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3 Crucial Steps for Completing the Fundraising Cycle

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As a nonprofit fundraising connoisseur, you are in charge of ensuring your organization raises enough funds to successfully support its cause. Your organization helps create social good, meaning the work you do is important for your community and for the world at large. .

42 Free Nonprofit Webinars for November 2020

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Here are all the free nonprofit webinars happening in November 2020 that the Internet has to offer

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The Woman Behind the Blue Fox Logo: An Interview with Juhli Greene

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The f amous art director Paul Rand said, “ Design is the silent am bassador of your b rand. ” In my opinion, no truer words c ould des cribe the art of branding. A log o is a window into the values, traits and personality of a company. Get it right and your lo g o ( a.

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4 Simple Steps to Take Now to Prepare for Your 2021 Golf Fundraiser

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By Katie Casillas , director of marketing at , an event management platform specifically for golf fundraisers.

3 Ideas to Unleash the Hidden Potential in Your Database

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Amid the impact of the pandemic, most nonprofits are re-evaluating many of their fundraising strategies. This is especially true of healthcare organizations as their revenue is being impacted by both the disruption of service lines and possible cancellation of signature events.

Don't Write Another Year-End Giving Letter Without These 5 Tips (+Template)

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Get ready for year-end giving season and craft the perfect communications using these tips, letter template, and examples

4 Unique Ways to Create a Successful Fundraising Campaign

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In 2020, the fundraising landscape has been both unconventional and challenging for many nonprofit professionals. As we move forward from crisis-focused activities, there are opportunities to hone your strategy and plan for the future. If you’re revisiting your fundraising approach, you may want to draw on some more creative tactics to reach the top of your fundraising game. To execute an effective fundraising campaign, you should: Remember the middle donor. . Seek corporate sponsorships.

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New Resources to Help Social Good Professionals Rethink Change

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2020 has been a rough year for many , to say the least. T his year’s dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice have presented many challenges, both personal and professional.

5 Things to Consider When Naming Your Nonprofit

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Does your nonprofit's name reflect your mission? In this post, we go over everything you need to consider when coming up with a name for a new nonprofit or renaming an existing one

Today’s Talk with Amy Einstein

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In this week’s talk, Randy sits down with Amy Eisenstein, an expert fundraising consultant. As a development professional, Amy is passionate about empowering nonprofits. Today, Amy and Randy discuss fundraising during a pandemic. Things have been hard.

How To Conduct An Annual Nonprofit Thank-A-Thon

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If you serve on a nonprofit Board, are the executive director for a nonprofit, or are responsible for raising funds for your nonprofit, The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution , book by Laurence A. Pagnoni is a must-read for you.

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How to Save the Spring 2021 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Season

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2020 has been a tough year for many so far, and the coming winter seems to be preparing us for more of the same. The state of constant change and uncertainty has interrupted three major human needs: Certainty – Humans are hardwired to crave certainty.

How to Develop a Successful Subscription Business Model for Your Organization

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Nonprofits have so much to learn from subscription based businesses like Netflix and Spotify. Here's how your nonprofit can implement and benefit from a subscription business model

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#AI4Good: Artificial Intelligence & Wellbeing, Ethical Dilemmas, and More

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Allison Fine and I have been looking at artificial intelligence, nonprofits, and philanthropy. Our most recent research, Unlocking Generosity with Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Giving. with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Difference Between A Mission And A Vision

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Here's a good definition of the difference between a mission and a vision by leadership book authors George Bradt, Jayme A. Check and Jorge Pedraza: Mission - A mission guides what people do every day. It informs what roles need to exist in the organization.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 168: Looking Inside Blackbaud’s Social Good Startup Program

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The social good community has massive opportunity and meaningful challenges before us. Recognizing the power of partnerships to build a better world, Blackbaud launched a unique year-long accelerator in 2019 designed to support early-stage startups with the potential to impact the Ecosystem of Good®, and formalized it as the Blackbaud Social Good Startup Program in 2020.

October Update: Another fang-tastic month!

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Treat your organization this month with new resources and coming events, including 8 new blogs and an opportunity to speak at the Virtual PersoniFest 2021. Everyone that submits a speaking proposal gets a free “Life of the Virtual Party” t-shirt in celebration of the 2021 virtual experience

Simple Ways To Reduce Virtual Fatigue for Nonprofit Leaders

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Introduction to the series from Computer and Text Neck Stretching Exercises by Desk Yogi. Since the pandemic started and the shift to all virtual, I have found myself sitting in front of a screen for longer stretches.

How To Transform Your Sales Team To Achieve Maximum Success

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A successful sales force transformation can mean increased revenue, increased sales productivity, and reduced cost of sales.

Three Things Coaches As Leaders Do To Drive Success

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Former University of Kansas head basketball coach Roy Williams once told U.S. News and World Report magazine that there are three things that coaches as leaders must do to drive success : "Have everyone on the team focus on the same goal."

How To Drive Your Team To Value Beyond The Ordinary

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"It takes more than encouraging words to get a team thinking beyond the ordinary," explains Jackie Barretta , author of the book, Primal Teams. She suggests you must help team members to redefine the purpose of their work with broader and more expansive thinking.

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Five Must-Read Books For Leaders This Fall

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Stumped for what business books to add to your fall reading list? Here are five must-read books for leaders well worth adding to your list: Lead With A Story -- A Guide To Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire.

Future of Giving: Coordination, Donor Retention & Artificial Intelligence

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spark and honey: Future of Giving Report. This report explores the question: What are the cultural shifts impacting the future of giving, and what are the critical implications and opportunities for individuals and organization now and in the future?

13 Energizing Verbs To Use More Often

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Here is some great advice from the book, Anticipate, the Art of Leading by Looking Ahead , by Rob-Jan De Jong.

Philgorithms: Two Examples of Data Mapping to Guide Donor Decisions

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As COVID accelerates innovative uses of AI in many areas, we are also seeing more development of AI-powered data mapping tools for philanthropic advising and to support donor investment decisions.