutions, as well as expertise, available for things like website development, fundraising, data migration, and so on.

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UC Santa Cruz Students Volunteering for Impact with Bookshare

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I’m delighted to share with you today a wonderful success story from our Volunteer Program.